What I Got For Christmas…


Hello lovelies,

How have you all been? I trust everyone has had a fabulous Christmas jolly hols? Well, it was certainly a busy one in our house with the clan visiting for their festive dins, and of course, Santa making his annual stop too… ¬†yes, lots of fabulous new goodies and happy faces all round. A successful day I’d say!

My gorgeous little sis, Leah, even stayed over on Christmas Eve to join in the celebrations and experience the magic of waking up with a very excited little girl (Ems) ready to open her pressies! As for me, well I mustn’t have been too bad this year at all seeing as I had a lovely little pile of goodies with my name on the gift tags… and of course in true YouTube style I thought I’d share my stash with you guys… tell me I’m not the ONLY one obsessed with these types of videos. Either that or I’m far too nosey for my own good ūüėÄ

So if you’ve a few minutes to spare and fancy taking a peek at some of the beauty & nail goodies I received then just grab your cuppa and press play. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you don’t want to miss out on the exciting uploads planned over the new year!

Which, reminds me… wishing each and every one of my subscribers a happy & healthy 2017! Thanks so much for all your support over the last year, let’s make the next 12 months even more fabulous ūüėČ

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How was your Christmas hols? Did you get any favourite pressies that you’re super excited about? Whatever your thoughts I‚Äôd love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy¬†ūüôā

Cheerio Chums…

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Christmas Nail Art: Santa Claws


The countdown is officially on… Only 5 more sleeps (as Em’s constantly reminds me) til the man in the big red suit & fluffy white beard makes an appearance at the Confetti & Curves HQ.

Surprisingly enough, this year’s¬†taken me longer than anticipated to find my Christmas sparkle. Maybe it’s the queues of stressed out shoppers, my lack of patience when it comes to waiting for parcels or perhaps (and most likely) it’s down to the fact I haven’t had my Christmas tipple to officially declare the festivities open. Hopefully, all that will change this evening as schools are now off for the jolly hols which means it’s ‘okay’ to pour an extra large glass of something fruity and whilst flicking trough the channels to find a cheesy Christmas film.

However, to feed my obsession with all things sparkly, I took to giving my nails a bit of a seasonal makeover. Now although I’m not usually a fan of ‘themed’ nails, I’d be a bit of a nail grinch if I didn’t at least do a little something to get my fingers feeling a little more festive… it also gave me an opportunity to test out a few of my newly acquired goodies from my Secret Santa Swap Box – if you haven’t already seen it yet then *click here* to take a peek at what was inside!

The nails are actually a very short acrylic sculpt, as this year I’ll be hosting dins for all the family so I needed a length that won’t cause any mishaps with the turkey *rolls eyes* The gel polish colour I opted for is a vivid red by Saint Nails. Their range is fantastic for longevity when painting over acrylic, it’s also a great price point for nails techs looking to build their range of gel colours without breaking the bank!


For a fun, but simple Christmas inspired design I couldn’t wait to test drive my fancy schmancy Born Pretty¬†BP01¬†plate. I just love the cute little snowflakes, that look really eye catching against the bright red gel!


For a fun feature nail I opted for a simple little Santa hat! The red and white go perfectly with the above snowflake design, not to mention the fact it’s fun and super easy to do! I opted for Saint Nails gel polish over my acrylic overlays, however, this would be easily achievable with standard polish – just be sure to allow the layers drying time before top coating to help avoid any smudging!


So there we have it gals, I’m all ready for Christmas with my festive themed nails… I’m pretty sure they’d get Mrs Claus seal of approval too!

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Are you a fan of themed nails? Have you treated your tips to a seasonal makeover? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick howdy ūüôā

Cheerio Chums…

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Opening My ‘Secret Santa’ Swap Box

Hello, how are ya, come in…..

I know, I know, it’s been (quite) a few days since I’ve taken my leave of absence BUT in my defence, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper, receipts, deliveries and all other festive paraphernalia organising. ¬†You wouldn’t believe the past few weeks I’ve had girls – but my gosh it’s good to be back and into the swing of things yet again… though I must warn you all I’ll be taking another short jolly hols over Christmas as we’re hosting the family dinner once again, so instead of my head being stuck in a¬†laptop it’ll be popping in &¬†out of the oven to check on the Turkey instead! Sounds wonderful right? Well, it is – as long as you’ve a hearty glass of prosecco close to hand to keep the energy levels up!

