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It’s not often I share snippets of my family life here on Confetti & Curves… but this year it felt a little different as it’s Emma’s last year in primary school. No more getting up at the screech of dawn to dust off the face paints and fake blood. It’s certainly the end of an era, but as my little girl prepares for High School I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of her cute, quirky and slightly gory Halloween costumes right back from P1…


Primary 1


Emma’s first year at school and her first Halloween party with all her new best friends… lots of green face paint and scowls as she opted for dressing up as a tiny witch!


Primary 2


Her second year of school and once again it was witching hour… only this time I reckon she’d perfected the pose a little better 😉 Practice makes perfect after all!!!


Primary 3


For her 3rd year of primary school, Emma based her costume all around her mini hat that she loved wearing… a long black wig and sparkly ball gown was the perfect ensemble for a scary victorian vampire type lady – we’re still trying to put a name to it 😀 Check out her makeup – all done by a tiny but talented Emma!


Primary 4


More wigs, layers of cream makeup and a super hot wig with purple highlights transformed this little lady into a rather spooky (if not slightly cute) vampiress!


Primary 5


Lots of hair back-combing, oozing fake blood and dark sultry eyes edged with veins was the ingredients required for Dracula’s Daughter. This scary look won her first prize at fancy dress! *woo hoo*


Primary 7 – Emma’s last year!


Gosh my little girl looks so grown up… all dressed in her victorian maids costume she was eager to have her face painted just like a Victorian dolly – finished off with the little crack in her head to give the illusion of broken porcelain! I wonder if she’ll be up for doing some extra chores around the house seeing as she looks so good in character?! *hehe*

pink heart

One very proud mama – it’s been such an exciting and fun journey creating her primary school costumes over the years and watching her flourish into a confident little lady! Not gonna lie, I’m a little saddened it’s her last Halloween at primary school with all the great memories and friends she’s made but I’m pretty sure it won’t stop her partying just as hard next year at high school!

Wishing you all a fabulous Halloween weekend whatever you’re up to, don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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