Behind The Blog… featuring Lizzi from Thoughts and Things

Thoughts and Things

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Here we are again – almost at the end of yet another week & it’s that time where I plump up my virtual cushions for the next exciting blogger to grace the sofa of sassiness to give us all an exclusive peek into their own little world via Behind The Blog.

As always, if you’re new to Confetti & Curves (friendly wave) & not entirely sure what this virtual shenanigans is all about then *click here* to bring yourself up to speed – you may even find yourself getting involved. Why the heck not?!

So today’s lovely lady is the one and only Lizzi from Thoughts and Things 1. If you haven’t already checked out Lizzi’s fabulous blog now’s the chance to pop over and acquaint yourself. It’s packed full of exciting features as Lizzi enjoys keeping us updated on a whole range of fabulous topics that will sprinkle a dose of cheeriness into your inbox. So get comfy as we prepare ourselves for going Behind The Blog with Lizzi…


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:

 Lifestyle, beauty, tips, advice, friendliness!


What inspired you to start blogging?

I just finally thought why not? I was having a bit of tough time and that made me think, I’m just going to do it! It feels quite daunting to put yourself out there but I’m very glad I did!


Tell us about your blog name… what made you decide on it? 

I wanted something that wouldn’t pigeon hole me too much. The worry is that if you go for too vague a name, no-one understands what your blog’s about. I like ‘thoughtsandthings’ though, it’s got a special place in my heart haha!


Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block & if so how do you overcome it?

Yes! I’ve been blogging regularly for a few months now and so it can get to the point where you feel as though you’ve completely run out of ideas. I always look out for a TAG if my writers block gets really bad! That’s my tip actually, go for a TAG if you’re struggling.


What’s your favourite post to date? 

It would have to be this post and this one too  because although it isn’t like my usual posts, it’s really close to my heart in raising awareness around epilepsy as much as possible.


Describe your everyday clothes style:

It tends to be a dress, tights and either brogues, wedges or ankle boots. If I’m working, I’ll wear a blazer over top and if not, I won’t! I would say I majorly slide between a very boho relaxed style (I do love a flower headband) and preppy girl next door (a peter pan collar is very much my thing!). I just wear what I want to, to be honest!


What are your current top 3 beauty items?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser, Cream in my Coffee lipstick by MAC and Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel.


How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

There’s nothing like a cup of tea with one sugar, my duvet and some trashy television! If I’m feeling a bit more energetic, a lazy dinner and a glass of wine is lovely.


Describe your ideal Saturday night:

In a bar that has a good atmosphere with my best friends. As long as we’re laughing and all together it’s a good night.


What do you do to relax?

Blog! Besides that I tend to write in my journal, watch a good TV series, read a book or see my friends.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours? 

Being a terrible worrier!


What’s your most cherished childhood memory?

I have lots of memories from when I was very small (3 or 4?) spending time at home with my Mum, helping her cook, reading books together and playing. Equally I’ll always remember watching Home and Away at 4pm on ITV with a beaker of warm milk with my Mum. When my Mum went back to work, it was lovely mother/daughter time.


What was your favourite school subject?

English, ever since I was tiny!


What’s your dream job?

I’d love to write for a living in some capacity.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope extremely happy, perhaps engaged or married? How wonderfully scary!


What top 5 things are on your bucket list? 

Visit Canada, my Aunt passed away a few years ago but I so wish I’d visited her while she lived there

Spend a month in New Zealand. I’ve heard its beautiful.

A weekend in Florence – it’s the hopeless romantic in me!


The biggest is to be able to look after my Mum financially.


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Landing my first job post University!


Who inspires you?

My Mum.


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

It’s only impossible, if you decide it is.


What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

Do it! If you like to write, if you want to learn from others and if you’re doing it because you genuinely want to, you’ll love it!



Tea or Coffee = Coffee

Coke or Pepsi = Coke

Messy mayhem or Super Organised = Super Organised

Cute kitten or Playful puppy = Playful Puppy

Night In or Night Out = Night out

Heels or Flats = Heels

Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = Lip stick

Rock Chick or Pop Princess = Pop Princess

Paperback or E-book =  Paperback

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Contact Lizzi



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Thanks so much for reading and of course do say hi in the comments below… we adore a good chatter here on Confetti & Curves 🙂

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Wannabe A Sponsored Blogger?

 Sponsored blogger

Hey Beauty Buddies..

As Confetti & Curves has *virtually* blossomed to life, so has the exciting opportunities as a beauty & lifestyle blogger! Over the last few months I’ve been approached by some great brands and PR companies that are always on the lookout for new blogs to help promote their range of products or services.

