Contacting PR Companies…

Tips On Contacting PR Companies for Beauty Bloggers

Contacting PR companies for the first time is always nervy business – heck, even some of the most established bloggers still break into cold sweats before hitting the ‘Send’ button when it comes to pitching an idea. However, if you’ve spent time tweaking & perfecting your online haven to within an inch of it’s virtual life, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take the plunge by proposing collaborations of your own. Although blogging for freebies tends to be a bit of a controversial subject amongst beauty bloggers (regardless of experience) in my humble opinion there’s absolutely nothing wrong about pursuing exciting opportunities to test new products. After all, if you’re spending the time to publish a worthy article detailing your honest review, it’s both beneficial to the brand for feedback/promotion and worthwhile to any of your readers that may benefit from using the product too. Win-win, right?

So what’s the process when it comes to making an impression when contacting PR gurus? I’ve done a few posts in regards to prepping for this – its vital to remember that whomever you’re contacting it’s a given fact that they’re going to have a good rummage around your blog. Naturally this is a whole other post in itself, but for those amongst us who may want to check out my musings get yourself over to My Top Tips On Making Your Blog PR Friendly.

Another valuable step that’s surprisingly pain free, is creating a simple Media Kit. Although most of my regular readers will be familiar with one of my recent posts, I’ve linked it here for you to check out if you’re new to Confetti & CurvesCreating A Media Kit For Your Beauty Blog. In fact, it was the effect of that post (along with the volume of emails & follow up questions) that lead swiftly onto today’s feature! Although creating a media kit isn’t considered as compulsory, it’s important to recognise that there are countless beauty blogs out there, many of which are eager to get a slice of the pie. However as we all know, brands only carry a certain amount of samples to go around, therefore creating a great first impression by being both organised & professional will give your credibility a helping hand as a potential collaborator.



A PR will work on behalf of a brand to help promote a range of products. They’re often the point of contact to agree collaborations and ultimately the one who makes a decision on whether or not the brand & your blog are a perfect match. If a collab is agreed, they arrange samples for reviewing as well as agreeing any terms/conditions such as links to include etc before your feature goes live. If you build up a great rapport quite often PR companies will continue to contact you for future opportunities, so it’s important to make a great first impression if this happens to be one of your future blog goals.



Online sites such as Diary Directory provides a serious amount of contacts within the beauty industry, however it ain’t a freebie site gals and membership works out pretty expensive. Usually it’s professionals seeking professionals but if you know anyone who may have access to the site (and are willing to help) then get sourcing. Alternatively sticking with good ole’ Google is your next best bet by searching manually for PR companies within your catchment country such as ‘PR companies UK’. However it certainly doesn’t hurt to check out further afield as you may stumble across a brand representative that’s eager to reach out to an international audience.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on social media accounts too! Quite often PR’s will put a shout-out request if they’re on the hunt for bloggers to help review a particular product or help promote a new launch… yet another great way to get your foot in the door!



As I’m sure you can appreciate, PR’s don’t have a lot of free time on their hands so ensuring your email is the perfect balance between personal & professional (whilst keeping it brief) is a hard balancing act. If you’re completely new to the process then it’s probably best to take your time by writing your pitch out on a blank word processing document and returning to it over a few days to make additional tweaks. If I’m contacting a PR company I usually try to keep the structure of my email to 3 key segments:

Brief intro: This is where you launch into a few tasty snippets about you & your blog. Highlight whether you’re well established, upcoming, steadily growing etc. It’s also the perfect opportunity to highlight any awards or achievements you have as a blogger, along with any brands you’ve previously worked with, successful feedback and growing number of followers.

Acknowledge the brand: Highlight any of their products that you’ve already tried (& enjoyed) or positive reviews you’ve been reading. Don’t forget to mention things like why you feel your collaboration would be of benefit or interest to your audience.

Present the pitch: Under no circumstances should you make freebies a priority. You’ve a reputation to withhold amongst your readers and the blogging community, if your motive is to simply build a box full of free samples it WILL come across. Before you contact any PR ensure you have a great idea as to why you’re approaching them, such as ‘Spring Makeup Look For Pale Skin’. An interesting idea will catch the eye of the PR, providing you’re making a legitimate collaboration suggestion; however it is okay to say that you’re open minded to suggestions should they have a specific project in mind.

