Blogging Goals for 2016…

Blogging Goals for 2016

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions, simply because I’ve never been able to keep them. In the past I’ve jumped into new years like a ninja on a mission then found myself floundering like a wet balloon 3 weeks in – disappointment dripping from me that I haven’t been able to stick to that one thing such as giving up Oreo’s or remembering to take my makeup off every single night. Then again I’m only human, and needless to say we all have our Achilles heels. However what I can’t cope with is the bitter disappointment that looms after waking up with mascara smudged eyes and the stark realisation that I’ve tried to stick to something so menial and it’s failed. What on earth hope do I have of getting the rest of my life together if I’m already dunking Oreo’s into my tea come mid January? *sigh*

 What I do thrive on however is goals. Having a focus in life and working towards something tangible rather than having my self-belief smashed over sneakily indulging in a cream filled cookie*sigh* C’mon, we all need a treat gals! So considering that it’s the first Monday of the new year I’m all for setting my goals and realistically aiming for things that ARE achievable and that I desperately want to strive towards. There’s a hefty dose of determination running through these veins – 2016 is simply a chance to enjoy an even bigger learning curve than before! So here’s my blogging goals for the next 12 months, I thought I’d blog about them so I can refer back and remind myself what I’m aiming for this year. It may take weeks, possibly even a few months to get through this list but the main thing is they’re top of my blogging agenda…



As wonderful as YouTube & blogging is for picking up a multitude of skills, tips, hints and tricks when it comes to makeup application, I’m stubbornly determined to roll up my sleeves and get to trips with learning more via a hands on approach! As luck would have it I’ve been invited along to a master class that’s running close to Easter by a very well respected makeup artist with a whopping amount of experience working in the media. Something tells me this is only going to ignite a desire to start signing up for more master classes as opposed to term-time courses. Personally it works better for my schedule (between work & being a mum) plus it gives me something to really look forward to and practice my newly acquired skills in front of the camera!



The entire world seems to have cottoned on to posting on Instagram regularly, yet here I am still trying to remember what day it is let alone post what I put on my face this morning.  In an attempt to really get to grips with it I’m aiming to post something rather pretty at least 3 times a week… I can’t guarantee it’ll be a visual feast for eyeballs everywhere, but hopefully it’ll start a routine of utilising it much more than I did in 2015!



Overall I’m really happy with the look of Confetti & Curves, it suits me for now, however I would like to up the game and introduce a few little minor tweaks here and there to keep it feeling fresh and current. More importantly I’m hoping to restructure some of my categories so that it’ll be much easier for both new and existing readers (including myself) to find ‘stuff’ much more easily. Maybe I’m overthinking things but at the moment the categories seem too generic… a little crafting should hopefully create a much better initial impression when landing on the home page.



I’ve whittled on and on and ON about how lucrative Sidebar advertising can be throughout 2015! As I blog virtually 6 days a week, a whole heap of interesting posts have passed by without getting a little place down the side of my blog. I personally find these really useful for driving much more traffic to older/popular posts that new or regular readers may miss out on! Truth be told it really doesn’t take that long to whip up a fancy little design and link it – it’s sifting through and deciding what to redecorate my wall with that’s gonna take the time!



2015 ended particularly busy and with that I’ve had to postpone (and in a few cases decline) some exciting opportunities. I’m determined to make 2016 a year where I can focus much more of my time on embracing as many opportunities as I possibly can. I’ve worked my little socks off with Confetti & Curves and have loved every single minute of it, but being a beauty blogger I’d be crazy not to take advantage of working with many more great PR companies!



I’m not just addicting to tapping away fun filled features of my own but reading others is one of my greatest past-times – as well as divulging in occasional YouTube marathons! Yet again my work schedule has really held me back so I’m hoping that 2016 will enable me to get back into touch with my daily blog reading! Fingers crossed 😉



In general I’m a fan of social media, however for me there’s little that surpasses Twitter when it comes to spreading the blogging word to a world-wide community. Don’t get me wrong I’ve toyed with the idea of Facebook, but it seems to be a long hard slog when it comes to gaining followers. Needless to say, with Mr Zuckerberg preferring to capitolise on ad revenue, the limitation to spreading the news far and wide is somewhat limited – unless you’ve money to burn on sponsored advertising, which I don’t!

Twitter and the benefits of hash-tagging are so much more fruitful however I’m determined to make full use of HootSuite this year by continuing to pre-schedule sharing (some) of my posts so that readers can take avail of checking them out when I’m tucked up in bed. It’s so easy to forget that the rest of the world aint sleeping – even when you are!



I’ve been working on an exciting new blog series for quite a while now, one that I feel is going to be hugely insightful and beneficial to many beauty & lifestyle lovers. 2016 is the golden opportunity to really put the foot on the accelerator and make some upcoming new ideas a reality!



If there’s one thing I pride myself on is the ability to keep organised, however there’s always room for improvement. With blogging (almost) on a daily basis I’d really like to be able to build up a lengthier schedule of pre-written posts that’s going to take the pressure off me in the long run and free up some more of my time to enjoy reading other blogs and interact more with my own readers and viewers! Also, now I have my trusty ring lamp that hubby treated me too as a surprise Christmas pressie, I can pretty much get to filming anytime of the day or night – super beneifical when battling with low lighting and a jam-packed diary!


I’ve been avoiding updating my ‘About Me’ page for far too long and oddly enough it’s one of the first pages I personally love to read when I land on a new blog. All it takes is a few short paragraphs and voila, the new reader knows a little bit more about the creator of the blog. Mine is dreadfully outdated, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s virtual cobwebs collating on it by now – out with the old me & in with the new!

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What’s your thoughts on New Years Resolutions, are you all for them or against them? Have you any blogging or personal goals in mind for 2016? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter!

Cheerio chums…

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