However, as much as I thoroughly enjoy testing and reviewing such goodies, unfortunately I’ve not been able to participate in all of these exciting opportunities *sigh* Often this can be due to location, clothes size or even just general unsuitability to the product or item on offer.

Rather than let any more charming little opportunities slip through the net I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of any Confetti & Curve readers that may want to take avail of me passing along their blog url to any prospective companies who are seeking reviewers that I’m unable to participate in. After all, you delightful bunch have been incredibly supportive towards my blog so I’d be only too happy to return the kindness in any way possible!

Do bear in mind I’m not suggesting you’ll have an inbox riddled with opportunities by any means, in fact I can’t guarantee anything at all! However, I’d much rather forward a list of blogs with the aim that you guys may get the chance to potentially sponsor a post than let it go to waste! Capiche?

If this sounds right up your blogging-alley or indeed something you’d like me to include you in, all you simply have to do is leave your blog URL in the link below with your country of residence! Example:

“Hey Karen, please include me: (N. Ireland)”

So should any further sponsorship opportunities arise that I can’t personally be a part of I’ll be only too happy to forward a list of blog enthusiasts who are ready & willing to get involved!

Cheerio Chums…

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Ps: Please don’t forget to check your contact page is up to date with a current email address should any potential Brands/PR companies want to drop you a line to propose a sponsorship opportunity!

Behind The Blog… featuring Britney from All Things Britney Lee

All Things Britney Lee

Hey Beauty Buddies…

Are you all having a fabulous week? I sure hope so! Is anyone else experiencing a winter re-lapse?  Last week I was super excited for spring arriving, yet just as I was preparing to pack my thermals away, in rolls more torrential rain and teeth chatter temperatures. However I’m still keeping hopeful we’re not too far off a distinctive change in season… I think we’re all firmly done with winter, right?! Which reminds me, if you missed yesterdays post *click here* to check out my Sassy Spring Essentials!

So today we’re back with another Behind The Blog *wooo hooo*  As always, if you’re new to Confetti & Curves (friendly wave) and not entirely sure what this virtual shenanigans is all about *click here* to bring yourself up to speed – you may even find yourself getting involved, and why the heck not?!

This mornings featured blogger is the darn right adorable Britney from All Things Britney Lee. If you haven’t already checked out her cutesy corner of the interweb I’d suggest you get clickin’. It’s packed full of fantastic features on everything from beauty to crafts that’s sure to keep even the most wandering of mind well and truly captivated. So do pop over and check her out, but not before you’ve settled down with a cuppa to find out more about the lovely lady herself…

Britney Lee

In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:

DIY, style, beauty, sewing, life.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I had been following blogs for a while and they were always inspiring me to try a new hair curling technique, or a new craft, or just made me feel the warm fuzzies. One day I just realized I want to be that kind of person for others! I want to inspire and teach others to do things that they didn’t think they could do. And then I started my blog and realized how much fun putting a post together is and how much I LOVE the blogging community. It’s pretty freakin’ amazing.


Tell us about your blog name… what made you decide on it?

I didn’t know what focus I wanted my blog to have (sewing, diy, beauty, fashion, lifestyle) and I have SO many different things that I love so I just decided that I wanted my blog to have an all-encompassing name and so “all things britney lee” kinda just happened. I decided to use my first and middle name because it just sounded good when I said it. You know how certain phrases or words just sound better than others? It sounded better than with just my first name. I am continually thinking of different names though so it could change! haha


What’s your favourite post to date? 

Oh no! How am I supposed to pick this?! It’s like picking your favourite child! I can’t do it! Honestly, I try to only write posts that are my favourite. Which is probably why I don’t blog super often…or it’s because I am unorganized lol

the last post I wrote was about my pretty hunter green peplum top that I made for all the holiday parties and it was so much fun to show all my lovely friends my outfit! My little sister and I had so much fun taking photos of each other and my mini pro photographer did so well! Heres that post:


Describe your everyday clothes style:

It depends on what I am doing that day…if I am working then I am wearing all black (the uniform of a hairstylist lol) and it is either a pencil skirt and loose top or skinny ponte knit pants and a loose top. I try to find unique pieces with cool textures like sequins, fun details like studs and pockets or white polka dots on it or something.

If I am not working then I am either in jeans and a cute tee for when I have to run errands, or I am in sweat pants and a super comfy graphic tee when I am at home and don’t have to see anyone’s face!