Finally, all’s left to do is close your email by thanking them for their time and including links to your blog/social media. Voila – your first PR pitch! *energetic air punch*



That’s okay! Yep, really it is! The biggest thing that often stops us from doing something is the fear of rejection or failure. The main thing is you took the leap of faith and put yourself out there * HUGE high five* Remember that PR companies quite often have regular bloggers that they collaborate with and a limited number of samples to offer. If you haven’t made the mailing list this time don’t give up! Keep working hard on your blog by continuing to create great content & maintaining eye catching design… as they may well drop you a line inviting you to take part in a future collaboration. Unfortunately rejection is all part of life but if you can turn it into a positive then you’re already onto a winning mindset to success. However, whatever the reason for rejection it’s always professional to be polite by sending a few words of thanks that they took the time to read your email and get back to you!

If in the case you don’t get a reply, don’t panic or feel disheartened. There could be a hundred and one reasons as to why they’re not responding such as: work load, off sick, on holiday etc etc. I usually give it 10 days, after which I’ll follow up with a few lines asking if they received my last email & had a chance to read over my proposal. If after a further 10 days I still haven’t heard anything then it’s time to simply pull the socks up and move onto the next venture!



  • Spend time proof reading your email for any grammar/spelling mistakes or any parts that sound suspiciously like you’re waffling on. As I’m sure you can already tell I’m a self-confessed professional at this so mine get quite a few edits before I press the ‘Send’ button. Apart from casting a critical eye over the content, remember to make it personal, professional & precise.
  • Keep everything as positive as possible. Forget about pointing out negatives such as: “I’m only new and don’t have many followers but…” – heck no!! Make a few necessary tweaks to present the information in a much more positive way: “I’ve recently launched my exciting new beauty blog that has a steadily growing audience of females aged 18-30…”
  • Check all links! Seems like common sense, but just best to double check that everything is leading to all the right places.
  • Create a media kit. If you’ve opted to refrain from including it as an attachment, ask if they’d like you follow up by sending it over. If you’d appreciate a few friendly tips on getting started with designing your very own Media Kit then hop on over to my recent post on Creating A Media Kit For Your Beauty Blog.



  • Send mass duplicates of the same email… make it personal by tailoring each pitch to suit the brand you’re contacting.
  • Approach just anyone. Keep to brands you’re eager to try out & can visualise your readers being interested in. Remember the key here is creating content that’s going to capture your audience and create a bit off a buzz. After all, there would be absolutely no point whatsoever in advertising the advantages of a new drain cleaner to a virtual audience that’s waiting for your next eye palette review. If your followers are used with beauty related content then keep it within those realms, otherwise it looks like you’re desperate for a freebie which could potentially end up damaging your credibility.
  • Feel like a pain in the ass. You’re a hard working blogger who’s taken the time to approach a hard working PR guru… potentially saving them the effort to hunt for new reviewers. In fact most PR’s will be only too chuffed to hear from you; and if they love your blog then there’s no reason why a great partnership can’t form in the near future!



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As always, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on approaching PR companies. Or, if you’ve any tips/links of your own that you’d like to share then we’d love to check them out too!

Cheerio Chums…

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Creating A Media Kit For Your Beauty Blog…

How To Create A Media Kit For Beauty Blogging

Whether you’re new to the blogging scene or a seasoned pro, there’s two words that can really heighten ‘first impressions’ when it comes to pitching exciting collaborations with both new & established brands: a ‘Media Kit’.

Now before anyone waves their virtual placards in disagreement, by no means am I saying it’s ‘essential’ to have one, in fact there’s many bloggers out there that choose not to create a media kit, and that’s okay! There’s no ‘rule book’ when it comes to blogging, however (in my humble opinion) having a media kit on standby is super handy and helps to create a more structured & professional image when it comes to pitching great collaboration or sponsor ideas to marketers and brands alike.

