A New Arrival…

A New Arrival

On yesterday’s catch up post I mentioned I had a little surprise to share with you all pending a few special little photographs of our new arrival…

Maine Coon Kitten 1

Gals, I’d love to introduce you to little Borris, our 9 week old baby Maine Coone kitten. Cuteness overload *swoooon* Ohhh how this past weekend has been such a treat in so many ways… there’s been cooing, giggling and lots of cuddles as we welcomed him into his new forever home.

Maine Coon Kitten 3

Now as many of you know, I already have one gorgeous big boy at home, Gomez, who’s a rather handsome Tuxedo cat. After loosing his playmate Hector last year, Gomez went into a bit of a kitty depression for a while and mulled around looking very sorry for himself.

Gomez Kitten Gomez and Emma

(Gomez as a kitten & all grown up with his favourite human, Emma)

Considering that he has a few issues of his own to contend with we knew that introducing another adult kitty just wouldn’t work, and would stress him out even more than he already has been, so instead we decided to hunt for the perfect little companion that would be fun company for him and the purrrfect little addition for us too. *Apologies for the dreadful cat pun*

Maine Coon Kitten 5 Maine Coon Kitten 2

Little Boris is a Maine Coone which is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds. At 9 weeks old he’s already pretty sturdy for such a young’un. His mama had a gorgeous litter of 3, unfortunately though the little runt of the litter didn’t make it and died a few weeks ago. His little sister is still with mum as she’s very timid and dependant on her just yet but Boris is ready to take on the world – one paw at a time!

Maine Coon Kitten 4 Maine Coon Kitten 9

This little ball of fluff has kept us all entertained this weekend as he’s been climbing up our legs, the sofa, chairs and even attempting to scale the stairs at one stage – of course there was many miaows of protest when Emma disturbed him from his climb for a few cuddles.

Maine Coon Kitten 6

Needless to say he’s fitted in perfectly, so much better than we could have imagined. As predicted he’s a bit confused with Toby (our beagle) who’s beyond eager to make friends, however little Boris isn’t showing him the same love, but moreso returning the gestures with teeny hisses and a few paw swipes. Fiesty huh?

Maine Coon Kitten 10

All in all the house is pretty much loved up right now. Gomez is a little wary of his new play pal but over time I’m sure they’ll become the best of friends. Well, paws crossed on that one!

Cheerio Chums…

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Celebrating with Wedding Ideas…

Wedding Ideas

Top O’ the morning lovelies,

I mentioned briefly in yesterdays Behind The Blog post that I seemed to have hit the ground running this January *gasps of shock & disbelief*  something I must admit is a complete and utter rarity for me… needless to say I’m enjoying all the buzz as I’ve so many exciting projects lined up for 2015!

However last week I quietly celebrated a little achievement as an article I wrote in late 2014 was finally published on the fabulous Wedding Ideas website. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Wedding Ideas, it’s one of the best selling bridal magazines in the UK – hence why I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat… without the stripes of course!

Cheshire Cat

Celebrating a personal achievement is that little stamp of verification and shot of self-belief in reaching for those bigger and better goals, which is something I’ve been dreaming about recently as there’s so much more I want to accomplish in my career – and of course with 2015 being the year of taking back my self-confidence through the inspirational #TakeBackWhatsYours campaign, I’d say I’m off to a pretty positive start ladies! *yippee*

If you fancy a quick cyber-trip over to check my article out for yourself then just *click here* It’s a cheery little piece titled ‘How to stop your in-laws becoming outlaws’, and as I’m sure you can already guess the article focuses on how to keep the relationship between the happy couple and their future in-laws as positive as possible… particularly throughout the wedding planning process which can often be fraught with emotional pot holes when it comes to keeping the entire clan feeling part of the big day!

As for Wedding Idea’s magazine… if you’re getting married (or just enjoy a good nosey through bridal mags) then I’d highly suggest getting your hands on a copy of this gorgeous glossy. It’s packed full of quirky, innovative and creative ideas to suit couples on almost every budget! What I also love about the magazine is that it comes in such a cute handbag size; another reason it’s just so darn popular! Alternatively you can download the digital edition – whatever format you choose I’m pretty certain you’ll be whisked off into a bridal wonderland for hours!

