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If I asked you ‘Would you wear a black dress?’ the chances are you’d reply ‘Of course’ without having to think about it. However if I asked you ‘Would you dress your bridesmaids in black?’ chances are you’d either immediately refuse or have to have a good long think about it.  This assumption is based on the reactions of many brides I’ve worked with that having loved black as a staple wardrobe shade,  still wouldn’t consider incorporating it into their big day or many other occasions for that matter! But why? Why do we tend to hesitate when it comes to wearing black to weddings? After all black is timeless, black is classy, black is elegant, black is incredibly forgiving, black is beautiful.

So what’s the big deal?

It seems that many of us still see black as code word for sombre, yet teamed up with the right accessories black can be the epitome of beauty, style and sophistication – begone all those morbid thoughts of typical funeral attire! Just take a peek at this stunning image and you’ll understand completely…

audrey hepburn

Thanks to Givenchy, here is one of the most iconic black dresses of our time!

Are you getting any hint of grave-side mourner or grim reaper? Nope, me either.

However, for us mere mortals who’s purse strings don’t exactly stretch to the Haute Couture boutiques of Paris, I’ve managed to uncover a few high street gems that are just as visually delicious in their own unique way – and with a price tag that doesn’t drain your complexion as well as your life savings. With the right accessories you too could have your very own Aubrey Hepburn inspired leading ladies, so take a peek at these black beauties….

Black Gown Line Up

 1) This sumptuous Lori Lee maxi gown is available from the rails of Coast, with its beautifully cinched waist and faux gems you’ll be sure to bring a touch of opulence to the occasion. A hidden feature is the incredible key-hole style back that is simply stunning!

2) This Felix Maxi, also available from Coast is the epitome of elegance. This beautiful floor sweeping gown skims over the bust and follows your curves ever so gracefully, it can also be cinched at the waist to create a little bit of added definition using the embellished slim-line belt.

3) This fun pleated ‘fit & flare’ dress sits playfully on the knees, perfect for showing off an eye-catching pair of stilettos don’t you think? The gown also boasts a wonderfully wide waist tie feature that is perfect for enhancing those feminine curves! Available from M&S.

4) For those of you who still like the idea of a little bit of colour on your frock, take a peek at this stunning JS Collection offering available from House of Fraser. This beautiful lace panel gown has a deep raspberry tone under the lace to create a sumptuous pop of colour *swoon*

5) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across this beautiful Wallis maxi, also available at House of Fraser. Not only is it super flattering thanks to the beautiful ruched detailing, it also boast an impressive 3D necklace trim – best of all *brace yourselves*  it’s currently on sale for a mere £48!! Yes, you are reading correctly… in fact why are you still here?! Go grab your gown girl!

Black for any occasion should never conjure up visions of doom & gloom, in fact it’s the perfect way to play with a multitude of other colours! It’s perfect teamed up with the likes of beautifully bright fuscias or you can rock the metallic’s by opting for glam gold accessories. Whatever your taste black can look amazing, plus it’s an incredibly easy colour to wear time and time again. I dread to think how many girls have old bridesmaid dresses stuffed at the back of their wardrobe, that will never again see the light of day; and so with that said, I’ll leave you with these wise words from Karl Lager field…


Do you have a favourite little black dress? How would you feel about your maids dressed in black – yay or nay? What colour contrast would you add to liven up a black themed wedding?

Whatever your thought’s do let me know, as always I love reading them in the comments below 🙂

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