Buying A Beauty Box?

Buying a beauty box

Hey Beauty Buddies

I don’t know about you, but finding nooks, crannies, gadgets and bags to store all beauty bits in is always a challenge for me as I seem to be consistently outgrowing whatever little cosmetic carriers I invest in. Makeup bags are great but I’ve noticed that a lot of them are of limited size and can often get battered, bruised and zip torn. Determined to find something a little sturdier to stash my beauty belongings in, my ever empathic hubby thought I’d benefit from a Beauty Box. Let’s see if his creative spending holds up to the idea….


The Beauty Box

 beauty box

Made of sturdy aluminium this sizeable cosmetic carrier was bought from If you haven’t visited the site yet, it’s an online store selling a range of high quality beauty boxes, trolley’s, cases, makeup brushes & accessories… and when I say high quality, I really do mean it. Comparing this box to a few smaller similar styles I’ve had in past years it’s pretty much leagues ahead in the reliability stakes.


Who’s it for?

Ideally, this would be the perfect beginners case for a budding MUA, a professional that carries a limited amount of beauty/hair products or someone who travels considerably and wants to keep their lotions and potions safe from being unnecessarily battered in transit. Admittedly I’m not any of those three but it does make a great case if you like to keep a select amount of regular use items in the one handy dandy place!


The Opposition?


Okay, so here’s the current opposition… my pretty little Ikea cosmetic bag that I adore in every shape, way and fashion. It’s strong, has a metal frame that stays open when you’re vigourisly plundering through the contents. Has a zip that’s tough as nails, is under £5 (or somewhere around that region) and *most importantly* it’s the most gorgeous shade of raspberry. Yes, that’s right ladies – not pink, raspberry 😉 If you wanna take a trip down memory lane and check out a 2014 post of me rambling about it in all it’s glory just *click here* to be digitally redirected!

One of the reasons I l-o-v-e this makeup bag is simply because of the ability to contain everything in one roomy place and (unlike other bags I’ve used in the past) doesn’t faint into a pathetic mass of material on opening. I’ll admit, I had my doubts before transferring everything over to the Beauty Box if it would all fit, but ever the optimist I kept hopefull it wouldn’t end in a finger pointing rage of fury at the chubbiness of my Clinique Chubby Stick or saucer sized Rimmel Sun Shimmer compact. After all beauty comes in all shapes and sizes… isn’t that right ladies? 😉


Lets Talk Organisation…


Setting everything out before my very eyes put into context the vastness of products my make-up bag has been hoarding. This of course was the perfect opportunity for a damn good clear out & wipe down (hence the baby wipes)


Everything slotted neatly into place and looked great once it was finished. One handy little advantage of the beauty box is that it eliminates the mass of mess that often accumulates at the bottom of a makeup bag as everything is divided into small compartments which saves times rummaging around for the smaller items such as liquid liner or stubby little lip pencils. One glance and you know where it’s at. However a slight drawback is that the compartments aren’t overly big and they can’t be altered to fit, which in my humble opinion is a much overlooked design drawback. The top row of smaller individual ones may be ideal for tipping a mass of bobby pins into on a whim, but area is limited for lippies and most certainly larger glosses; and with me being a gloss-hoarder it won’t be long before I’m reaching maximum capacity with this lot (and to be fair my stash doesn’t exactly rival that of Carli Bybel) just *click here* to check out her video & you’ll understand why this gal needs an entire room to house her obsession with make-up!!


Overall Verdict:

All in all the Beauty Box is a great way to organise a small collection of beauty essentials especially if your collection isn’t overly extensive or if you’re on the road and need a sturdy little companion to travel along with. Okay, the compartments aren’t huge but there are other shapes and sizes available if you do decide to upgrade to something a little roomier. Alternatively you could just buy a portable pink potting shed and be done with the hassle of finding extra space, genius huh?


For me this cute little case means no more messy makeup bag, no digging through masses of powder dusted mascara tubes or crumbling eyeshadow palettes… just mess free makeup at a glance!

Do you have a beauty box or is it something you’re thinking of investing in? What’s your favourite makeup storage solution? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello!

Cheerio chums…

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