Wedding Ideas Mag

As always thanks so much for reading & wishing you all a wonderful week ahead…

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Shopping For The Perfect Dress…

Dress Shopping

Shopping for any dress can be quite the task but when it comes to shopping for the most memorable dress you’ll probably ever wear it’s a whole new ball game girls! Having worked with hundreds of brides over the years and booked many (many) appointments, it’s safe to say I’m well aware of how exciting it can be for any blushing bride out browsing for her gorgeous gown. Yet in the midst of all the eager emotions it’s deceptively easy for things to get a little overwhelming. To keep things cool, calm and collected here’s a few of my tips when preparing to shop for that show stopping frock…

The budget
Okay ladies, it’s not all fun and games so let’s get the boring bit out of the way first – budget! It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL you do the maths before running riot in your local boutique. Wedding dresses can range from a few hundred pounds right up to thousands, and falling in love with a fancy frock before you’ve ascertained what your purse strings can stretch to is undoubtedly playing with fire. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than nursing a broken hearted bride on a budget! If your funds are limited let the consultant know in advance so she’s not under the assumption you have an open cheque book, otherwise it wastes both your time & hers… especially if you’re playing dress up in gowns you can’t afford to commit to rather than trying on the ones you can!

Get In Touch 
Believe it or not but here in the UK January-March is one of the busiest times for bridal boutiques so it’s only natural that diaries fill up fast. If you’re eager to secure a Saturday or late night appointment it’s vital you get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment. However before you make plans on where to book always do your research by contacting the shop first to ask if they carry your size, confirm if they have any specific dress styles you’re on the hunt for and also what their price range is… there’s no point in making the effort to visit somewhere that doesn’t cater for your shopping needs!
Don’t solely rely on what their website states either as it may not have been updated in quite a while. I know a few retailers who aren’t sensational at keeping their websites or on-line presence updated, which only leads to disappointed and agitated customers.
When I was shopping for my dress (quite a few years ago *gasp*) I found a good way to test the customer service of a shop was by emailing a query. If they got back to me pronto and professionally I felt pretty confident the customer care was going to be positive, however if I received a late response without justification, or worse still none at all, it made me think long and hard about whether I wanted to spend a significant amount of money with a store that doesn’t seem to be making much effort with me.

Battling Body Confidence
If you’re quivering at the mere idea of trying on all those gorgeous gowns in front of a shop full of strangers, it’s probably best you opt for some of the smaller boutiques and/or those that offer one-on-one appointments instead of multiple bookings. That way you can bring along your nearest and dearest without the worry of having to feel too uncomfortable in a shop full of unfamiliar faces and other browsing brides. I’ve found many of the girls I’ve worked with in the past actually much prefer solitary appointments so they have time to look & try in complete privacy before choosing ‘the one’.
Quite a common yet personal issue that many brides face is often feeling conscious about stepping in and out of the gowns in front of the consultants. Just keep in mind they’re professionals that have worked with a small army of women who own an eclectic range of boobs, bums and tums! However, if you’d still prefer to step in and out of the dresses without assistance don’t be afraid to say so. Some brides are terrified at touching the gowns let alone putting them on single-handedly, whereas others are much more confident when left to their own devices and simply only want help to zip or lace them up.

A good way to help boost body confidence is by donning support wear that offers more coverage than just your undies… even something simple as a pair of tights can make you feel less exposed during those quick gown change overs!

Taking Shape
Even if you’ve spent hours flicking through your favourite glossy magazines and top wedding websites it’s safe to say that many girls who fall in love with a dress on paper may find it surprisingly disappointing when they eventually try the shop sample on. However those gorgeous images you’re swooning over are indeed air-brushed, digitally perfected and the models chosen because of their seemingly appealing height & body shape – yes even the curvy girls!
However in the real world we come in a wonderful range of shapes and sizes. As beautiful as your favourite dress may look in the advertisement you need to be realistic that the sample may not look quite as amazing on you… a harsh pill to swallow but unfortunately it happens to us all *sigh*
Instead lean on the experience of your consultant – with any luck she will have worked with enough brides to advise on what materials, tones, shapes and silhouettes are going to compliment you best. Remember it’s her job to make you feel and look amazing!

No Pressure 
This is your day, and like every other bride out there you’ll want it to be uniquely perfect. Never conform or agree to buying a gown you’re not 100% sure about, regardless of how much others try to convince you otherwise. A good bridal consultant will never make you feel cornered, pressured or uncomfortable – instead they’ll give you time to mull your decision over and respect that you may want to explore other options elsewhere.
The same applies when it comes to choosing who accompanies you on your dress shopping trip. Whatever you do don’t bring a whole bus load of onlookers as it will only add mass confusion to your shopping experience, particularly if you’re easily dented by others opinions!

