The Blog Makeover: A Whole New Look for Confetti & Curves…


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I can’t believe it’s been 18 months from I launched Confetti & Curves. As many of you will wholeheartedly sympathise, it’s surprisingly nerve shredding putting yourself out into the big wide blogisphere. Granted I’d had a teeny bit of experience with a previous blog that I dabbled with once or twice a month, but nothing to the extent of what I’m doing now. Over the space of a year and a half I’ve met countless fantastic blog buddies, worked with some fabulous brands, tripled my wish list, set up a YouTube channel, have watched a video boom to almost 400K views (and counting), have been supported daily by so many regular readers, and best of all I’m STILL loving the learning curve of it. Blogging is one of the most exciting creative journeys I’ve been on. I’ve adored every moment of it – yep, even the occasional drizzle of ‘bloggers block’ has been a bizarre and enjoyable challenge. However, when you pour your heart into something you adore so much the testing times become irrelevant very quickly!

Being a proud blog mama though, you know when it’s time for a change. As much as I love my little virtual haven just the way it is, I feel like I’m ready to give it a bit of a make-over… especially as it’s hosted so many makeover’s of my own face!! During the past few weeks I’ve spent some time rolling up my sleeves and getting creative with branding & design. Oddly enough it’s felt like I’ve been redecorating a sacred part of my home. I’ve had mental mood boards and spent many cups of tea deliberating over colour schemes… including all those little accessories that are so important to the finishing touches ( aka = the widgets!!)

FINALLY today is the day I can throw my hands in the air, perform a ritualistic happy dance & declare the transformation complete *excited air punch* The new design feels crisp, clean, minimal, a little chic but still a tad playful – pretty much everything I’ve aimed to encapsulate. Even down to the little widgets on the side wall, everything blends, feels comfy and has a harmonious mood for me… don’t worry I won’t start humming loudly whilst trying to contort myself into one of those pretzel shaped yoga poses!

So for those of you who are used to the old branding & graphics, it’s certainly a little bit different to what it was before but I really hope y’all like the new changes as much as I do.

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Thanks so much for an amazing 18 months of support, encouragement & friendship! You guys rock the socks off blogging 😀

Cheerio Chums…

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