I have to say that I am not very happy with my wardrobe. I only really LOVE about 10% of my clothing. I have a goal to create a wardrobe I love this year and I want it to be mostly handmade! And just so you know, I am going to blog about that.   😉

What are your current top 3 beauty items?

1) Too Faced Melted lipsticks. I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM AND I WANT EVERY COLOR. They hit all the good points: long lasting, amazing color payoff, easy to apply, not shiny but not matte, doesn’t dry out your lips super bad. It is the best.

2) I.T.Cosmetics under eye bye bye under eye concealer. It’s a miracle worker!

3) all my NYX lip butters and butter glosses. Color payoff is AMAZING and they feel like BUTTER! (duh lol)

How do you like to relax & unwind after a stressful day?

I like to take my shoes and bra off and put on comfy clothes (like the aforementioned sweats and graphic tee) and I love to eat Nutella. Straight out the jar. I love to read blogs and peruse Pinterest too!

Describe your ideal Saturday night:

Saturday night is the only night during the week that my husband and I spend together because he is in college full-time and works full-time…so I love to spend it with him. One thing that we have been doing quite a bit is going to the movie theatre. There is this super amazing one that we love to go to that has yummy nachos and instead of those small crappy seats you get your own personal comfy recliner chair. AND you when you buy your tickets you choose were you want to sit and those seats are RESERVED! It’s so magical.


Everyone has their bad habits, what’s yours?

I procrastinate way too much…and I’m sooooo lazy.


What was your favourite school subject?

I was always in some sort of choir class throughout schooling and those were always my absolute favourite! And I’m one of those weird people that actually liked math…yeah yeah I know…I’m crazy.


What’s your dream job?

You know what…I haven’t figured that out yet. I know that I want to be teaching and inspiring people my whole life. When I figure it out I will let you know!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself having at least one kid. Maybe working on my second one. Hopefully I stick to blogging and I will have learned how the heck to make all the different kinds pf posts I want to like picture and video tutorials that look amaze and sponsored posts! (mama’s gotta pay for all those diapers)

I hope to still be doing hair professionally whether it’s just for my close friends and fam or for more people.

That’s as much as I have thought about! Everything else can do whatever it needs/ wants t do. Those are the things that I want to make happen!


Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

I love all sorts of quotes! but my recent favourite says:

“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve” – J.K.Rowling

What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own blog?

I actually wrote a blog post about this for a blogging challenge I did in September and I still feel the same now! Read it here:



Tea or Coffee = I don’t drink either


Coke or Pepsi = I don’t drink soda anymore but my favourite is cherry coke!


Messy mayhem or Super Organised = SUPER ORGANIZED


Cute kitten or Playful puppy = I’m allergic to both!


Night In or Night Out = Night in. with netflix


Heels or Flats = Flats all the way.


Lip Stick or Lip Gloss = lipstick (too faced melted lipstick to be exact!)


Rock Chick or Pop Princess = I think I listen to pop more than rock but I love both!


Paperback or E-book = Paperback!

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Contact Britney:






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Thanks so much for reading and of course do say hi in the comments below… we adore a good chatter here on Confetti & Curves 🙂

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5 Blogs I Love… with Kaily from Someday Sunny!

Five Blogs I Love

Hey Beauty Buddies…

I’m super excited today as I post my very first collab *Eeeep* with the lovely Kaily from Someday Sunny. Kaily and I were having a chatter a few weeks ago & somehow got round to gabbling about our fav bloggers, which led to the conclusion it would be a great collab opportunity! Never one for passing a fun opportunity, I jumped at the chance.

Now seeing as I adore sooo many of your beautiful blogs here on WordPress, I simply couldn’t narrow it down to 5 blog buddy favourites, so instead I’ve opted for 5 blogs that originally inspired me to create Confetti & Curves.

I’m sure many of you will be more than familiar with a few of these famous names & faces – if not, do check them out! I’m convinced you’ll be hooked as much as I am…

1) Louise – Sprinkle of Glitter

Sprinkle of Glitter

I originally stumbled across Louise’s super successful YouTube channel last year and was instantly hooked. If (like me) your a fan of Louise’s blog, you’ll most likely agree that it’s packed full of really inspiring posts on everything she loves in life… parenting, beauty, crafts, travelling, friends, and fabulous fashion for curvy girls!

2) Anna – Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna Does Makeup

What this gal doesn’t know about makeup simply isn’t worth knowing at all. Anna has works her magnificently manicured nails to the bone to create an online haven for all of us who adore our daily dose of beauty briefings and ultra useful tutorials. Check out her weekly Vlogs too, they’re utterly addictive!