I’ve witnessed quite a few brides fall in love with a gown only to be shattered when one of their many on-lookers blurts out ‘yeah, it’s amazing – but just not what I would personally pick.’ Arrrrghh! This often made my blood boil… it’s such a rude and pointless remark that unnecessarily scars judgement and could be very hurtful for a bride in love with the dress she’s standing in.
Those few simple words can break hearts and cause mass confusion, so if you’re bringing along additional friends or family for support keep it to a maximum of 2 people who have similar tastes, are open minded and fully understand what you want… not a self obsessed bridesmaid that only has eyes for herself or half a dozen huffy aunts that have very distinct tastes and no room for yours! Having positive leading ladies around you will make for a much more relaxed & productive experience for everyone involved.

pink heart

Have you made your trip down the aisle yet? If so how was your shopping experience… did you love or loathe it? Have you any tips of your own to share? Or, if you’re yet to make the trip down the aisle are you looking forward to shopping for your perfect gown?

As always I’d love to read your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, whatever your relationship status!

Cheerio Chums…

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Top Travel Essentials for your Jolly Holidays…

Travel Essentials

For many of us, the long haul of travelling to our destination is all part and parcel of the honeymoon or holiday excitement – but if you’re not properly prepared it can soon turn into a terror trip than that relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming about for the last few months. So whether you’re off on a romantic getaway for two, heading home to family this Christmas or planning a fun weekend away with friends it’s essential you get yourself geared up & prepared for the journey ahead…

The Travel Bag:

Okay, so I’m assuming you’re checking an overstuffed trunk of holiday goodies into the check-in desk which leaves you pondering what handbag should accompany you on your journey. Well, before you dust off that favourite designer tote, stop and think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when you get there. If sightseeing is top of your list & you’re hitting a high tourist destination spot it could be worthwhile leaving your mesmerising Michael Kors bag at home and choosing a much safer option. With pick-pocketing, bag slashing, muggings and handbag theft at a serious high, it’s a good idea to treat yourself to one of these handy little travel buddies by Pacsafe

Citysafe 100 anti-theft handbag

So what’s so unique about them? Actually, quite a lot! Not only are they designed to neatly store every gals travel needs, the sleek Citysafe 100 is undoubtedly the James Bond of women’s handbags. The adjustable straps are reinforced with lightweight stainless steel along with similar reinforced panels in the most vulnerable and commonly targeted areas to help prevent bag slashers running off with your contents.
As most passports, credit cards and ID Cards have an RFID chip that contains personal data that many thieves can access via certain radio frequencies (scary thought!!) the Citysafe 100 boasts the award winning RFID safe micro-chip that blocks out these transmissions – helping to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.
This brill bag also has a variety of anti pick-pocketing features such as zipper security hooks and secure fixture mechanisms that allow you to secure your bag in place when set beside you… making it even harder for any savvy snatcher to make a dash with your beloved belongings!

Are you considering taking your designer bag now? Hmm, maybe not!

Looking Good:

So now that we’ve got our super-safe travel bag, if you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll want to do is fill it with the absolute essentials of any trip… make-up! Considering all those hours waiting (patiently) in queues, recycled air, sweat, headaches etc. you’ll probably want to freshen up your holiday face at some point. Freebie samples and testers are perfect for this as they’re compact and easily tucked into a pocket. Other handy items to keep with you are make-up removal wipes, small deodorant, hair clip, nail file, travel hair brush with mini built in mirror.
Just don’t forget to bring along those little plastic zip-lock bags for security check-in!

The Nibbles:

Even just an hour or two of travelling on a rumbling tummy can leave you feeling like a wilted grape – however before you stock up on goodies wait until you’re through the security checks or you’ll more than likely end up waving goodbye to that huge bar of galaxy you’ve been hoarding. Once through security you can treat yourself to a range of snacks & refreshments. Cereal bars are a traveller’s best friend as they’re so easy to pop in your bag, won’t cause a huge mess and are a great little boost to keep the energy levels up. If you’re prone to air pressure ear popping *ouch!* it could be a good idea to buy a little bag of boiled sweets to suck along the way… I’ve heard it works a treat to help reduce the discomfort!

The Entertainment:

I personally enjoy catching up with some of my favourite glossy mag’s such as Glamour & Cosmopolitan when I’m on the move, especially the smaller travel sizes that are hassle free for popping in your handbag. If you’re a book reader it’s always a good idea to get your Kindle (or other device) well stocked up with a good variety of top reads. There’s even an app for your smart phones if you want to keep your e-book tucked up at home, or why not give Audible a go –you can just lie back and listen to a great story without even having to glance at a page! Alternatively if you’re travelling at night it could be a good idea to take along a sleep mask so you can catch a quick nap if you’re feeling worn out from all the excitement.

