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Ted Baker Brilliance Of Beauty Box Set

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to finally get round to opening this gorgeous gift set. For the past four weeks it’s been sitting looking ‘oh-so-pretty’ on my cosmetic table, whilst I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to unpack the contents… and what I treat it was on Friday evening when I decided the time was right to get acquainted with Mr Baker.

The Ted Baker range (pretty much in it’s entirety) is something I’ve lusted over for quite a few months, in fact it would take more than just two hands to count the goodies on my ever growing wish list. The packaging alone makes me swoon, and if anything it pains me (just a little) to disturb it. However needs must, and what cosmetic craver could withhold the desire to break open the gorgeous rose gold & fresh clean white contents? *happy sigh*

Sitting comfy? Then let’s take an ‘up-close & personal’ look at the contents:


Packed ever so neatly in a beautiful floral design box, the Brilliance of Beauty collection is a two tier cosmetic treasure trove of almost everything a gal could need to adorn her complexion…

Ted Baker Brilliance Of Beauty

The top tier consists of five glorious items that’s sure to get your heart fluttering. A lip gloss, lipstick, lip & cheek tint, rose gold Kabuki brush & a rose gold blush compact…

Ted Baker lips

Lip Gloss: Not for the faint hearted, this vibrant raspberry-pink lip gloss feels more like a melted lipstick in my humble opinion as the formula is incredibly creamy and smooth. It felt super comfortable to wear, wasn’t sticky or by any means overly shiny; best of all it lasted for ageeees.

Lip Stick: I must admit, this particular shade of lipstick ignited instant alarm bells for me. As much as I adore nude shades, if the undertones are more brown than pink I often end up resembling a corpse, all thanks to my pale skin of course! However much to my delight this is actually quite peachy which is slightly more warming for my complexion. It’s also destined to make a great base for some of my favourite soft pink glosses too 😉

Cheek & Lip Tint: This is probably going to end up one of my most used items as I find tints are a great staple for underneath balms or even just to add a hint of natural looking colour to the cheeks. A great little addition to pop in the handbag for those quick touch-ups when out and about.

Ted Baker Blush

Rose Gold Kabuki Brush: This cute brush is super soft, picked up the blush considerably well and being adorned with a rose gold handle looks absolutely stunning. It blended the product, beautifully without any casting and cleaned up perfect like new after using my B Makeup Brush Cleanser after use!

Rose Gold Blush Compact: I ADORE this stunning little compact with a trio of soft pink shades. It has a subtle highlighting shade in the centre which really gives a beautiful luminousity to your cheeks without any danger of resembling a 1970’s disco-ball. An ever so slightly shimmering addiction to keep your cheeks looking slightly rosey and dewy. I’m also a huge fan of the swivel lid which also hold a pretty sizeable mirror – perfect for popping in the handbag on glam nights out!


Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty 1

The second tier is focused on eyes and nails which contains: rose gold eyelash curlers, rose gold eye shadow trio, shadow brush, eye liner pen, mascara and two bottles of nude polish shades.

Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers: As much as I ponder whether or not eyelash curlers really do my lashes any justice at all, I always seem to feel more hopeful after using them. After all, it’s a little helping hand to encourage them into some sort of upturned shape. Considering my old ones have pretty much had it these couldn’t have come at a better time!

Rose Gold Eye Shadow Trio: I doubt I could’ve picked three more perfect shades as I’m a huuuuge fan of warm metallic shadows. If you’re more a matte gal then I’m not sure you’ll truly appreciate these, but for those who love painting their lids with rich warm shimmers you’d fall head over heels for these tones…

Ted Baker Shadow Swatches

Shadow Brush: A gal can never have enough brushes in her collection, thankfully this new addition is really comfortable to hold and surprisingly non-slip for it’s glossy white exterior. Although soft, the bristles are well packed together allowing you to easily pick up a decent amount of colour. Not ideal for blending but a great initial applicator for a strong wash of colour.

Eye Liner Pen: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of eye liner pens, if anything I find them quite dry and awkward to use. However I seemed to master this one pretty well as the finished result looked slightly more subtle and softly blended out. I’m hoping to give this another go pretty soon for creating some great smokey eyed looks. The nib is very fine and doesn’t drag sharply along the lid (unlike a few others I’ve used in the past) however it still requires a little more skill and patience when it comes to creating a neat flick.

Mascara: Of everything in the entire gift box this is probably the one thing that is likely to disappoint the most… however, if like me, you prefer slightly fluttery lashes that aren’t over volumised or heavily caked with product then I’ve a feeling you’d love this. The formula focuses more on increasing a natural looking length than thickening which made my lashes very wispy and long – my perfect look!

Nail Polish: I’m still revelling in the Iced Frappe delights of my Ciate London polish… *click here* to check it out AND where you can pick up a FREE full sized bottle for yourself. However this pretty little pair of Ted Baker polishes are most definitely my ideal colours when it comes to choosing shades as I tend to magnetise towards the softer tones that are muted yet still very feminine and chic. I’m just keeping all crossed that they’ll end up every bit as good as they look… I’ll keep you posted on them with a review coming soon gals 😉

Ted Baker Nail Polish


Finished Look


Considering I’ve glammed up to head out for a yummy meal and plenty of giggles with a friend, I think it’s a fun but sophisticated look. Although I’m not usually one for wearing bright lip colours everyday, I love a splash of colour when it comes to sassing things up for an evening out. Overall I’m super impressed with the variety of contents, colours, packaging and formulation of all the products! Initially retailing at £45 (reduced to £22.50) this was such a great spend. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Boots website for future upcoming Ted Baker deals!

pink heart

Are you a fan of the Ted Baker range? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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