I’ve Hit 100’000!!!

I've Hit 100000

Something extra special happened yesterday… something that I never ever expected, yet it feels like warranting the clinking of champagne flutes & igniting of fireworks in celebration!!

Yesterday one of my YouTube videos that was uploaded only a few weeks ago titled: Beautiful Star Electric Straightening Brush reached the grand total of a maaaaaaaahoooosive 100’000 views!! *Sound of chin hitting floor* If you originally missed it and fancy taking a peek just *click here* to be virtually transported to my YouTube channel… were you can also hit that subscribe button if you’re feeling extra generous 😉

I’m totally agast as to how the heck it’s warranted the amazing response that it has, but from the bottom of my heart a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you who took the time out to watch, hit the thumbs up & leave such supportive comments. You’re one heck of an awesome bunch!

pink heart

Okay, off to raise a glass in celebration (or at the very least a tea cup) *clink*

Wishing y’all a fabulous Saturday & thanks again for your incredible support chums…

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