The Important Stuff:

Yes, you know – all those vital documents you need to get from A-B without the intervention of frenzied relatives or government officials. Make sure you keep an easy-access compartment in your bag for passports & other important paperwork that is easy to access when needed. Ensure you have confirmations of travel printed out & at hand should anything be queried (the same goes for medical insurance documents) and of course don’t forget to make a list of important contacts should your phone get misplaced or stolen! Important numbers to note should always include travel agents, family members, friends, Doctors surgery, your hotel, credit card company, insurance company, bank etc. Don’t be tempted to lift your address book, as if that goes walkies you’ve just handed a stranger the entire contact details of your nearest and dearest!

Feeling Comfy:

You may have your travel bag organised to perfection but it’s important you travel just as well as your belongings do. Wear something light & comfortable as opposed to tight and tailored. Stretchy layers are super comfy & a great way to let you regulate your temperature to the surroundings – if things get a bit chilly you can hop up in your vest top, long shirt tee & hoodie or if you’re feeling the heat you can remove whatever you need to cool off *within reason of course ladies, ah hem*
Slip on shoes should definitely be considered an essential! In fact I’d go as far as saying they should be a legal requirement… especially if like me you’re always the one who is stuck behind the person that decided to wear knee boots with 40-something zips and buckles *sigh*

Have you a romantic honeymoon booked or are you travelling over the Christmas Jollidays? If so, do you have any top tips or tricks when it comes to travelling? Is the commute something you enjoy as part of your holiday, or are you the ‘get me there pronto’ type?

As always I’d love to read your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, so do stop by and say hello…

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Passionate for Purple?

Passionate for Purple profile image

Purple is by far one of my favourite wedding colour themes. It’s sassy, classy and full of visual flavour so it’s no surprise that in recent years it’s became one of the top requested colours by brides all over the world. From soft lilac hues to rich Cadbury tones – purple is an instant hit that can exquisitely compliment all four glorious seasons.

However as we’re all feeling a little festive now that December has arrived, I thought I’d put together a post of inspiration for all you lovely ladies out there who are either planning a trip down the aisle, dreaming of it, or just like me – done it but still swooning over the finer details!

So without further ado, I bring a purple coloured sprinkle of inspiration for all you like minded ladies who relish in the thought of combining this beautiful tone with such a cheery time of year…

The Dress

Firstly, if you’re planning a purple winter wonderland themed affair you’ll probably want a dress that suits the occasion. I found this amazing a-line gown by the award winning Sonsie range from Veromia. It boasts the most beautifully detailed bateau neckline that gives an elegant visual with the sweetheart effect, but as a curvy girl I like a little bit of coverage without being too smothered in fabric and this is the perfect compromise… how pretty is the bodice detailing? *sigh*


The one thing I love about Sonsie is the quality behind every gown – it’s exquisite. And as a responsible ex-retailer & supporter of local businesses make sure you visit their website to get a list of authorised stockists, rather than opting for an inferior internet copy that could potentially cost you heartache and money!

The Jewellery

If you’re opting for purple, why not incorporate hints of colours into your wedding accessories? This delicate lilac charm bracelet, necklace and earring range by Julieanne is the perfect way to playfully add your favourite shade into your ensemble. I love the range of purple tones and with prices starting from £19.50 for such beautifully crafted handmade items, they’re a must-have! Of course items like this can be worn time and time again after the big day so you’re able to always make use of your stunning accessories; rather than hiding them away in a jewellery cabinet for years to come.

Purple jewellery

The Shoes

Of course no outfit would be completely without a dazzling pair of party feet – and this isn’t the time to get all tootsie shy girls! A statement pair of coloured stilettos has been fast becoming the rage amongst brides for quite some time now, and with high street stores awash with so many lavish designs it’s not hard to find yourself feeling just as excited as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw would be. I’m personally in love with this designer pair from Alexander McQueen. I know, I know – you’re lost for words right?! *deep breaths*


The Maids

One of the things I love most about this sassy shade is the fact that’s is so darn versatile. Literally any shape, size, skin or hair tone can pull off purple with ease – unlike many of the other shades on a colour chart. Purple is incredibly flattering and with a multitude of seriously beautiful hues you’re never stuck for choice. It can look amazing teamed up with other vibrant shades such as fuscia, merged with dazzling metallics, or kept classy with mono-tones such as black or ivory. Take a peek at this gorgeous trio of purple clad lovelies also available from D’Zage by Veromia… the striking colour, soft dipped neckline and flattering bodice that is gathered by a side embellishment makes for the perfect maids gown, don’t you think?


