Why It’s OKAY To Take A Blogging Break…


A few months ago, the thought of taking a short break from blogging left me riddled with guilt. For over two years I’ve poured my heart and soul into rolling up my sleeves to scribe (what I hope are) engaging blog posts, edit creatively styled photographs & have spent countless hours banging an impatient fist on my desk at the painstaking task of video editing – trust me my poor hand has came off so much worse than my videos usually did *sigh*

However a few weeks ago I was faced with the dilemma of either taking a short-term blogging break or running myself into some sort form of breakdown… considering I’ve already more grey hairs than I can shake a Garnier bottle at I decided on an extended blog holiday instead! So I slipped myself into the background to get a whole host of things tied up, rearranged, planned and not to mention the ongoing health battles that are forever a pain in my existence. Little did I know I was slowly but surely burning myself out… in fact, it TOOK a blogging break for me to realise just how much I pressure I was putting on myself without even realising it.

As much as I initially wandered the floors with a cloud of guilt looming over my head, after a few days I loosened up and slowly began to busy myself with all the things that have been cluttering up my to do list. One thing I will say, is that although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my blogging break I have reeeeeally missed my online community of blog buddies. It’s great to be back but for anyone who’s currently mulling over the prospect of a blogging break here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t hold back or let guilt deny you a virtual jolly hol…


1) Time to simmer your creative juices.

Regardless of how much of a super-human blogger you may seem, just like any mere mortal we’re not pre-programmed with an abundant flow of creativity. Writers block and running out of steam can end up making your blog lack it’s orignal sparkle. So if you feel you’re losing your mojo then it’s time to step away for the keyboard until you’re ready to bedazzle your audience once again!


2) Get some life order.

Like a bazillion other bloggers out there I can’t just spend my days glued to the laptop screen conjuring up my next batch of posts – as much as I’d want to of course! I’m a mum, a wife, I have family commitments, my health etc etc. We ALL have ‘stuff’ outside of the virtual realms – a vacay really helps to focus on getting that other ‘stuff’ done without the pangs of guilt from not hitting the ‘publish’ button. It also enabled ME to see the busiest external areas in my life and work my blogging around my other commitments.


3) Helps reassess your blog path.

Hmm, this sounds a little deep, however, it’s true. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been really assessing where I want to go with my blog and what I want to do with it. Right now I’m in the throws of organising a mass of stuff for Liquid Glamour, planning for college refresher courses next year, as well as testing a variety of new products I’ve been sent. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE blogging but I feel it needs to reflect & tie in with exactly where I am in life at the moment. People change, evolve, move on etc. I adore Confetti & Curves dearly but my blogging break helped me consider important things like rebranding and how to move forward with content that’s a little more relevant to my present circumstances.


4) Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Just because you step away from your blog for a while doesn’t mean you stop thinking about it all together, in fact, for me, it had the completely opposite effect. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to wondering if indeed it was getting any views, comments or if it had just disappeared into the blogosphere with a stat count emptier that a chocolate advent calendar on boxing day. I’ve built such great friendships throughout my blogging journey – it’s amazing just how much you miss the community and what a great feel it is stepping back into the arena from a short break. There’s nothing that warms the heart more that the ‘Welcome Back!!’ messages when logging on for a chat – it’s food for the soul!


5) YOU time.

It’s so easy to forget the one thing that makes a blog the thriving little corner of the internet that it is – YOU. You take a break from school, work and even just a holiday from life in general so why not the same for your blog? Blogging can be bizarrely addictive but if we’re not careful it’s easy to get sucked into a routine of churning out post-after-post. A break from blogging & social media can be just as refreshing as a holiday itself and can really help you evaluate if the amount of effort you’re pouring into your blog works with your lifestyle. Thankfully for me, blogging is simply a hobby – it’s not a means of income or a full time job. However, IF that was the case my uniform would probably be a pair of pj’s and slipper socks… now there’s a life goal to aim for hehe 😉


Have you thought about taking a blogging break? Maybe it’s something you’ve done in the past? Are you a blogger that often feels guilty about taking time away from your blog? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Ps: Oh and one last thing – GEE I’VE MISSED YOU GUYS!!! 😀 

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Cheerio Chums…

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What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Handbag…

Choosing the perfect Hand bag

Hello lovelies,

Firstly, time to wish you all a very happy November, I trust everyone had a fun-filled Halloween weekend? We certainly did, and although it didn’t quite transpire into what we were expecting a last minute trip to a local Fireworks display certainly perked up our moods… who would’ve thought standing in the drizzly rain for an hour on a cold October night could be so much fun?