3) BlogHer


BlogHer isn’t so much as a singular blog but rather a whole community of phenomenally useful blog articles. Written by women for women, there’s everything from style, work, life, relationships, beauty, health, family, food – trust me the list goes on… it’s an online sanctuary for ladies of all ages as there is truly something for everyone. However before you check it out I’d advise you to get comfy and clear your schedule for a few hours –  you could be there for quite some time! Yes, it’s that good 😉


4) A Thrifty Mrs

A Thrifty Mrs

Any blog that claims I can ‘have a blast without blowing the budget’ gets a virtual thumbs up from me! Thrifty Mrs is bunged with top cash-savvy tips that will teach even the most money conscious of blogger a thing or two – this girl has a serious knack of saving the strain on your purse strings by introducing you to top guidance on beauty purchases, home make-overs, crafts, recipes and much much more. The blog is beautifully presented, easy to navigate and filled with great advice & freebies – you’ll be thriftifying your ways in no time!

5) Marlena – Simply Marlena

Simplyh Marlena

For those of you who haven’t already heard of Marlena (goodness knows why) she’s the founder and creator of Makeup Geek, a brand that seems to have taken the US by storm. Apart from her awe inspiring success, Marlena’s personal blog Simply Marlena tends to focus more on her personal musings. The one thing I love about her is how open and honest she is about personal struggles and often just life in general. If anyone can encourage you it’s Marlena!

 Finally a huge thanks to the gorgeous Kaily from Someday Sunny, it’s been a ridiculously fun first collab! Don’t forget to pop over and check out her top picks too… see you there! 🙂

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Are you a follower of any of my fab five blog picks? Who’s your favourite bloggers to keep up with? Let me know in the comments below, I do love a good chatter! As always, thanks for reading…

Cheerio chums,

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Behind The Blog… A HUGE ‘Thank You’ & FAQ’s

Behind The Blog Thank You

Hey Beauty Buddies…

As most of you are well aware I’ve been running a weekly blog series called Behind The Blog for quite a few months now and thanks to the roaring success we’re bustling with new upcoming interviews for a number of weeks *woo hoo*

For me, Behind The Blog is something I really look forward to posting. Being a blogger’s not about churning out post after post; it’s about connecting with new faces & getting to know the hard working bloggers behind the great articles we read every day in our news feeds. It’s about connecting with new people that inspire, support & encourage us along the way.

From Behind The Blog’s very first blogger interview back in early November 2014, so many of you have jumped aboard to give us all an opportunity to get to know you that little bit better. It’s been a whole heap of fun and judging by the superb response from Confetti & Curves readers, I’m not the only one who thinks that way! So thank you, both bloggers & readers alike, without your involvement & ongoing support these fun filled interviews wouldn’t be the success you’ve made them.

However for those of you who are new to Confetti & Curves *howdy* & aren’t too sure what it’s all about you can *click here* to be digitally whisked off for a mini update.

Seeing as each week I get a number of emails with questions from new and well established bloggers, I thought I’d put together a little list of FAQ’s to help answer any queries for those of you considering getting involved:

My blog’s very new – can I still participate?

Absolutely, in fact it’s perfect for new & emerging bloggers! It gives you the opportunity to tell us a little bit more about your corner of the inter-web & the chance to chatter about yourself!

What do I have to do to get involved?

All you have to do is drop me an email via the contact page to let me know you’d like to get involved! It really is that simple. Once I receive your email I’ll reply & attach all the necessary information & questions you’ll need to get started. All you have to do is take your time, have fun completing & return when you’re ready!

Do I need to include any photo’s or links?

If you have a specific photograph you’d like to include feel free to send it, otherwise I can use your blog as a reference for any photo’s etc. As for links there’s a space to include all you need in the interview form. Obviously it’s beneficial to include as many social media links as you can… so we can all pester you elsewhere 😉

My schedule’s really busy, do I need to reply asap?

Nope – just fill everything in and return when you’re ready. Once you have sent your completed interview back I’ll be in touch ASAP with a date when your feature will be published.

Is Behind The Blog open to blogs with multiple users?

It sure is – check out Jules & Mils interview from South By Northwest to see how it works!

Is my blog suitable to be featured?

Obviously Confetti & Curves is a bit of a girly haven that features lifestyle, beauty, fashion, crafts, how-to’s & general female inspired posts. If you feel your blog compliments any of these categories then get in touch!

I’ve only recently followed Confetti & Curves, is it still okay to get on-board?