The Venue

I must say in all my experience of working with brides the venue is something that can easily overwhelm, thankfully wedding planners and venue designers are much more affordable and easy to come by these days, so if you’re stuck for inspiration the best place to start for guidance is your venue who will more than likely have their own wedding co-ordinator on site. For me this wonderful Purple Winter décor is an absolute visual stunner – just look at the detail, it’s like something from a Disney movie. Again, it shows how incredibly well purple and winter go hand-in-hand!

Purple Venue

The Little Details

As I was wading my way through images of inspiration, I came across this beautiful little picture of a table set with some cute clear/purple baubles that can also double as place settings. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m also rather taken by the purple wine glass too – it’s all those fun little touches that bring the whole look together.

Purple table details

The Cake

Gone are the days of boring cake designs as the revolution of self taught bakers and cup-cake makers take over our social media news feeds and dominate our extra special occasions. However for me I still love the classic ivory cake finished off with just a pop of colour, and what better way to do this than with gorgeous purple sugar petals? Just look at how vibrant it sits against the traditionally classic cake. I’d happily renew my vows for this alone!! *hehe*

Purple Cake

The bouquet

Brooch bouquets are one of my all time favourite bridal accessories and this one by the talented Noaki absolutely blows me away – it’s utterly breathtaking. The wonderful thing about a brooch bouquet is not only is it something you can keep forever as a sentimental heirloom, you can also incorporate any little treasures from loved ones who aren’t able to join you on your special day.

Purple Brooch Bouquet

So there you have it, my little pearls of inspiration when it comes to planning a purple themed winter wedding – I hope you like all my top picks.

Is purple one of your favourite colours? What theme would you fall in love with? Whether you’re single, engaged or already hitched I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below…

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*Please note this is not a sponsored post – all product choices & opinions are my own*

Getting Back to Gorgeous Black…

Back To Black Main

If I asked you ‘Would you wear a black dress?’ the chances are you’d reply ‘Of course’ without having to think about it. However if I asked you ‘Would you dress your bridesmaids in black?’ chances are you’d either immediately refuse or have to have a good long think about it.  This assumption is based on the reactions of many brides I’ve worked with that having loved black as a staple wardrobe shade,  still wouldn’t consider incorporating it into their big day or many other occasions for that matter! But why? Why do we tend to hesitate when it comes to wearing black to weddings? After all black is timeless, black is classy, black is elegant, black is incredibly forgiving, black is beautiful.

So what’s the big deal?

It seems that many of us still see black as code word for sombre, yet teamed up with the right accessories black can be the epitome of beauty, style and sophistication – begone all those morbid thoughts of typical funeral attire! Just take a peek at this stunning image and you’ll understand completely…

audrey hepburn

Thanks to Givenchy, here is one of the most iconic black dresses of our time!

Are you getting any hint of grave-side mourner or grim reaper? Nope, me either.

However, for us mere mortals who’s purse strings don’t exactly stretch to the Haute Couture boutiques of Paris, I’ve managed to uncover a few high street gems that are just as visually delicious in their own unique way – and with a price tag that doesn’t drain your complexion as well as your life savings. With the right accessories you too could have your very own Aubrey Hepburn inspired leading ladies, so take a peek at these black beauties….

Black Gown Line Up

 1) This sumptuous Lori Lee maxi gown is available from the rails of Coast, with its beautifully cinched waist and faux gems you’ll be sure to bring a touch of opulence to the occasion. A hidden feature is the incredible key-hole style back that is simply stunning!

2) This Felix Maxi, also available from Coast is the epitome of elegance. This beautiful floor sweeping gown skims over the bust and follows your curves ever so gracefully, it can also be cinched at the waist to create a little bit of added definition using the embellished slim-line belt.

3) This fun pleated ‘fit & flare’ dress sits playfully on the knees, perfect for showing off an eye-catching pair of stilettos don’t you think? The gown also boasts a wonderfully wide waist tie feature that is perfect for enhancing those feminine curves! Available from M&S.

4) For those of you who still like the idea of a little bit of colour on your frock, take a peek at this stunning JS Collection offering available from House of Fraser. This beautiful lace panel gown has a deep raspberry tone under the lace to create a sumptuous pop of colour *swoon*

5) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across this beautiful Wallis maxi, also available at House of Fraser. Not only is it super flattering thanks to the beautiful ruched detailing, it also boast an impressive 3D necklace trim – best of all *brace yourselves*  it’s currently on sale for a mere £48!! Yes, you are reading correctly… in fact why are you still here?! Go grab your gown girl!

