Tried & Tested: Avon Stardust Nail Polish

Avon Stardust Review


Avon Stardust Nail Enamel in Crystalized Pink & Polished Plum (10ml)

Where I purchased it & cost:

I purchased both these polishes from the December 2014 Avon catalogue given to me by my local Sales Representative!

The Stardust Polishes retail for £6 each – you can purchase any of the seven shades directly from the Avon Website

Manufacturer Description/Unique selling points:

Excerpt from Avon website: ‘Give a matte finish with opalescent glitter in different sizes for a unique 3D effect.’


I must admit, the packaging of these polishes reeled me in every bit as much as the pretty colours… this trendy little bottle certainly doesn’t disappoint on looks ladies! Its sassy diamond cut design oozes opulence for such a pocket friendly price tag.

Furthermore, when my goodies prompty arrived both 10ml bottles came neatly packaged in their very own branded boxes – another brownie point to making them feel that little bit more luxurious than a drug store nail enamel purchase.

Top marks for presentation Avon!


The Crystalized Pink is most definitely going to impress if (like me) you’re a huge fan of soft blush tones. It’s subtle shade has a delicate hint of sparkle and thankfully looks pretty darn close to what I expected it to be… shopping from a catalogue always makes me a tad wary if the product will actually look like its gorgeous printed pictures!

The polish applies well and dries surprisingly quickly – so you’re not waving or wafting your hands around in mid air for too long! However like most polishes it distinctively needs a second coat to really clarify the colour… unless you’re lightly glamming-up a pretty pastel pink base coat.

As for longevity, I got a good 4 days without noticing any chips with the Crystalized Pink shade. I must say I was mightily impressed with it compared with a few other nail enamels I’ve tried for double the price yet show signs of strain after the first day.

Great packaging, price & colour!

Avon Stardust Crystalized Pink!

Avon Stardust Crystalized Pink!


Unfortunately the Polished Plum was an entirely different story from it’s colour counterpart. This shade looked almost unrecognisable on the nail compared to the picture in the Avon brochure, so much so that I had to dig out the brochure to confirm I’d actually ordered the correct one.

After a few coats it was still surprisingly dull. My eyes strained to pick up any sign of shimmer whatsoever and as a result the product looked and felt like I’d somehow coated a rough lumpy sand-textured base coat in a matte purple polish. However, wanting to give it a fair chance I kept it on for as long as I could visibly stick it… 48 hours later I was reaching for my nail polish remover & cotton pads. Unfortunately it had chipped rather noticeably and just looked utterly dismal compared to the Crystalized Pink polish I’d wore previously.

Oddly enough, as deep wintery tones are something I magnetise towards, Polished Plum was the colour I was chomping at the bit to try! I was really disheartened by the finish as it looks incredibly beautiful in the bottle and on the advertising – such a shame Avon! *sob*

Avon Stardust Polished Plum

Avon Stardust Polished Plum!


The Polished Plum was unfortunately too much of a disappointment to recommend, however I’d be happy to suggest the Crystalized Pink to those who prefer a subtle textured effect sparkle than all-over finger tip bling. I must admit, I doubt I’d repurchase at a later date but it hasn’t put me off trying the other range of Avon polish goodies!


It’s undeniable they’re beautifully presented polishes that are affordable for almost all purse strings, unfortunately though the polish itself is a bit of a let-down in comparison to the catalogue advertising & photography – especially in the darker shades. Okay, I’ll admit to being a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly polishes, but I was expecting a bit more ‘oomf’ that unfortunately didn’t materialise once painted on the nail.

Overall score – 6/10

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Have you tried any of the Avon nail enamels recently?

Whatever your thoughts do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below – as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio Chums…

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