Creating Silky Smooth Curls…

You gals should all know by know just how much I adore testing new hair appliances! Heck, in almost every video my hair’s been styled in an eclectic mix ranging from soft beachy waves to poker straight & partially plated. However, there’s little I love more than a head full of gorgeous springy curls… cue my latest investment: Remington’s Silk Curling Wand.

Being a bit of a novice when it comes to odd shaped wands & their newly acclaimed features (yes, I’m a bit of an old school gal using my rather ancient clamp style curlers) I was super intrigued to find out just how much technology has advanced since I last purchased a curling tool… not to mention the vast choice of styling tools that’s now available to beautify our tresses in an instant! However with my own hair being shoulder length at the moment I had to rope in an extra special little helper (who has much longer locks than I do) to really put this appliance through it’s paces 😉

So if like me you’re a fan of fabulous bouncy curls then maybe you should grab your cuppa and take a few minutes to check out this weeks first impressions video to see how I got to grips with the Remington Silk Curler!

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Are you a fan of sumptuous curls or do you prefer super straight locks? Have you any personal recommendations for achieving the ultimate spiral spring or loose beachy wave? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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Beautiful Star Electric Straightening Brush….

As most of you know my Achilles heel lies in finding a great bargain… specifically one that promises to banish any of my many flaws; frizzy hair included. So when my darling little sister (aka the enabler) introduced me to the Beautiful Star Electric Hair Straightening Brush that’s currently available from MAKS Blowdry Bar in Lisburn for just under £35 *gasps of disbelief* I was more than intrigued. Of course like any mortal being I simply couldn’t resist the temptation – and at the grand old age of 8, my current straighteners are indeed appliance pensioners & well beyond their hay day.

So in today’s video I thought I’d introduce y’all to my latest ‘me spree’ treat as I test out the highly acclaimed straightening brush on my own follicles. Fingers crossed the results reflect just how in demand this hair care appliance seems to be!

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How often do you use your hair straighteners? Is switching to an electric brush something you’d consider? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below. Hope you enjoy the video chums…

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(Please note: this is not a sponsored post. This appliance is a personal purchase. All views are my own)

April Fav’s…

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Yes, it’s that time of the month yet again where I share my most loved goodies that I’ve been favouring over the last four weeks or so. Time to grab your cuppa, put the feet up and prepare yourself for some rambling and a trip down memory lane! As always don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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New week, New Hair…

New Week New Hair

Hey beauty buddies,

Hope you all had a fun filled weekend?! I sure did undertaking a mini transformation trying out a sassy new hair colour! Oh yes, my follicles have been transformed, my bonce bedazzled and most importantly all my greys are gone for good (well, a few months at least!)

You see, last summer I took a nifty notion to treat my mane to an all over light brown colour with shimmering blonde highlights. I’m not gonna lie, it took a few weeks to get used to the final result compared to my naturally dark tresses, however fast forward nine months later & I’d gotten a tad tired of the washed out tones and *almost* unintentional ombre ends… if you haven’t already guessed, I’m not one for monthly maintenance malarkey so considering I didn’t want to change to something that requires multiple trips to the local salon, on Friday afternoon I set sail for one of my favourite stores (Superdrug) in hope I could uncover the perfect DIY colour companion.

Sitting comfy? Here’s what happened…

After scanning the shelves packed with MANY hair dyes (both permanent and semi-permanent) I was visually reeled in by a pocket friendly special offer (2 for £6) on Superdrug’s own colour system, Colour Performance *click here to check it out for yourself*

 I must admit the selection of tones available was rather impressive, however after much dye debating and pigment pondering I settled for 6.37 Natural Light Golden Brown. Seeing as this was the first time colouring my hair post blonde highlights, I wanted to keep the new shade as close to my natural colour as possible. Thankfully this tone looked an incredibly warm and natural shade that wouldn’t be too much of a disaster to repair should I make an utter hash of it.

Once I stocked my basket with two boxes of hair colour it was time to take a dander past the ever confusing ‘hair styling products’ section, to pick out a little treat to help tame my frightful head of frizz.