Black for any occasion should never conjure up visions of doom & gloom, in fact it’s the perfect way to play with a multitude of other colours! It’s perfect teamed up with the likes of beautifully bright fuscias or you can rock the metallic’s by opting for glam gold accessories. Whatever your taste black can look amazing, plus it’s an incredibly easy colour to wear time and time again. I dread to think how many girls have old bridesmaid dresses stuffed at the back of their wardrobe, that will never again see the light of day; and so with that said, I’ll leave you with these wise words from Karl Lager field…


Do you have a favourite little black dress? How would you feel about your maids dressed in black – yay or nay? What colour contrast would you add to liven up a black themed wedding?

Whatever your thought’s do let me know, as always I love reading them in the comments below 🙂

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Moonrise Lingerie Gets Crafted For Curves…



I don’t know about the rest of you ladies but I find there’s a significant lack of fuller figured lingerie available in many of the boutiques and across the high street; especially when it comes to complimenting our curves for special occasions in something that’s just as pretty as the smaller ranges.

Don’t fret! I’m not about to climb aboard my soap box and rant over how hard-done-by us plus size girls are when it comes to sassy yet classy underwear choices, but having owned and managed two separate bridal suites (one being specifically dedicated to curvy brides) it wasn’t a huge secret that larger fitting lingerie options were in short supply yet big demand…

Hopefully all that’s beginning to change, as today I bring you tidings of joy *yippee* Whilst recently browsing through my copy of Attire, I noticed that Moonrise Lingerie have launched a fabulous new bra set that gives brides with bigger busts the option to indulge in quality bridal underwear that promises both luxury and support… yes, it raised an eyebrow with me too!


The Harmony set from Moonrise Lingerie is available in sizes 36DD-40H and is claiming to offer fabulous support as well as an excellent fit; and if that wasn’t enough to tempt your fashion taste buds, the beautiful soft Boselli satin under-wired cups are elegantly finished with decorative floral lace and a detailed bow that perfectly compliments the matching brief and thongs. Shockingly (unlike some other lingerie options) this little beauty is made right here in good old Blighty. You like? Me too!

Luckily for us, Moonrise has already put ‘The Harmony’ through its paces, having been tried and tested by other plus size women including the beautiful Elena Raouna, Moonrises very own plus size model. What a charmingly cheeky lady, don’t you agree girls?  *ahh-hemm*




As the sumptuous materials have been hand-picked from a supplier right here in the UK, you’re assured home grown quality that’s been crafted for curves right on your British back doorstep. If you like what you see why not pop over to their website and browse the beautiful underwear sets on offer? You can also chat online if you have any questions, I happened to make a quick visit yesterday and was speaking with the lovely Tanya (Hi T *waves eagerly*)

What do you think ladies? Whatever your shape or size do say hi & let us know your shopping habits, top tips or grumbles when it comes to purchasing special occasion underwear! As always, I love reading your feedback and thoughts in the comments below…

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*Please note this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Covering A Tattoo For The Big Day…

Tattoo Cover up

At the tender age of 16 (and without my parent’s permission I must add) I totted off to a local Tattoo Parlour with the notion of signing up for my own little permanent patch of ink. Of course I hadn’t quite matured enough to stop and think of the long term implications, but conforming to the trends amongst my peers I opted for a small oriental symbol on the top of my right arm. The bizarre thing is I had no real inner desire for permanently etching such a tiny irrelevant symbol on my body, however what’s worse is after the initial unveiling I’ve buried it under long sleeved tops ever since because I’m so self conscious of showing my chunky pale arms. See, utter stupidity!

A few years later when I started working in the wedding industry, I quickly discovered I wasn’t the only rebellious teenager that made a thoughtless spur of the moment decision – there are in fact countless others who all highly regret their impulsive tats. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with many gorgeous brides who have worn their full sleeves of amazing designs with pride and looked amazing for it. Maybe it’s because their markings have meaning, sentiment and look incredibly beautiful. Yes, the expression of personality is impressive but for other brides it leads to a common dilemma… how do I cover my tats?

Laser Treatments

This is probably the most common option for those who are eager to say goodbye to their ink permanently, however it doesn’t come without potential consequences. Yes, it may well be a permanent solution but it’s expensive, painful, can leave nasty scaring and take multiple sessions without the guarantee of removing it completely. However there is slightly more hopeful news for those of you who have a darker coloured designs as apparently it’s easier to break down the pigmentation of black and dark blue inks compared to colours. Definitely worth looking into if you’re adamant ink free is your only option.

