How To Promote Your Nail & Beauty Business On A Budget…

Be prepared, be very prepared… as today’s chatter is one heck of a verbal marathon gals! How I managed to whittle on for that length of time without stopping for water (or air seemingly) is beyond me, HOWEVER, it may be a really useful chatter for many budding beauty enthusiasts out there, as well as being one that’s close to my heart…

So many of us, every day, make the brave decision to go self-employed. It’s an exciting aspect, but it’s also one that fills many of us with dreaded thoughts such as… What if I don’t get enough customers? What if I don’t make enough money? What if it fails? Usually, a lot of these fears are united around one aspect – advertising to ensure enough people know your business exists. But how do you do that when you’ve already emptied your pockets on making ends meet, stock & paying general bills etc. It’s tough, really tough.

Over this past year, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Facebook interacting with others in both nail tech and beauty groups. For many that either dream of freelancing, are in the process of setting up or are struggling to fill their appointment book it can be a stressful and frustrating process. But what if you don’t have to spend the earth letting people know you exist? Cue today’s upload of useful promotional tips…

Okay, so I may not have a masters degree in marketing or business studies, but what I do have has certainly been worth its weight in gold for me – hands on experience. Heck, I’ve made mistakes, BIG mistakes – but each time it was part of a learning curve. Get your fingers burnt once and chances are you’re not going to be stupid enough to repeat the process. However, it does make celebrating the successes even more meaningful!

So in a nutshell, if you have a dream to be your own boss and fear is holding you back, stop and evaluate exactly why. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goals, and furthermore never give up on them. For those that are embarking on their journey in the beauty industry, in whatever role that may be, I really hope you find this video useful in helping to inspire you to promote your business without having to spend a fortune – which may make reaching your goal seem that little bit more achievable. Who knows 😉

Once again guys, a huge THANK YOU for helping me reach my YouTube goal of reaching 1000 subscribers! Wow, I still can’t quite believe it! And if you haven’t done so already, why not *CLICK HERE* to pop by and subscribe too – you’d certainly make my day!

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Have you ever wanted to set up your own business and become your own boss? Do you have fears that hold you back? Is self-employment a goal you’re aiming for in the near future? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear from you in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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How To Boost Your Blog Traffic Using TweetDeck…

Increase Blog Traffic Using TweetDeck

As many of you already know, I’m usually technophobic when it comes to embracing new technologies – heck it took me months to familiarise myself confidently with WordPress, and I’ll not even disclose how long my Twitter account sat idle before I forced myself to embrace the world of hashtags… it wasn’t like it was 14 months or anything, pffft *blushes* But every now and again I stumble across something that really holds its value, particularly when it comes to blogging and you guys know how much I love to share my findings!

TweetDeck has vastly became an essential tool when it comes to promoting blog posts, features, interactions and images, when using one of the most powerful social media tools in the blogisphere = Twitter. In fact, whenever I pre-schedule Tweets that include a link to my blog, I quite often see a spike in traffic nestling boastfully in my stats; thanks to just one of it’s nifty features!

So if you’re eager to check out TweetDeck & the benefits it can bring to your blog then today’s feature just might be of interest…



Main screen image

In a rather simplified nutshell, TweetDeck is pretty much a personalised browser that enables you to manage your Twitter account (or multiple accounts) by viewing all user features on one screen. Sounds fab? Well, that’s because it is chums. Basically, you can pretty much see everything that’s going on with your Twitter account(s) right before your very eyes – think of it like the ultimate control panel that’s super easy to use! As well as overseeing all your Twitterly needs, it’s also perfect for scheduling Tweets to help you keep on top of networking even when you’re not around.



  • You can add as many Twitter accounts as you like… which makes your task of pro actively managing everything under one virtual roof easy-peasy & stress free.
  • If you’re not a fan of constantly scrolling up the column of your Twitter news feed then the live stream enables you to view in ‘real time’ so you constantly see new Tweets flash onto your screen from the moment your Twitter buddies post them.
  • You can make it visibly easily on the eyes by customising colour schemes and text to suit your individual preferences.
  • The layout enables you to view your timeline, interactions with other users, messages and scheduled Tweets on one screen. That’s right, everything you need to see right in front of you.
  • You can easily arrange the columns to suit the information that you want to prioritise so you’re not viewing stuff that’s not important to you, nor are you missing the information you want to see.


  • The search function also comes in really handy if you’re following a certain hash-tag or if you want to find something/someone quickly. You can also specify the content that comes through on your activity feed which will keep you updated with things that are trending across Twitter.
  • You can easily schedule Tweets for dates/times that you’re not online… even when you close your TweetDeck panel it will continue to post whatever you’ve scheduled.



