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Chanel Red Lip

There’s no look quite as iconic as the classic red lip, wouldn’t you agree ladies? It oozes so much sophistication, style & sass. It’s actually quite amazing how a petite ruby tube of goodness hails as every girls staple in their cosmetic collection, even if it is something that can be incredibly intimidating to indulge in regularly.

Although it’s not a colour I wear every day (or every week come to think of it) it still remains a shade I tend to break out come the colder months of the year. One of my favourite red shades is the beautiful 444 Gabrielle by Chanelit’s definitely my most treasured red and the one I always reach for when my lips are craving a touch of delicious suave. However to ensure my daring red pout looks as impeccable as it can be, I always invest a little extra effort into the ‘prep & paint’ to create the perfect red lip…



1) Scrub

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub   Lip Prep Scrub

Using a little of the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub I gently rub my  lips to remove any dead skin that could make my red lips look uneven. Not only does this leave my lips feeling super fresh it tastes amazing too!


2) Balm

Lip Prep balm   W7 Lip Bomb

To ensure my lips stay hydrated I add just a little balm – not too much, just enough to stop them from feeling dry after the scrub!


3) Base

Lip Prep Base

Using my blending sponge I dab a little foundation onto my lips to create a very light base. I find this helps prime my lips, keeps the colour lasting longer and really brings out the shade so much more vividly.



1) Lip Line

Lip prep swatches   MUA Lip Liner Red Drama

I start off by lining my lips & today I’ve opted for MUA liner in Red Drama which is a deep sultry red that’s incredibly close to the Chanel Gabriella. This helps define the lip line and keep the lipstick from potentially bleeding onto the surrounding skin.


2) Infill

Lip Brush   Lip Prep Brush

Using smooth defined strokes, I fill the remainder of my lips in using this handy little retractable lip brush. The key to creating lasting colour is to build the layers slowly. Also, don’t forget to blot between layers. I added two to create a really intense, creamy lip.


3) Conceal

Lip Prep Conceal

To sharpen up the edges and stop any colour from bleeding I smooth off the edges with a little concealer. This really helps to create a smooth, sharp lip line that looks ultra neat.


4) Lip Lock

Lip Prep Lip cote   Lip Cote

Lastly, to keep my lip colour from transferring or fading prematurely I add a light layer of lip cote. This dries within seconds but keeps the colour locked in for hours; an essential if you’re wining or dining… we all know how messy a statement red lip can be, am I right gals? 😉



Red Lip Collage

Voila, my classic red lip is complete. What do you think? I personally adore this colour and usually wear it with a simple eye look to keep it as chic as possible.

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What’s your favourite Red lippy? Or, is red something you tend to shy away from? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for stopping by ❤

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