 Laser removal

The White-Out Technique

From my own snippets of research this seems a bit of a touchy subject amongst the tattoo guru’s. Basically the concept behind ‘whiting out’ is when the tattooist covers over the unwanted tattoo with white ink to create a fading effect. Although it would seem that results depend solely on the design and colour, from a personal point of view I’m not entirely convinced on this option. There’s quite a bit of scepticism amongst experienced tattoo artists who disagree with whiting-out, deeming it a flawed concept that could potentially make the problem worse than better. Is it worth while exploring? I’m not convinced. But if it’s something you’re intrigued in learning more about make sure you do your research, speak with the pro’s and anyone who has tried and tested this controversial technique with designs similar to your own.

tattoo artist


I must admit, I’m genuinely surprised at the lack of products advertised claiming to solve this problem. I would have thought bridal magazines would be a perfect source considering it’s an obvious target market, clearly not, as I’ve yet to see anything advertised in any of the wedding glossies tackling the issue. However after some digging around online I found what I’d consider a bloody good solution for temporary tattoo coverage. Tattoo Secrets claims to provide all the fundamental solutions via a nifty little Tattoo Cover-Up kit for £29.99 – to be fair not a bad price for eradicating a sticky situation for many brides to be. However like any product, it’s worthwhile ordering this asap for an early test run to ensure it doesn’t flair up any nasty reactions and (of course) does the job it claims to… a pretty sound option if you ask me!



Of course the blazingly obvious choice is to cover up the key area using accessories, and with most tattoos being on the arm/back/shoulder/ankle this isn’t really a hard task. There are endless styles of pretty little boleros, shrugs, wraps etc to keep you covered. However one thing you’ll need to consider is if you intend to wear your accessory throughout the day. This might seem like an easy task in mid winter but many forget to take into account that that it can get pretty hot indoors when cooped up in a satin shrug. If you’ve bought (or are buying) your gown from a local bridal boutique it’s definitely important to highlight any areas you feel conscious about showing so as a potential solution can be pinpointed early on. Remember your consultant has more than likely worked with dozens of brides that have the same issue, so she may have the perfect resolution tucked right up her sleeve. If you’re currently on the hunt for something straight forward, check out the range of pretty accessories Liberty In Love have to offer. They’re rather fetching don’t you think?

 Liberty in Love

To be honest, prevention is always better than finding a cure. From someone who bitterly regrets the ‘spur of the moment’ decision to get a tattoo I’d highly recommend you think before you ink as it’s something you may later regret. Asking yourself why you’re getting it done can sometimes be enough to make you stop and think before you take the permanent plunge. Remember it’s not a crayon stain, it can’t be rubbed off if you get bored with the idea… once it’s there it aint going anywhere!

Do you have a tattoo regret or have toyed with the idea of getting one? Have you experienced laser treatment or had to disguise your ink at any stage? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below… thanks for reading!

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If The Shoe Fits…

If the shoes fits2

We all love a gorgeous pair of shoes right? But when it comes to finding the perfect tootsie attire for your big day there’s so much more to think about than simply picking out a pretty pair of peep-toes. Considering you’ll be on your feet a good portion of the day and night, it takes an Academy Award Winning bride to smile rather than grimace over the pain of throbbing blisters *ouch* So before you dash into the nearest shoe boutique waving your credit card with excitement, take a few moments to contemplate what you desire before splashing the cash on those hot new heels…

Home or Away?

If (for example) you’re having a good old British winter wedding, you’ll probably want to scan the shelves for something a little more practical such as a cosy closed court or cute wedding boot. If on the other hand, you’re planning on jetting off into the sunset you’ll more than likely want to opt for something lighter such as sandals or flip-flops. However before you decide, double check where you’ll be getting married and what the terrain is. Sounds odd, but I’ve witnessed countless brides who have returned home with burnt and blistered feet due to the heat of the sand from beach weddings… not exactly the souvenir you hope to bring home!

How High?

My solid advice would be to wear what you’re normally comfortable with. If you’re often found dashing about in flats then spending an entire day in six inch stilettos might just leave you crawling on your hands and knees before you’ve even had a chance to cut the cake. Alternatively go with a kitten heel, which always gives a much better posture than flats. If indeed you’re a heel enthusiast, just keep in mind these two fundamentals: The height of your groom & the length of your dress. If your gown is scalloped or ornately edged it’s probably best to discuss bespoke length measurements with your bridal retailer to avoid potentially hefty alteration bills. Just ensure you stick to the heel height you were measured in when buying your shoes.

Matching Up:

If you’re trying to match the shade of ivory/white with your dress (and believe me there is A LOT of different shades out there) then you’re going to need a little swatch of gown material to take with you. Most bridal retailers will supply this on request, so you don’t have to stress about keeping the correct tone in your mind’s eye… which is literally impossible to do anyway. This little swatch will also come in handy for matching other items such as jewellery, hair accessories, invites, flowers etc. So if you can, ask for a few samples in case the original gets lost or is needed by one of your vendors.


