Organising My Nail Polish Collection…

I seem to be harbouring a slight obsession for new nail polish. Admittedly, for the past few years, nails haven’t really been ‘my thing’. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always *tried* to ensure my nails have been kept reasonably presentable… a few layers of whatever polish was close to hand (& if feeling really adventurous) a dab of rose oil on the cuticles to keep them from withering before my very eyes.


Yet recently, my desire for an eye catching mani has somehow snowballed to the point where I can barely go a week without sneaking into Boots to gaze & decide upon which lucky colour will be joining my expanding collection next… which of course brings me rather neatly onto this week’s video: Organising My Nail Polish Collection.

So if you fancy taking a peek at a few of my favourite nail goodies then pop the kettle on, get comfy and we’ll take a quick run through my much loved stash!


What’s your favourite polish at moment? Have you any ‘fabulous for fall’ recommendations?

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Cheerio Chums….

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