However enough waffle from me… how the heck are you lovely lot? Can you believe there’s only 15 days left til Christmas?!?! To be honest, if one more retail assistant asks if I’m “all ready¬†for the big day?” I may have to use my newly purchased rolls of wrapping paper in ways I didn’t intend *sigh* However moving swiftly on to slightly more positive festive tidings… MY SWAP BOX ARRIVED!!!!¬†

Yes, some of you may be scratching your heads thinking “What on earth’s this all about?”… okay, so let me explain… I’m a member of a fantastic nail group on Facebook & a few months ago the opportunity arose to take part in a Secret Santa Swap Box. Basically, there’s a ¬£20 budget, you’re allocated a name and your box had to be sent off by a certain date. Mine, however, was almost TWO WEEKS overdue… no thanks to Royal Mail having a good old rummage. However all is explained in the video, and all the goodies are revealed too. So if you’ve a few minutes to spare and fancy seeing what my very generous ‘Secret Santa’ sent me then just make yourself comfy & press play!

Ps: Don’t forget, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any future uploads ūüėČ

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Okay, I’m off to grab myself a hot chocolate and get on with some more wrapping! What’s your plans for the weekend?

Cheerio Chums…

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Keeping up with Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Happy Sunday Chums,

It’s¬†been a funny old week, I seem to have something stirring in me… like I said in Monday’s post, I’m all about learning, and so with that in mind I’m super eager to get signed up for¬†a few helpful master classes – specifically on extending my make-up skills! Sounds exciting right? Oddly enough¬†my sister &¬†I talked about trying something like this together back in 2015 but unfortunately never got round to actually doing something about it. This kind of got me thinking about how many of us have goals, dreams and ambitions but never make the time to follow them through or at the very least look into them? Are you itching to pursue something but just haven’t done anything about it yet? I’m pretty determined not to¬†let any more opportunities pass me by, so I’m pretty certain I’ll be signed up for something fun to look forward too very soon. January can be such a dull month with many of us feeling a tad¬†gloomy & deflated now the festivities are over. For me, it’s simply a matter of putting that¬†extra effort¬†into giving myself something to focus on, which will hopefully carry on the positive attitude of grabbing that fresh start by the horns! Well, that’s the plan anyway ladies ūüėÄ

However, for those of you (who like myself) are planning on spending a day drinking tea, blogging and indulging in the occassional YouTube binge, then here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening this week on Confetti & Curves. Don’t forget to link a post to your blog in the comments below if you’d like any of us to check out your fun features of the week…


Blogging Goals for 2016 

Blogging Goals for 2016

As much as I hate new years resolutions, I’m determined to start 2016 with a list of important goals that I’m aiming to achieve over the next 12 months! For me, writing down what I’m working towards really helps keeps me topped up with enthusiasm so I can keep referring back to what progress I’ve made (or need to make) in order to accomplish my them! Have you any goals of your own this year?


Behind The Blog featuring Blended & Beautiful 

Blended and Beautiful

Making a space on the virtual sofa this Tuesday, we welcome the first blogger to appear in 2016 as the lovely Billie from Blended & Beautiful¬†joins us for a quick chatter. As I’m sure you can gather from the name of her blog she’s an avid beauty fan who loves to treat us all to posts on some of her favourite cosmetics! Check it out guys, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I do!


What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

I know, I know, a little later than anticipated! However I showcase¬†some of the fabulous pressies I awoke to on Christmas morning! Woo Hoo ūüėÄ Why not *Click Here*¬†to pop over to my YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button so you can keep up with all my future uploads!


Behind The Blog featuring Sprinkle of Surprise

Sprinkle of Surprise

Our second blogger of the week is the lovely Sprinkle of Surprise. Having recently just got started on her blog makeover, it’s pretty much essential you drop by to check out Sprinkle’s beautiful new online haven. Of course not before you’ve taken a peek at her fun filled interview!


