A New Arrival…

A New Arrival

On yesterday’s catch up post I mentioned I had a little surprise to share with you all pending a few special little photographs of our new arrival…

Maine Coon Kitten 1

Gals, I’d love to introduce you to little Borris, our 9 week old baby Maine Coone kitten. Cuteness overload *swoooon* Ohhh how this past weekend has been such a treat in so many ways… there’s been cooing, giggling and lots of cuddles as we welcomed him into his new forever home.

Maine Coon Kitten 3

Now as many of you know, I already have one gorgeous big boy at home, Gomez, who’s a rather handsome Tuxedo cat. After loosing his playmate Hector last year, Gomez went into a bit of a kitty depression for a while and mulled around looking very sorry for himself.

Gomez Kitten Gomez and Emma

(Gomez as a kitten & all grown up with his favourite human, Emma)

Considering that he has a few issues of his own to contend with we knew that introducing another adult kitty just wouldn’t work, and would stress him out even more than he already has been, so instead we decided to hunt for the perfect little companion that would be fun company for him and the purrrfect little addition for us too. *Apologies for the dreadful cat pun*

Maine Coon Kitten 5 Maine Coon Kitten 2

Little Boris is a Maine Coone which is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds. At 9 weeks old he’s already pretty sturdy for such a young’un. His mama had a gorgeous litter of 3, unfortunately though the little runt of the litter didn’t make it and died a few weeks ago. His little sister is still with mum as she’s very timid and dependant on her just yet but Boris is ready to take on the world – one paw at a time!

Maine Coon Kitten 4 Maine Coon Kitten 9

This little ball of fluff has kept us all entertained this weekend as he’s been climbing up our legs, the sofa, chairs and even attempting to scale the stairs at one stage – of course there was many miaows of protest when Emma disturbed him from his climb for a few cuddles.

Maine Coon Kitten 6

Needless to say he’s fitted in perfectly, so much better than we could have imagined. As predicted he’s a bit confused with Toby (our beagle) who’s beyond eager to make friends, however little Boris isn’t showing him the same love, but moreso returning the gestures with teeny hisses and a few paw swipes. Fiesty huh?

Maine Coon Kitten 10

All in all the house is pretty much loved up right now. Gomez is a little wary of his new play pal but over time I’m sure they’ll become the best of friends. Well, paws crossed on that one!

Cheerio Chums…

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