Anyway, yesterday I decided it was high time to have a good clear out and needless to say handbags were top of my list. I seem to have accumulated a collection of bags that I’ve used to death then pretty much slung below my bed and forgotten about. They were EVERYWHERE.

Now as much as I’d love a Carrie Bradshaw style closet to display all my shoes & accessories, I simply don’t have the room (or funds) to do so. But having a clear out did get me thinking about my buying habits when it comes to picking handbags… so with that in mind my first post of November is things to consider when shopping for that next tantalizing tote, captivating clutch or dazzling duffle:


I must admit I’m a bit of an impulse shopper – if I see it, I like it, I buy it. Even more so if it’s affordable, after all who doesn’t love a bargain? However quality has now become much more of a priority to me than simply dashing to the tills with something that’s ‘cheap as chips’ simply because many ‘bargains’ I’ve purchased in the past have only lasted a few months (at most) due to poor manufacturing. Before buying, check things such as: stitching, zips, pockets, the quality of the lining/leather for any defects or warning signs that your bag might not endure everyday wear and tear. If necessary, hold out for an end of season sales that enable you to get a better quality item for half the original price.


A few years ago I spotted a beautiful Pauls Boutique bag in a sale for £15!! *gasp* Being the last one on the shelf I snapped it up and happily took it home without even thinking about the consequences. Much to my disappointment, I realised that I had forgotten one huge fundamental issue in the midst of my excitement – what would it go with? My next question (as I stood bewildered in my bedroom) was ‘What was I thinking?’ It was like nothing I normally wore and suddenly realised it actually clashed with everything rather than complimented it. If you’re planning on using your bag everyday just make sure it’s actually going to suit your every day style, if your wardrobe is a little unpredictable stick to black or neutrals so you don’t end up wasting money on something you’ll probably not get the full use out of. Yes… like me *sigh*


I don’t know about you, but I like a bag that I’m able to sling over my shoulder, as for me there is nothing more frustrating than having to constantly set my it down when I’m rummaging through my favourite shops and need both hands to look at something – which is also a recipe for disaster if you’re prone to forgetfulness! Trying before you buy can really make a difference. I doubt I’m not the only one who has bought a bag that just doesn’t feel comfy once I start using it and ends up below the bed with early retirement.


From a personal point of view I love a bag that has lots of little compartments and is big enough for me to fit the following: phone, my money/card purse, lippies, small tube of hand cream, perfume, body spray, note pad and a bottle of something to keep me hydrated. If I can’t cram all that in then it’s just not going to work. Others however prefer to travel a little lighter and can neatly pack all their essentials into one compact little carrier. Just make sure you can too before you end up splashing your cash on something that is going to leave you scratching your head in wonderment when trying to fit everything in.


It’s all very well falling head over heels for a gorgeous suede bag that will go perfect with your current wardrobe style but if you spend your winter morning standing at a drizzly wet bus stop waiting on the no.5 to arrive, you’ll probably not appreciate your awesome new arm-piece (and its contents) getting drenched in the process. Considering Ireland is a pretty damp place this time of year I always opt for something that’s going to hold up come wind, rain, sleet or snow. Are you heavy handed with your bags and throw them at your feet or into the car without a second thought to where it will land? Or do you prefer to dust it down and then set it neatly on the back seat? Take a moment to consider how, when and where you’ll be using your new accessory to avoid any potential material melt downs well before its time.

What’s your top priority when it comes to investing in some new arm candy? I’d love to read your thoughts, tips or comments below…

As always, thanks for reading! Cheerio chums 🙂

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