Absolutely! Whether you’ve been a blog buddy for 5 months or 5 minutes you’re more than welcome to drop us a line. It’s a great way of getting your blog out there, meeting new on-line chums and (of course) keeps me busy into the bargain!

 pink heart

To check out some of our previous interviews just click on the Blog Chat tab along the menu bar. Hopefully our previous bloggers will inspire you to get involved!

Once again a HUGE thank you to all the amazing bloggers who have featured so far… without your input Behind The Blog wouldn’t be the success it is today. You really are an awesome bunch!

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DIY Make-up Brush Holder

DIY Make-up Brush Holder

Happy Monday Lovelies,

I’ve been rolling up my sleeves this weekend and getting a little crafty – of course for those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m a fan of plundering through my craft drawers for inspiration on what nifty little DIY project to tackle next. However this one is a little more useful than normal, you see for Christmas my (incredibly thoughtful) hubby treated me to a gorgeous set of Nic’s Picks Real Techniques Make-up Brushes… that I must admit I fell in-love with the moment they skimmed my foundation clad complexion. So considering my brush collection is beginning to flourish, it became clear last week in one of my infamous ‘mid morning grumps’ that I needed a new home in which to display my bristly beauties – cue the DIY Make-up brusher holder.

You sitting comfy? Okay, let’s get to it:

What you’ll need:

 Brush holder1

An empty Jar

Washi Tape

Glass beads (optional)

Ribbon/trim (optional)


A steady hand (not so optional!)

Here’s how to do it: 

  • As luck would have it, I’d just used up a large mango candle a few weeks ago and kept the jar knowing it would come in rather handy for something at a later stage. Thankfully the wax was ridiculously easy to remove by scooping it out, however if a few little traces remain on the inside of the jar simply rinse out with hot water (don’t use boiling water or you could crack the glass) Voila, one clean & very naked brush holder…

Empty Jar


  • If the jar has a glass seam to it then make that your starting point! Turn the jar upside down and place one end of the Washi tape on the seam, then gently & steadily run the tape along the jar until you have one complete layer. Once you’ve reached the same seam you started at, cut the tape neatly with scissors and affix.

Brush holder2


  • Keep repeating with various coloured layers, the more the merrier in my humble opinion!

Brush holder3



  • Once your layers are complete it’s time to add your finishing touches… I opted for some purple ribbon a butterfly & a button. Remember it’s your jar so you can be as creative or innovative as you like!

Butterfly & button



  • If you’d prefer your brushes to stand up-right you can add some little glass beads – just make sure they’re smooth enough to not scratch or mark the handles of your brushes, otherwise you can leave it empty just like I did!

DIY Brush holder



So there you have it beauty buddies, a cute little home to hold your favourite cosmetic brushes that’s easy peasy to make in less than ten minutes! What do you think? Is this something you’d try? As always do say hi and let me know how you store your beauty brushes in the comments below!

Cheerio chums…

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Behind The Blog… featuring Laura from Little Laura’s


Hello lovelies…

I hope you’re all keeping well and having a wonderful week? So far I certainly am, although seeing as it’s just one week left to the big day I’ve been making lists galore and double checking I haven’t missed anything crucial out – especially am I’m hosting dinner for 9 this year! *Exciting Eeek*

 However in the midst of all this festive excitement it’s nice to sit down with a cuppa and relax, which is exactly what I’m doing this morning as I present to you another exciting Behind The Blog.

For those of you who are new and would like to catch up on what it’s all about just click *here* – you may even find yourself getting involved 🙂

So today I’m featuring the gorgeous Laura, from Little Laura’s. If you haven’t check out her exquisitely pretty blog already then do pop over and say hi, she really is a sweetie! Although Laura has told me her blog is still under construction, it’s still positively overflowing with personality… so if you love drinking tea, a spot of crafty DIY, catching up with others adventures or simply just hanging out in a pretty place then Little Laura’s is certainly for you!

Okay, enough chatter from me, time to hand you over to the lovely lady herself…


In only 5 words describe what readers can expect from your blog:
Food, Baking and Derbyshire Life!

What inspired you to start blogging?
I wanted somewhere to document every thing that I enjoy. I started my blog towards the end of the summer just as we were coming into autumn because it’s my favourite time of year and I thought it would be nice to have something to look back on in a few years to bring back some lovely memories. My blog began as a normal, everyday lifestyle blog but quickly began featuring a lot more food posts because that’s my favourite thing to talk about!

Do you ever suffer from bloggers block & if so how do you overcome it?
I used to suffer from this ALL the time and quickly started blogging about absolutely anything just so I had a post out. But you soon realise that the best posts are the ones about something you truly love. So now, I only write when I have something great to write about.