This is where is becomes really valuable… well, it certainly has been for me! One thing many of us overlook is that when we’re cosily tucked up in bed (for example) there’s millions of users the across the globe just logging on. By promoting tweets during key hours throughout the day or night, you’re reaching out to a whole other audience that may not normally see what you’ve been posting previously (unless they personally choose to visit your page). This is super useful for rectifying what you could potentially be missing out on = valuable promotion to pick up new readers & increasing the virtual footfall on your blog. What takes seconds to prepare on TweetDeck can end up becoming extremely valuable for your blogs potential & traffic in the long run! Okay, I agree, blogging’s not just about the numbers, but c’mon, who wouldn’t be thrilled at new readers taking an interest in those features we pour our hearts and souls into, right?



If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably appreciate a visual when it comes to taking the first steps into grasping something you may not be familiar with. If TweetDeck sounds like something that could help you, (particularly when scheduling Tweets) then here’s just how easy it is to get started…

Add Tweet

Step 1: Click on the compose Tweet symbol on the top left of your TweetDeck browser.

Add Tweet 2

Step 2: Write your tweet – don’t forget to include your link & image if required!

(Check out how to shorten long URL’s further below)

Add Tweet 3

Step 3: Insert a time & date for when you want your Tweet to be posted.

scheduled tweet

Step 4: Your scheduled Tweet will appear in the ‘Scheduled’ list. Don’t forget, you can easily schedule multiple tweets, saving you both time & hassle!



Of course when you’re composing a Tweet the number of characters you’re limited too can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re trying to cram info, links & an image all at once. In order to help you save a few of those valued characters you can easily shorten the link (URL) that you want to include. If it’s not something you’ve tried before then here’s a quick visual on how to get started… it’s super easy peasy, promise!

URL example 1

Step 1: Highlight and copy the link/URL that you’d like to shorten – in the example above I’ve used a recent blog post.

URL Shortener

Step 2: Get your Google on by searching ‘shorten URL’. I tend to keep the direct link saved on my browsers ‘favourites’ tool-bar, so it’s always easily accessible!

URL Shortener 2

Step 3: Paste your copied link/URL into the ‘Shorten URL’ box & click the small blue box. A more compact version of your link should appear in the top right hand corner, along with a preview of the page your link corresponds with. Simply copy by hitting CTRL + C, then paste into TweetDeck as normal. Voila – job done!

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Have you tried TweetDeck yet? What’s your thoughts on scheduling Tweets, is it something you’ve tested out to help increase traffic to your blog? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to read them in the comments below so do be sure to stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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My Top Tips On Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly…

Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly

It’s no secret that one of the biggest goals of many a beauty blogger is to collaborate with a wide range of blossoming brands, reviewing the latest lotions & potions… am I right girls? However since launching Confetti & Curves I’ve slowly watched my own blog grow from something so tiny into what feels like a full-time job. Now although I’m not by any means an expert on PR, through my own trial & error (not to mention a wholeeee lotta reading) I’ve picked up a few valuable little tricks that has helped make my blog more appealing to a range of exciting companies. So to kick off Monday’s post, here’s a few of my top tips that just might inspire any budding beauty blogger to create a PR Friendly site that will *hopefully* help welcome some great PR opportunities.

Sitting comfy? Then let’s get started…

Contact Page


This is SUPER important, yet the vast number of blogs that don’t have a dedicated page highlighting how others can contact them is huuuuuge. Okay, you might have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… blah blah blah… but when a PR representative intends on approaching a blogger they prefer to do it privately & professionally.

WordPress makes it incredibly easy to include a contact form to your blog however do make sure your email address is also readable in plain text format. Some PR reps may need to email you without using the form. If you’re not happy sharing your personal email addy with the world then set up a free one just for your blog!


About Page


Although not every one has them, I personally think an ‘About Page’ is incredibly useful – consider it a tiny intro to your online haven if you will. Although you don’t have to be overly specific, useful things to include can be your age, what country you’re living in, hobbies, interests and when & why your blog was born. It literally only needs to be a small paragraph, not your entire life story, however it helps any browsing PR reps make an instant decision as to whether or not their product are right for you.


Social Media Accounts

Social Media

From a personal perspective I find Twitter & Instagram are by far the best for driving traffic to my blog. However whatever you’re signed up to always ensure you have your Social Media links completely accessible down the side bars of your blog, or at the very least nestled in your contact page. If you’ve just signed up to a multi-tude of online hangouts & are trying to build a following it may be useful to include any social media links at the bottom of each blog post. PR reps love to see bloggers making an effort. Showing you’re keen to subtly promote yourself will certainly give you brownie points when it comes to being approached for PR opportunities.


