Cute Acrylic Earring Closet…

Acrylic Earring Closet

A few weeks ago I featured this nifty little acrylic earring holder in my September Favourites video *click here* to check it out if you haven’t treated your eyes & ears already chums 😉 Many of you seemed rather taken by this sassy little space-saver, so to showcase it in all it’s glory I thought I’d give it it’s very own Friday feature here on Confetti & Curves!

 You see ladies, I was previously in the throws of a seasonal clear out when I discovered the vast amount of little earrings I was harbouring in a number of boxes & bags scattered around the house. Sadly, many of these earrings weren’t getting worn for the simple reason that I’d literally forgotten about them. So after consulting with the virtual oracle (aka Google) I stumbled upon this handy-dandy folding acrylic jewellery holder…


If I’m totally honest it was love at first sight… instantly I knew it would be the perfect solution to my earring storage problems. It’s roomy, takes up minimal space & looks rather chic too, don’t you think?

Acrylic Earring Holder Collage

As you can see it’s totally foldable, which means it’s super easy-peasy to neatly store away if you’re battling hoards of beauty clutter (like myself) Alternatively you can leave the mini earring closet wide open to the world to display your delightful collection of lobe jewellery.

Earring collage

As shown, it’s dispels any dilemmas for hanging hook style earrings or simple stud backings, thanks to the simple yet ingenious shape of the racks. It also has the capacity to store up to 125 pairs of earrings – not bad at all right?


For a mere £8, it’s such a bargain! Considering I’ve previously hunted the high street looking for something similar there unfortunately hasn’t been anything out there that rivals the size capacity & handiness of this little gadget.

Of course as many of us cosmetic cravers tend to swoon over acrylic storage items, this is undoubtedly the perfect match to add a touch of consistency to any vanity table if you’ve already invested in muji style make-up boxes. Best of all, I’m now getting full use of my earrings – especially after most of them were hidden away in a treasure trove of hiding places for so long. My entire collection is now in full view so I can pick and choose whatever styles I like on a daily basis.

I’m also thinking this could very well be a super little gift for friends and family, particularly as the ‘season to be jolly’ is only a matter of weeks away!


If you’d like to treat yourself (or someone else) to an acrylic earring holder then just *click here* to visit the the sellers page on the Amazon UK store. Happy Shopping gals 😀


How do you store your earrings? Is this something that you’d consider investing in? Whatever your thoughts, do let me know in the comments below!

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Wishing you all a fabulous Friday & fun filled weekend ahead!

Cheerio chums…

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