Billion Dollar Brows: 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows REVIEW

Billion Dollar Brows Review

My brows were most certainly in need of a little sprucing up, but can Billion Dollar Brows stand up to their claim of fabulous looking brows in less than a minute?

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As always, thank y’all so very much for the abundance of support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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What I Got For Christmas…


I know, I know… just as the fairy lights, sparkly baubles and giant stockings are packed away for the year, I go and mention it all¬†again *dramatic eye roll* However over Christmas & the new year so many of my awesome blog buddies kept in touch via email and a few of you were keen¬†to know what goodies were awaiting me under the tree come Christmas morning… so¬†naturally¬†I thought it would be a little more handy to show y’all in the form of a fun video! Apologies it’s a little later than planned ladies but hey… better late than never right?

I’m personally a huuuuge fan of noseying¬†at¬†what pressies others got for the big day, so if you’ve done a similar post or YouTube upload pleeeease go right ahead & leave the link for me below as I’d love to check it out too ūüôā

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So go grab something yummy to sip on¬†& get yourself comfy as I give¬†you guys a little peek at some of the newest additions to my list of favourite things. Oh, and do let me know in the comments if you had a¬†favourite pressie¬†this year! ‚̧

Cheerio Chums…

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Happy New Year & Some Very Awesome Bloggers…

Happy New Year from Confetti And Curves

2015, what a year it’s been!

Overall I’ve faired rather well.¬†I’ve met some fabulous people, worked with a selection of great¬†brands & pr companies, discovered a truck load of amazing new beauty goodies, started a YouTube channel, reached 1000 spectacular followers on the blog, reached 500 (and counting) subscribers on YouTube, uploaded a video that has a bewildering 250K views (!!) &¬†uploaded a countless number of posts that I’ve loved every minute writing. Sounds pretty awesome right?

But in the midst of all that excitement there’s also been a few rough patches too, struggles that I tend to keep to myself. However it’s you awesome lot that quite often are the best medicine to dry the tears and paint a huge smile on my face. I’ve met some amazing people on here and built friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I’ve gotten to know so many of you – particularly from my series Behind The Blog, that has been a roaring success with new and established bloggers; allowing us all to learn a little more about¬†behind the scenes of others.

So with that being said I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all who got involved. It’s been a pleasure getting to know every single one of you… and here they all are in order from January 2015 to present date, the bloggers¬†who have made every Tuesday and Thursday a pleasure to upload…



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Jennifer Leigh G *Click Here For Interview*



Bloggers, if you’re re-sharing your interview posts on Twitter, don’t forget to include the hashtag #BehindTheBlog so I can re-tweet & share for you’s also!!

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Thanks again to every single one of my Behind The Bloggers, blog buddies, readers & subscribers for being a massive part of the Confetti & Curves journey so far. Wishing you all an amazing 2016 filled with health, happiness & lots of happy blogging adventures¬†to come ‚̧

See you’s next year chums ūüôā

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The Me Spree: Boxing Day Beauty Bargains…

Boxing Day Beauty Bargains

Hey Beauty Buddies…

It‚Äôs sale time on the high street, and what‚Äôs interesting for me is that this year I braved the crowds & survived unscathed, clutching onto my bag of goodies like a rationing pack on the cusp of an apocalypse. Okay, I admit, I only risked one shop… but what girl could need or want anything more than a Boots superstore¬†spree¬†in the midst of boxing day sales right? Especially when there‚Äôs 50% off the marked price *rubs hands gleefully*

Fancy finding out what beauty bargains I managed to bag? Then get yourself comfy and lets have a peek in the basket *happy sigh*


Champneys Nail Polish Collection…

Champneys Nail Polish

As most of you know I’ve a strong penchant for pretty polishes, in fact I literally had to be prised away from the Essie stand after almost 30 minutes of cooing over a multitude of exquisite colours. I literally COULD NOT choose! Deep reds, plums, pinks…  I want them ALL!! *sob* So when I spotted this gorgeous collection of nail polishes from Champneys reduced to a mere £6 for 6 glorious colours (!!) I knew I had to have it. Particularly as the very same luxury renowned polishes are priced at £15 EACH on the Champneys spa website.