What’s your favourite post to date?
My favourite post to date is: my Ice creams and dreams, Bakewell post. because it’s an ice cream addicts dream!

Or my Sugar Addicts Honeycomb & Chocolate brittle recipe because it’s the perfect thing for Christmas

Describe your everyday style:
My every day style is quite relaxed. I work in a very small but sometimes busy organisation where comfort is my main priority! I usually wear leggings and a baggy, oversized jumper with my parka, Fossil watch, a chunky necklace and a small leather bag.

What are your current top 3 beauty items?
Dior Diorskin Star Foundation – my saviour when my make up won’t go quite right! Its coverage is amazing and it stays on all day. Nip & Fab Deep Cleansing Fix – I use this product all the time. It has 6 uses but I mainly use it as an overnight moisturising treatment. HD Brow Eyebrow Kit in Foxy. This doubles up as an eye shadow palette and it great for everyday use.

How do you like to relax and unwind after a stressful day?

Go to a Pilates session, have a red hot bath & watch an episode of my favourite series on Netflix!

Describe your ideal Saturday night?
Takeaway, a great film & a bottle of Prosecco.

What’s your favourite junk food snack?
Crisps, any kind! Once I start eating them I can’t stop.

Everyone has their hidden habits, what’s yours?
I like to organise things and make hundreds of lists. I can’t cope with being unorganised!

What’s your most cherished childhood memory?
My favourite childhood memory is also my oldest memory. It was of me, my Nana & my Grandad on a British beach holiday when I was about 2 years old. I can remember sitting wrapped up in a blanket eating a picnic and running into the sea afterwards. It’s my favourite one because they’re my favourite people in the world.

What was your favourite subject at school?
English; especially English literature. I loved how creative it always was and I was in a class with my best friends. And my teacher was lovely.

What’s your dream job?
A baker! Or secretly something like a wedding planner, because I love to plan things!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in a job I love and in my own house with a puppy!

What top 5 thing are on your bucket list?
To travel the world, go back to America, see Coldplay live, live abroad for a while, get married on a beautiful beach!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
I don’t really have any major achievements to be honest! But I pride myself on looking after my family and being a role model to my younger sister. In terms of my career, I have a few qualifications that I am quite proud of achieving.

Who inspires you?
My dad! He’s the strongest, most supportive person I know. I hope that when I have children of my own, I am able to give them everything my Dad has provided for me.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?
Yes. It’s “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like ever goes out of style”. I have absolutely no idea who it’s by but I really do love it.

Name 3 things at the top of your Christmas list:

Pancake lens for my Lumix GF5, a collection of Estee Lauder lipsticks & a beautiful personal organiser.

What top tips would you give to someone who is thinking of starting a blog?
Be yourself! Talk how you normally would and imagine you’re sat chatting away to a friend with a cuppa! If you write about things that you truly love, you’ll be writing some brilliant posts.

Tea or coffee = Tea. But a herbal one!
Coke or Pepsi = Neither, I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks really.
Salad cream or mayo = Salad cream
Cute kitten or playful puppy = Puppy! A Daschund preferably!
Night in or night out = Night in.
Heels or flats = Flats
Lipstick or lipgloss = Lipstick
Rock chick or pop princess = Pop princess
Paperback or E-book = Paperback all the way!

pink heart

Contact Laura: 


Instagram: lauramarshallxxxx

Don’t forget: If you would like your blog to feature in Behind The Blog then please either leave your details below, otherwise get in touch via *here*, I’d love to hear from you.

As always, thank YOU so much for reading & do say hi in the comments below! We do love a good chatter here on Confetti & Curves…

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Cute Christmas Decor For Your Crib…

Cute Christmas Decor

Having spent most of last Sunday covered in glitter from putting up the Christmas tree and all the festive trimmings that come with it, my little home now looks like the inside of Santa’s grotto. However the desk I work from upstairs seemed to be looking a bit too bleak for my liking, but without wanting to spend a small fortune dazzling it up with Christmas goodies I decided to set myself a small budget and spruce up my little workspace with a few festive treats that don’t burn too much of a hole in the pocket…

Fairy Light Fever:

Having first spotted these in the aisles of Primark, I was pretty shocked to discover they were a mere £1.50… what a bargain! Last year I bought a set from Ikea which were considerably more pricey, although the light is quite a harsh white tone so I’m just not as keen. These ones however omit a lovely warm glow that makes the perfect backdrop for photo’s or just to cheer up your work space.

