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The Perfect Winged Liner

 Considering that I’m 33, it’s not like I haven’t had a good few years to get my liner spot on, yet it’s something I avoided & struggled with for such a long time simply because I couldn’t keep a steady hand or judge the similarity in sizes between flicks. Yes, you know how that one ends = eye catastrophe. Yet now that I’m somewhat wiser (thanks to plenty of practice) creating a flawless eye look is probably a favourite part of my make-up process… all thanks to simplifying it down to 3 bare necessities:
I’ve lost count of the vast amount of liquid liners I’ve tried tested over the years. Even when others claim to create flawless looks with must have products I’ve been left in a state of confusion as to why I’m not getting the same results. So ladies… I’ve come to the conclusion that (like many a thing in life) you have to plod on through until you finally find ‘the one’. For me that will only ever be Rimmel Professional Glam Eyes Liquid Liner. The shape of the wand & super-fine nib seem to work perfectly for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’ll be the Holy grail of liquid liners for YOU but it’s the only one that I can use to really get my flick on fleek! If you haven’t found yours yet don’t give up hope, it’s out there, I promise – just keep going and you’ll most certainly find the perfect match!
If you’re in a mad dash or watching the clock then forget about it as I pretty much guarantee you’ll end up with a mass of smudges or one eye perfect & the other rivalling a giant panda – as cute and cuddly as they may be it ain’t as sassy as a look on us humans. When you’re attempting to perfect your flick build your wing up gradually, if you’re a liquid-liner newbie then set aside 10 minutes to practice each evening until you finally become familiar with the shape you want to create – it’s useful to keep a stock pile of eye make-up remover wipes for quick & easy removal. Don’t forget, slow & steady wins the race so take your time!



We might have our own individual little ways for getting the job done, but if you’re struggling with the theory of liquid liner here’s my easy step-by-step guide on how I personally achieve my perfect winged look:

Step 1 liquid liner
1) Start by drawing a very simple line from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow. I usually stop about 1/2 way. As you’re coming to the end of your line very gently lift the nib of the liner wand to create a delicate tapered edge.

Step 2 Liquid Eye Liner

2) Starting just below the tip of the line, draw a second line towards the bottom middle of your eye lid creating a (kind of) curved isosceles shaped triangle.

Step 3 Liquid Eye Liner

3) Keeping your liner neat to your lash line, very gently draw a second line that follows the lash line & tapper it to just before the inner corner of your lid. Fill in the triangle and smooth off any bumpy lines by gently retracing over them. Try and build the liner to the natural curves of your eye.

Step 4 Liquid Eye Liner

4) Using your go-to concealer & small eye brush, tidy up the edges of your lines to create a super sleek finish.

Step 5 Liquid Eye Liner

5) Finally, re-smooth the edges of your liner & add lashings of your favourite mascara. Voila = the perfect winged eye liner!


Liquid Eye Liner Step by Step


Easy Liquid Eye Liner Tutorial

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Are you a fan of liquid liner, if so what’s your favourite brand to line your lids with? Do you have any tips for creating the perfect winged look or are you still trying to master the method? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below… we always enjoy a good cosmetic chatter here on Confetti & Curves 😉

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