Of course as most of you are well aware by now, scent has a MAJOR impact on my purchasing decisions so when I took a whiff of this Fudge Urban Miracle Ends the ‘Iced Tropical Cocktail’ scent was too tantalising for me to resist… as was funky packaging! Isn’t it so darn pwwetty?! 😉

 Colour & product


Okay so what’s in the box?

Come Friday night I couldn’t resist getting stuck into creating my new look. Always a stickler for nestling down to carefully read the instructions ten times over (yes, I’ll admit I’m one of those weirdos who get a kick out of reading instruction guides) I was super excited to have a good plunder at the rest of the goodies inside the box. Here’s what I unearthed…

 Superdrug Hair Colour

Considering I paid a mere £6 for two boxes of colour I wasn’t exactly expecting my own personal stylist to burst out of the lid, however all in all the contents were pretty standard to most other home dye kits:

1 x Easy to follow instruction guide

A pair of plastic gloves (the kind you see deli counter workers wearing – non rubbery)

1 x Tube of Permanent Crème Colour

1 x Bottle of Crème Developer

1 x Impressive Tube of Intensive Colour Conditioner


The Application Process…

If you’re expecting super fast colour processing then this probably isn’t your ideal match as it takes at least 30 minutes of development time for the colour to fully take… lengthy compared to some of the other mega-speedy dyes that are available for the extra investment. Personally I found the minutes whizzed by particularly as I was armed with a copy of Glamour mag and a hot cup of tea to keep me entertained 😉

Applying the product alone is surprisingly tricky, simply because it’s so darn runny… it’s most certainly not of the ‘anti-drip’ technology that other hair colour systems rant & rave about. If you’re thinking of applying this anywhere near a carpeted area – don’t! In fact you’re much better perched in an empty bath tub just to be on the safe side… yes it really is that runny!

Another point to note is the intoxicating smell. I’m not normally adverse to strong chemical scents when it comes to hair colours however this was eye wateringly strong. Thankfully the stench didn’t last for too long before it faded. Ten minutes after application and the worst was most definitely over so hang in there.


The Finishing Touches…

 I must admit I was remarkably impressed with the Intensive Colour Conditioner. As stated on the instructions (that I read at least a dozen times for fear of turning my hair into gloop) I kept it on for at least 3/5 minutes. After rinsing my hair felt amazingly soft, nourished and in tip top condition.

Once lightly towel dried and blasted with my usual heat sources (drier & straighteners) I applied a small amount of the Fudge Urban Miracle Ends which left it looking ultra glossy and smelling oh so glorious. Best of all, not so much as a hint of frizz in sight ladies *happy dance*

Urban Fudge Miracle Ends


Final Verdict…

Superdrug Colour Performance Pros:

Great packaging, very informative.

Impressive range of shades.

Aaaamazing value.

Easy to follow instructions.

Generous tube of Conditioner.

Left my hair looking and feeling very well nourished.

Fantastic even coverage & not a strand of grey in sight! *yiiiiipeee*


Not the easiest application process when you’re flying solo.

Long development time compared to other hair colour systems.

Incredibly intense chemical smell.

Colour tends appeared darker than the illustration on the box.


Fudge Urban Miracle Ends Pros:

Adorable tube, brightly coloured, very fun & funky design.

Smells indescribably yummy.

Can be applied on damp or dry hair.

Didn’t leave a waxy or greasy residue.

Excellent value for money.

Left my hair feeling nourished & completely frizz free.


Nope, nada, not a one!


 Before colour      After colour

So there it is ladies, the final result. Even though the colour is a good bit darker than I anticipated, thankfully I still really like it! I’m placing my bets that after a few washes it will more than likely lighten up considerably, who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait another few weeks to find out.

 pink heart

Are you tempted to treat your tresses to a mini makeover? What’s your favourite brand of hair dye or do you play it safe and stick to your local salon? Whatever your feedback I’d love to know, so do say a quick hello in the comments below 🙂

Til next time, cheerio chums…

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