Fairy Lights

Candles Gallore:

You all know by now how much I blooming adore my little scented candles and after finding these pretty gold & purple holders in Ikea I just had to bring them home with me! The gold ones were £2 each and the purple one (I’m pretty sure) was only £1. I also spotted a bag of 100 Glimma tea lights for £1.75, they last approx 4 hours constant burning and are undoubtedly the best for value out of all the ones I’ve tried yet!

 Ikea Candle Holders

Merry Material:

I’ve been hoarding felt squares in my material box for the last couple of years, so I thought it was high time I put them to good use. These fun festive fancies are so darn easy to make too; it’s simply a matter of cutting out your shapes and sewing or stitching them together, alternatively you could use material glue – just don’t forget to stuff em’ before you seal otherwise they’ll end up looking a tad skinny. I opted for making a cheery little robin & traditional Christmas pudding. Cute eh?

Handmade Christmas Decorations

The Empty Pickle Jar:

When I spotted this empty gherkin jar lurking on top of my kitchen counter I knew he had a greater destiny in life than simply ending up in the recycling heap. After digging out my glass paints, I decided to give it a colourful lease of life by up-cycling him as a unique little candle accessory. One can never have too many tea light holders right? 😉 You can buy glass paints from any good craft store. I use Pebeo Vitrea pots as the colours are so vivid & glossy. Alternatively E-bay is full of great starter sets from as little as £5 or you could opt for glass paint markers which are super easy to use!

Glass Painted Pickle Jar

Twinkling Twigs:

At this time of year my garden is awash with leaves, twigs and lots of other green fingered paraphernalia, so why not put some of it to good use? After gathering, clean & dry your chosen sticks (or twigs if you make a mini version – your empty gherkin jar could be ideal for this) then spray with either gold or silver paint and dust with glitter (optional, but looks super pretty)

Once dry you can display them in any vase or jar you like, as mine was see through I used some pretty pebbles to add some detail & keep the sticks supported … voila, your own glittering twig display!

Don’t forget you can also interweave some fairy lights through them to create some extra twinkle… they really help emphasise the sparkle in the glitter.

Twinkle Twigs

The Mini Tree:

Last but not least, what Christmas space would be complete without a teeny tiny tree? I spotted this one in a local discount shop for £1 and just couldn’t resist! They also had lots of multi coloured battery lights that work a treat in helping to make it that little bit more cheery. He’s rather adorable wouldn’t you say?

 Christmas Tree

So there you have it, my way of adding a sprinkle of festive cheer to any work or living space without costing a fortune… in fact I spent well under £15 for the whole lot. Not bad eh?

Christmas Decor

Have you added any mini decorations to help cheer up your crib? Or maybe you have a few merry little tips of your own to share? As always, I love reading your thoughts & feedback in the comments below! Til next time…

Cheerio Chums 🙂

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Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio…

Mini Photo Studio


As many of know, I’m the kinda girl who loves to roll her sleeves up and get stuck into a crafty little project every once in a while, and seeing as I have an endless list of beauty goodies to review I was pondering over where & how to photograph them – until a little creative light-bulb appeared overhead… why not make my own mini photo studio?

Having an attic crammed full of empty boxes, I was pretty sure one of them could be the perfect candidate for my project… however, not willing to brave the potential army of spiders lurking up the ladder, I managed to convince my hubby into making the trip instead. Yes, he loves me that much! Needless to say he grabbed the perfect box I could transform it into a little photography haven.

Thankfully all went rather well… and seeing as this might come in handy for a few others, I thought I’d share a little tutorial with you guys. It’s mega easy to do and takes no time at all – two things I love in quick craft session!




Okay, so you’ll need the following list of magic ingredients….

1) One empty *spider free* cardboard box.

2) Acrylic paint to cover the inside of your box walls with.

3) Wallpaper remnants if you like the idea of a colourful background… check your local DIY store for any freebie off-cuts they have lying around.

4) Material for your photographed products to perch on, or alternatively you can paint the base!

5) An array of charming little props such as fairy lights, candles, gems or any other cutesy items you want to include.

6) Some goodies to photograph.

What you need


Here’s how to make the magic happen…


1) Take your empty box and cut out a side wall (including any of the top closure flaps) however if you want to create a slightly more stable base then you can leave the bottom of the side wall attached to the box and fold it in like so:

Empty Box

2) Paint the inner walls of your box to create a solid back-drop. I used a white acrylic paint which is water based and easy to work with, it also dries to a nice matte finish very quickly. You’ll probably need to apply 3/4 coats to get a good consistent coverage!

