Fizzy Berry Nails…

Blackberry Coloured Nails

I seem to be going through a bit of a polish infatuation at the moment. Updating my collection with fabulous fusions of pretty seasonal shades and glittering top coats is what’s really exciting me for fall. I literally go weak at the knees for anything sparkly and this week I have yet another little polish partnership that I’ve fallen madly in love with. Check it out gals, are you swooning as much as I am over it?

Collection blackberry
I should begin by mentioning that like any deep coloured polish I started by applying a clear base coat to help prevent staining. Once dried it was time to break out the fun stuff! This week I’ve opted for shade no. 14 Blackberry  from Collection 7 Day Wear Range.

Priced at only £1.99 this is such pocket friendly polish & boasting a 7 day wear it should last a little longer than a standard varnish. After trying it out by itself (2 coats with no glitter top coat) I only managed to get 4 full days before I noticed any chipping… maybe I’m just a ferocious typer who causes havoc to her dressed up digits?!However thankfully after applying my sparkly top coats it lasted much longer… but we’ll get to that in a minute!

The formula of the Collection polish is actually quite a nice consistency, it’s not too runny however with being such a deep colour it needs at least two coats to banish any streaks or patches. Naturally, the more costs applied the darker the result. Fear not though ladies, for in natural daylight (and after a good day’s wear) the colour settles quite a bit and becomes a beautiful rich berry tone that is super pretty and a distinctively rich-plum shade.

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When I spotted this glittery little glass ball of goodness in shade 889 Amethyst Dust from Miss Sporty,  I knew it would be the perfect complimentary top coat to adding some sassiness to my Collection Blackberry colour. The consistency of this polish is actually quite runny however the plus side being that it dries relatively quickly. You will need to build up quite a few layers to really pack a punch with this glitter. I opted for 3 layers which might seems a lot but the results are incredible & it lasts a good 7-10 days providing you maintain it well – for £1.99 it’s well worth the pocket money. I find using a really good nail & hand cream daily helps to prolong the lifespan and keep my nails looking glossy and bright!

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Fizzy Berry Nails

Overall this perfect partnership of polishes will set you back under £5 for a sparkly fall look that lasts all week long. Not a bad investment, eh ladies?
pink heart
Don’t forget to check out last weeks post: Fall Inspired Rose Gold Nails especially if glittery golds & coppers are what makes your little heart flutter! Yet another stunning combo 🙂

Do you have favourite polish at the moment? What are your thoughts on my Fizzy Berry nails? As always don’t forget to say a quick hello in the comments below. Have a great weekend y’all!

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Bada Bling… Gorgeous Glitter Nails

I gotta admit I do love a little sprinkle of sparkle over the nails especially come this time of year when the dark nights are closing in and the twinkle of tea light candles and street lights make everything feel that little bit more festive.

Considering I don’t own a huge selection of sparkly varnish top coats, I’ve had my eye on a few delectable looking dazzlers lately including Sally Hanson’s Gem Crush Polish in the shade Razzle Dazzler, with its soft pink sparkly tones. Ooooh it’s beautiful *swoon* Quite a few times I’ve spotted this little beauty whilst browsing the aisles of Superdrug and for some unknown reason I haven’t yet taken the plunge… that will change during my next trip as my nails are currently crying out for it.

Sally Hanson Gem Crush, Razzle Dazzler

 Twit Twoo *wolf whistle NOT owl* … how pretty is Sally Hansens Razzle Dazzler?


I’m also tempted by a few of the other shades too… aren’t they gorgeous?

Another glorious little sparkler I found browsing through the online pages of House of Fraser is Alexa Sparkle by Nails Inc. This would undoubtedly look stunning over a few of my rich autumnal shades I’ve recently resurrected from the depths of my varnish collection. How delicious would this be over a rich plum polish? I’ll get back to you with the results, but it’s certainly on my seasonal wish list!

Alexa Sequins Polish by Nails Inc

However Bedazzled by Collection is what I’m really into at the moment. I picked this up last year after spotting my sister wearing a similar sparkly shade on her nails and I instantly fell in love. I will say, after a few wears I got a tad fed up of the nightmare trying to remove it, those little glitter bits really stick hard so expect you’ll to break out the big guns (a nail file) during a change-over!  Thankfully it’s worth the hassle as it looks gorgeous on, currently I’m wearing it over collections milkshake which is quite a muted peachy /nude colour however it has looked every bit as impressive over pretty much every colour I’ve wore it with, ranging from deep glossy blacks to baby pinks and mint greens. It just adds that little bit of twinkle and is a steal for under a fiver from Superdrug… ooo err!

Glitter nail

Lastly, one of my sparkler base coat top-picks is Rimmel Salon Pro in urban purple. Although my camera’s picking it up as a reddy tone in the bottom pic, it’s actually more of a raspberry/maroon purple – it’s one of those impossible one’s to properly describe with sounding a bit weird. Anyway, it covers incredibly well, looks fantastic, is pretty long lasting with a good top coat & the rather chunky flecks of glitter from the Collection Bedazzled layered on top transform it into a perfect party nail. If you’re into a rich, glossy nails I’d highly recommend you try Rimmel’s Salon Pro range, they really are beautiful colours that transform your fingers into ten dazzling digits… and look every bit as professional as a well manicured gel!

Rimmel Salon Pro Urban Purple

Just a few of the dazzling nail polish picks I’ll be wearing over the next few weeks… Oooer!

Glitter Nail Collection

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