Content Is Key

 note book

Okay, so lets imagine you’re a PR guru for the next big brand. Your mission, should you choose to accept, *couldn’t resist that line* is to be on the lookout for great bloggers to help showcase, promote & review your products. So what would you be looking for? Does relevant regular content, eye-catching photography, user friendly layout, GREAT CONTACT PAGE *aah hmm* &  active social media accounts seem about right? If so, then there’s your check list. Simples 😉




When someone stumbles across your blog they’ll more than likely take less than 5 seconds to mentally determine whether they want to hang around or click the dreaded ‘back’ button. By having a neat little row of tabs along the top of your page PR Guru’s can easily find whatever relate-able content they may be looking for. If you’re often blogging about more than one topic (i.e beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health & well being) then by organising your posts into individual tabs, new visitors can get an immediate visual of what’s on offer than having to aimlessly plunder through a sea of old posts that’s filled with features that may not tickle their pickle.


Utilised Space


Think of your blog as one extreeeeeemly valuable bill board for advertising space, particularly the side bars! By creating your own little side bar Widgets (or image links) you can help show case some of your most popular posts. Remember you’re highlighting valuable content for PR gurus (and readers) by promoting some of your blogs best features so make use of the free space! Widgets are super easy to create on any editing package and you’ll be well impressed by how much extra traffic they create to other posts.


PR Badge


Not every blogger wants to be approached by budding brands however if you’re eagerly hoping to take avail of opportunities then it may be helpful to create a little PR badge to display on your blogs side wall… again another reason why that often barren space is so darn useful! I created mine on a simple editing package so it’s immediately recognisable that Confetti & Curves welcomes exciting PR propositions 😀


Consider Your Audience

pink mic

It’s always exciting when you open an email from a company proposing to work together, however before you eagerly reply with a big fat ‘YES!’ there’s a few basic questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Does the product (or collab) fit the general content of your blog?

Meaning: will your readers appreciate it?! Blogging for PR isn’t the same as posting pics from a birthday night out with the gal pals. It has to be well thought out in terms of what the goals are. You’re no longer blogging just for personal pleasure but with a mission in mind – to promote said product or brand. Sure we all love a freebie but if you’re blogging solely to clock up a cupboard full of non purchased goodies you could end up losing the respect of your readers, not to mention having a mish-mashed blog bunged with irrelevant content. Wittering on about eyelash curlers one day & must-have potato mashers the next isn’t exactly relevant now is it?! I do hope you’re nodding in agreement here *sigh* Just don’t forget to reply back with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email. It’s courteous, it’s professional & although the opportunity may not be right for you, there could always be a next time when it will! Alternatively, if you know another blogger that just might fit the bill you could ask to relay their details instead.

2) What’s the Terms & Conditions?

Before you agree to anything ALWAYS ensure you are 100% clear on what’s expected from you & what you expect from the brand. This is often clarifying how the post will be laid out, content ideas, images, web links to be included, correspondence addresses & if in fact any products are to be returned. Also be clear about who covers the postage and what happens in the event that something arrives damaged? Who’s expected to fork out for a broken bottle of polish or cracked eye-shadow palette? The only stupid question is one you don’t ask!

3) What’s in it for you?

Remember you’re doing this to predominantly benefit someone else… if the product ain’t free then what’s your hourly rate? Might sound harsh but this is eating into YOUR valuable time so ensure you get some remuneration from it – whether that be to keep the goods, a check in the post or at the very least shared on the company’s own social media accounts to help drive traffic and new readers to your blog!


PO Box


If (rightly so) you’re not in any way comfortable with sharing your address with a complete stranger via the internet but feel eager to participate in some promotional opportunities then it could be worth while setting up your own PO Box. However do keep in mind these don’t come cheap so you really have to utilise them as much as possible to get your money’s worth. One thing a PO Box will do is give you peace of mind with protecting your privacy. Check in with your local post office for more details on how to set up a PO Box or you can *click here* to view details & prices via Royal Mail’s website.


Product Positivity


From time to time we all take possession of products that just don’t work or generally baffle us beyond belief. That’s okay, it’s completely normal. Letting your readers know too is also okay! However there’s a rather bold & obvious line between clear constructive criticism and brand slagging. If you don’t like a product state (diplomatically) why. It’s even better to make realistic suggestions as to what the manufacturer can do to potentially rectify your grumbles. Getting drawn into a hugeeeee rant on a Sunday afternoon over a face mask that left you feeling like you’d stared into the mouth of Vesuvius may certainly capture your readers attention spans but it could end up doing damage in other ways… particularly if you’re expecting a flood of PR invitations any time soon.


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Do you have any great PR tips for budding bloggers? Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below! As always thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to say a quick hello. Wishing y’all a fabulous Monday & week ahead 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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