Painted Inner Box

3) You can line the walls of your box with remnants of wallpaper too if you prefer something more colourful… I opted for removing the folded-in flap and clipping the wallpaper on to that instead, so I could change it as often as I liked. Blue-Tack or mini bull-dog clips are great for this! Alternatively, if you have a sheer material you can also use it to create a soft elegant back drop instead!

Add Wallpaper

Material background 1

 Material background 2

4)  If you’re adding some material for the base, pop a few little boxes underneath to give your products some height range. I used white sparkle-tulle that has a light sprinkling of silver sparkle through it to create a beautiful soft look! However you can use other things like a pretty silk scarf to create a nice colourful base setting, alternatively paint the folded side to match your box walls.

Base options

5) Once you have your display set up and props in place, its then time to include your goodies. If lighting is an issue, grab yourself a little desk lamp which will help your camera capture a nice bright, clear image!

Props and products

Once your mini photo shoot is complete just remove everything and keep all your essentials tucked neatly inside the box so you’ll always have everything to hand pretty pronto!

Material background 1

There you have it – your very own little mini photo studio. Naturally you can buy pop up photography tents in a multitude of colours, but if you like something that’s quirky, easy to make and perfect for interchanging background choices then why not give this a go? Not only will it save the pennies, but you’ll always have a handy little place to take quick and easy product shots from. If you do give this crafty little studio a go make sure to send me some pics – I’d love to feature your creation on Confetti & Curves!

What (or where) do you prefer to use for your photography back drop? As always I’d love to read your thoughts & feedback in the comments below!

 Thanks for reading… cheerio chums 🙂

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Spooky Halloween Bat Display…

As Halloween swiftly approaches, I always get an overwhelming desire to roll up my sleeves, break out the acrylic paints, paper glue and dive right into making cute little Halloween crafts. Of course having a nine year old daughter only adds to the excuse to run riot, and as per usual Emma’s roped into peppering our little abode with all sorts of spooky artistry.

Halloween Bat Display

This year I thought I’d attempt a really cute bat display I spotted in Tesco Food & Living Magazine. Although the original creation is displayed with the twigs pushed into a Pumpkin, Em’s and I thought we’d save ours the pain of piercing him with garden sticks and opted a glass flower vase instead finished off with black ribbon.

I must admit, this is probably one of the easiest and most effective Halloween crafts I’ve created (even the most novice of crafter can’t go far wrong), it doesn’t make too much mess (though a table covering is highly recommended) and is relatively quick so you’re not left grumbling a few hours later – great for eager kiddies who prefer to see their efforts come to life rather pronto!

So here’s what you’ll need:



Firstly, get yourself out to the garden or local woodland and find some decent size twigs. Thankfully our garden is edged with rather bulky bushes so uncovering our twigs wasn’t too much of a task, however you’ll also need to rustle up:


Some paint (acrylic works really well)

A decent child’s sized paint brush

Some black card

Twine or thread

A pencil and pair of scissors…

Something to display the twigs in when done: vase/pumpkin/large jar/ empty bottle etc.


Here’s how to do it:


After rummaging around the garden to find your chosen sticks, clear them of all dirt and debri. I’d suggest you also give them a clean under warm water to remove any hidden nasties that could be lurking. If necessary leave them to dry.


(We found ours right beside Peppa the cat)

Once dry it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get painting! Em’s and I chose a gorgeous coppery acrylic paint for a touch of autumnal shimmer. However blacks, browns and even purple will look equally as impressive. Just make sure you get all the nooks and crannies covered, then leave the paint to dry – this really shouldn’t take too long if using acrylic, ours were touchable in 30 minutes!

Copper Acrylic Paint

Next take your black card and draw a template of a bat with your pencil. Cut this out and use it to draw another 4-6 bats… or as many as you darn well like! Carefully cut out your little colony of bats and trim to neaten. You’ll also need to rub out any obvious pencil lines.

Bat Outline Bats Cut Out

Next make a hole in the head of your bat *ouch* and carefully tie your thread through. I used a hole punch as my card was rather thick. Now make a loop on the other end of the thread to dangle your bats from the twigs.


Display your twigs in a vase (or pumpkin) and enjoy your crafty art work… voila!




Top Tips…


  • Sprinkle your twigs with glitter for an extra twinkly effect… black glitter looks fantastic over black acrylic paint!
  • Once done keep them for Christmas. You can always swap your bats for mini baubles!
  • If you’re limited for space why not make a miniature version to display on your desk? Your bats could look super cute in a jam jar with some spooky themed ribbon tied around it!


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