Champneys Nail Polish Collection

Shades included are: Nude, Pink, Wisteria, Plum, Mulberry & Clear


Boots Extracts Body Mists

Boots Extracts Body Spray Set

I‚Äôve never been a fan of canned body sprays simply because they invoke a series of wheezes, coughs and splutters,¬†however I’ve never had a¬†problem with a mist spray. Although body mists aren‚Äôt renowned as long lasting scents I‚Äôve every faith that Boots Extracts will pleasantly surprise me as the aromas are notably¬†vivid. I spotted¬†this yummy 3 pack on offer for only ¬£3 – a bargain considering they’re normally priced at ¬£3.50 for one bottle. Containing Vanilla, Strawberry & Satsuma scents from natural fair trade ingredients, I am literally in fragrance heaven. Perfect for popping in a handbag, on the bathroom shelf¬†or keeping in drawer at work. Love them ‚̧


Eylure Brow Shapers & Brow Pencil

Eyelure Brow Shapers and Brow Pencil

Few words can describe my obsession for eye products whether that be on the lid, lash or brow. In my humble opinion eye‚Äôs are often¬†the most striking featuring on a persons face. So when I spotted these two beauties from Eyelure that look tempting enough to trim up my brows for the new year, I couldn’t resist! There‚Äôs the eyebrow shaper that helps to remove stray hairs and define a nice clean brow line & of course the brow pencil ‚Äď which I love to use in place of my eyebrow kit on days that I just want a quick brow fix. Keep a look out for upcoming first impressions!


Olay Daily Facial In A Box

Olay Daily Facial in a Box

Anything with the words ‚ÄėDaily facial in a box‚Äô is guaranteed to spike my interest. I‚Äôm a huuuuge fan of Olay products (specifically their Fresh Face Wash) so I literally cannot wait to try these fabulous little cloths that promise a fantastic facial when activated with water. Sounds the ideal¬†solution for a clean complexion, and¬†with raving reviews on their website it looks like I might have just found a the perfect addition to my daily skin care regime.


Olay 2 in 1 Primer

Olay Anti Wrinkle Firm and Lift Hydration Primer

Hydration & primer in one bottle? Could this really be the answer to my priming prayers? After spotting this bottle of Olya anti-wrinkle primer that hydrates &¬†claims to be¬†the perfect base for make-up I couldn’t wait to get it home to try it out for myself. Priced at a mere ¬£3.99 it just may be the perfect pre-make-up pal to ensure my skin stays moisturised and primed before adding foundation.


Seventeen Gel Colour in Kir Royale

Seventeen Gel Colour Polish Kir Royale

I adore this beautiful soft pink tone, but with promising 8 days of continuous wear with a high shine finish will it really live up to my expectations for it’s pocket friendly price tag of only ¬£3.99? Soft natural colours are always a great staple in any collection and considering that I‚Äôm a fan of Boots Seventeen collection I have my fingers well and truly crossed this delivers on its promises!


Natural Collection Juicy Lips Gloss in Fondant

Natrual Collection Lip Gloss in Fondant

Another one of my favourite brands:¬†the Natural Collection. I adore their soft hues & warm¬†earthy tones, however when I spotted this beautiful peachy toned lip colour & quickly realised I‚Äôve nothing yet in my collection that resembles the shade I had to pop it straight into the basket. I‚Äôm pretty sure this will look fantastic with a multitude of eye shadow shades and blush tones, don’t you think? For only ¬£1.99 I’m hoping it’ll be every bit as it looks!

pink heart

And so commences my Boxing Day Beauty Bargains Haul! Have you tried any of the above products? Is there anything you‚Äôre eager for me to try out first or possibly attempt a First¬†Impressions video/post with? Did you pick up any end of season bargains over the last few days? Whatever your thoughts I‚Äôd love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello ūüôā

Cheerio Chums…

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