Vibrant Ombre Eye Liner Look featuring Rimmel…

Ombre Eye Liner

Of my entire makeup routine there’s very little that gets my creativity flowing more than trying out exciting new eye looks. I’ve been on the lookout for some colourful eye liners for a few weeks now and when I spotted the Colour Precise liner jumping out from a well stocked Rimmel stand on a recent shopping trip, I couldn’t resist checking it out. From the very first swatch across the back of my hand I just knew we’d get along roaringly well, and before long I was mentally conjuring up some new make-up ideas… specifically a fun eye-catching ombre look!

Ombre eye liner

Although Ombre isn’t exactly fresh on the scene, I haven’t seen it done hugely with eye liner. Having blue eyes I knew the colour of the liner pen would compliment them perfectly and be a really fun look for a night out or when I was just feeling extra creative. It’s also a fabulous contrast in replace of shadows – which is something I thought I’d try out considering I very rarely leave my lids naked.

With Rimmel being one of my favourite pocket-friendly brands it seemed a great opportunity to rummage around my beauty drawers to showcase a few of my other daily favourites. So if a bright ombre eye liner look sounds like something that you’d love to try then here’s just a few of my favourite products will undoubtedly make it a success…


Rimmel Colour Precise Liner in Blue

Rimmel Colour Precise Blue

This is actually my first investment in any coloured liner and one thing that struck me about this pen was just how vibrant the blue appeared on my skin when swatching it. It’s incredible bright, but also felt really comfortable to hold. It’s pretty apparent that each of us gals have our favourites when it comes to choosing eye liners: Kohl, liquid, pen or gel! Although I’ve always been a liquid liner kinda girl, I have to admit this really surprised me just how quickly I adapted to working with a pen style liner. Okay, so it took a little bit of confidence on my part, but as soon I quickly got the hang of it I felt like I had my ‘flick on fleek’ in no time!! Best of all, the liner stayed in place for hours… not even the slightest signs of flaking, smudging or budging.

Quick Tip: Don’t be shy on pushing down on the nib, I went a little too lightly at first until I realised the fabulous colour control when you get more confident.

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Shimmering shadow

MUA shadow

You can use any brand you like but make sure you choose a shadow that’s easy to work with in terms of pigmentation. Once you have your blue liner in place, take a small tipped brush & dab a little of the shimmery shadow along the inner part of the blue liner; fading the powder out (lightly) about 1/3 of the way across. Don’t forget to follow on top of your coloured liner, as that’s what you’re aiming to change into a beautiful ombre look!


Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional

As many of you already know this is an absolute make-up staple for me. There’s been no other liquid liner that has been so easy to use whilst maintaining a long lasting formula and finish. The tapered tip really helps to achieve incredibly precise results for super-fine detailing, so naturally this was my only choice for darkening the outer flick of the coloured liner to create a dramatic winged look… which was the final step of creating the overall ombre effect!

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Rimmel Extra 3D Lash Mascara 

Rimmel Extra 3D lash

Although I’m not usually a fan of the plastic tip mascara wands this has definitely converted me. The overall look can be really dramatic the more you build on the layers, I usually just stick to two which leaves my lashes looking fluttery and fabulous!

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The Finished Look…

Ombre eye liner look Blue ombre eye liner

Ombre blue eye liner

Taa daa! This was such a quick look to create but one that gives such a dramatic and sassy final result, plus I love how the blue really brings out the colour of my eyes! I can’t wait to try this with a few other colours, but one things for sure… I’ll definitely be getting my ‘glam on’ more often with Rimmel’s Colour Precise liners – which are also available in both white & black too!

pink heart

Have you tried an ombre liner look yet? Or is it something you plan on trying out too? What’s your favourite shade of coloured eye liner? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do say a quick hello in the comments below, we always enjoy a good make-up chatter here on Confetti & Curves 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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