The Chubby Bunny Challenge…

Moi, participating in The Chubby Bunny Challenge… You can’t be serious?

That’s right gals, there’s not a mascara wand or blusher brush to be seen in this weeks video & considering that I’ve been contemplating whether or not to release this into the public domain I fear it’s either going to tragically kill or bizarrely boost the ratings of my little Channel… for all the wrong reasons *shakes head in shame*
However, seeing as my fabulous step-daughter Hayley & her boyfriend Tim were visiting for a few days it would have been an utter shame to part ways without some sort of cringe-worthy souvenir, right? 😉

Just over 4 minutes of possibly the most unattractive footage you’ll lay your lamps on this year… however I do hope you enjoy watching half as much as we did filming!

Cheerio chums…

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