Some brides prefer traditional bridal shoes to something a little off the wall in terms of colour or design, which is perfectly understandable – not all of us are fashion dare devils! If this sounds like you, I would highly recommend investing in a pair of wedding shoes from Rainbow Club who have a beautiful range of dyeable styles which are ideal for brides wanting to get the wear out of their shoes after the wedding. For those tempted to opt for something a little different, Irregular Choice shoes are incredibly popular amongst brides looking for something a little quirky and wildly unforgettable. Alternatively, for something more personal why not have your shoes hand painted? Check out the jaw-dropping designs by Figgie Shoes, possibly the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen. It’s so darn hard to pick a favourite, her talent is amazing *swoon*

How beautiful are these designs by Figgie Shoes?

How beautiful are these designs by Figgie Shoes?


If like me, comfort is a top priority it’s probably better choosing a closed toe style that you can line with super-comfy/extra fluffy/beautifully bouncy insoles… and other foot-friendly paraphernalia that will ward off aches and pains for as long as possible! I also find wedges are much more comfortable than a stiletto heel, and surprisingly easy to walk in compared to balancing on a thinner heel. Above all, make sure you break those little beauties in by wearing them around the house as often as you can before the big day… I promise you, your feet will thank you for it.

Also ladies, don’t forget to treat yourself to a soothing pedicure that will help breakdown hard skin and calluses. If you suffer from verrucas or other fungal infections seek treatment ASAP to ensure nothing prevents you from feeling your best on the big day… you’ve a whole night of shuffling on that dance floor to look forward too!

Do you have any top tips when it comes to wearing heels or are you more of a play-it-safe in flats kinda gal? I’d love to read your thoughts, advice or views in the comments below…

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Top Tips For A Stress-Free Pre-Wedding Eve…

 Pre Wedding Eve


Picture this… it’s the eve of your big day, you’re filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement as your beloved besties descend upon you, all eager to commemorate your last ‘official’ night of freedom. However before you start popping the champagne corks and divulging in new posh pamper products take a few moments to consider the potential consequences…

1) Don’t Bring On The Bubbly:

It’s pretty normal for most of us to want to relax, unwind or even celebrate all those hard months of wedding planning with a little glass of something sparkling, but before you go hunting down the corkscrew consider the potential headache you could end up nursing the following morning… definitely not the best start to one of the biggest days of your life eh?

2) Leave Lathering Up:

If you’ve managed to keep your pores looking as pristine as possible, it’s probably safe to say the last thing you’ll want is an outbreak of spots or a ghastly rash from a seemingly harmless new bubble bath or luxurious face mask, to ruin that flawless blushing-bride glow. Making changes to your regular skin care routine the night before your wedding is like playing Potion Roulette, it’s simply not worth the risk regardless how expensive, fabulous or highly recommended the product is.

3) Ditch the Movie:

If you’re already up to high doe with nerves (as most brides are on the eve of their wedding) you’re probably best avoiding any wedding related chick flicks. As fun and harmless as they may seem, most of the time the story line is littered with pre-wedding disasters – not great for the nervous system if you’re potentially on the edge of your perch!

4) Hold the Hair Care:

Those ladies who religiously wash their hair every single day of the week will struggle with this one, however your hairdresser certainly won’t be impressed with your head full of super, soft & silky locks. Freshly washed hair can be incredibly hard to style and work with – so if you can bear the thought of lathering up the night before the eve of your wedding it’s probably best to do so.

5) Case Closed:

You’ve more than likely spent several months obsessing over the tiniest little details, so pawing through your planner file at 11:45 pm is a recipe for inducing a full on panic attack that will undoubtedly leave you pacing the floors hours later. Just remember *almost* every problem has a solution. Step away from the wedding paper-work and quit obsessing!



I know, I know… it’s much easier said than done when you consider the combination of emotions leading up to the big day. However having worked with hundreds of brides, I’ve discovered some of the most effective pre-wedding nights pretty much boils down to being super organised and willing to take some much needed time to yourself. Light exercise (such as a gentle walk) followed by a relaxing bath and curling up with a great book is a super way to keep you feeling calm and your mind distracted. Don’t forget to stock on some relaxing herbal tea that can help aid a great night’s slumber –  just make sure you try it well before hand so you don’t end up with an upset tummy. Take no chances, keep it stress-free, familiar and you’ll reap the rewards!

If you have any tips to share on what helps you relax or de-stress I’d love to read them in the comments below… as always thanks for reading!

Cheerio chums 🙂


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