Okay, so it may will take a chunk of time in carefully creating one, but it’s well worth the toil investment for impressing potential sponsors and advertisers. After all, there’s no shortage of beauty bloggers out there, but being able to professionally present your blog’s data confidently (and in a format that looks pretty funky) goes a long way to convincing potential collaborators that you’re a great catch to share an exciting project or opportunity with…


A media kit should be a positive, forward thinking document that gives brands & marketers a deeper insight into your blog. If you’re thinking ‘boring, stuffy old document containing reems of numbers’ then think again. It’s a great way to reach out to both new and existing companies by sharing relevant key facts and information about your blog, as well as highlighting why they should be working alongside you. Think about it as a fun ‘C.V’ for your blog!

Media Kit Request


Like anything in life, you can put as much effort or as little into your media kit as you like. Personally I like to aim for somewhere in the middle… something that’s not over-cooked but at the same time looks like a generous amount of thought and effort has been loving poured into it by keeping it short n sweet, but sprinkled with all the essentials a marketer requires to learn more about me as person, as well as the potential of my online haven.

I’ve also created a full size PDF sample of a great basic media kit which I can email on request. It just might give you a helping hand in terms of layout and what to include when creating your first one. If you’d like your own copy just contact me via the linked picture above or leave a request in the comments below and I’ll be happy to send it over.

For those of you who are eager to learn what I include in my media kit then grab your cuppa, get comfy and let’s get started…



This is simply a few lines about you as a blogger. Things like where you’re located, how long you’ve been blogging, your goals, hobbies and ambitions. As hard as it may be (and if you’re anything like myself) try not to waffle for too long – cheery but snappy is the vibe we’re aiming for, not an entire life history.

Ps: This is also the perfect opportunity to include where your blog may have featured such as publications, magazines, larger blogs or if you’ve won any awards or made a shortlist. If it’s positive and a good reflection of your blog then be sure to include it!



No pictures of cute pugs dressed in sunglasses, or standing a mile away from the lens. This should ALWAYS be a professional looking head-shot that should only include you from the shoulders up. If need be rope a friend or family member in to help you out with taking a few snap shots, if you haven’t got any professional head shots of your own already.

From my own experience with having worked alongside a few national magazines over the years, is what captures people’s attention. Next time you’re browsing over a shelf full of glossy mags you’ll notice one thing they all have in common = the front page model will always be looking directly at the camera. This is to capture eye contact with the reader. If it’s good enough for Vogue dahhling, then it’s good enough for you… just another little tip to help you engage.

Ps: Try to keep your all your profile pictures consistent with each other. Having the one profile picture that covers all your social media as well as your blog ‘About’ page & media kit will certainly give you brownie points for associative branding!



Pretty much as above, only this time you’ll be showcasing your dazzling literary skills on how wonderful your blog is. However, be careful not to sound overly sales-pitchy – it’s an easy trap to fall into. You could talk about any series that you’ve enjoy running, share a bit about your readers, how often you blog & how you’ve observed it blossom from creation. As with the rest of the document, make sure your grammar is ‘on fleek’ and that you’ve said everything you want to in a personable but professional way.

Ps: After writing your both your bio & blog intro, give yourself a few days to mull over them. You’ll be amazed at how often new improved phrases and tweeks pop into your head ensuring it sounds as best as it can be. Like any literary project it’s best giving it time to mature. Let it breath and come back to it after 48 hours for a re-read so it’s still fresh in your head.



This is the point where many take a slight meltdown, especially if you’re new to blogging or haven’t (yet) achieved the stats you’re holding out for. However don’t feel dismayed by comparing yourself to the bigger bloggers as they were once in your shoes too. Brands love working with a multitude of creative content writers, if you’re eager and impress them with your drive and charisma it will impress. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere. A great way to start building up a portfolio is to start off approaching small businesses locally. You’ll raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow at how many local companies out there that would be delighted to have coverage of their ranges… from hand made soaps & candles to organic lotions and potions.

If you’re new to blogging or simply feeling a little under-confident about your follower count then why not convert the data into a percentage reflection of growth trends such as: Blog subscribers grew by 300% in the last 30 days. However do keep in mind that marketers will expect the following on a media kit:

Monthly Page Views

Monthly Visitors

Monthly Unique Visitors

Reader Gender

Average Reader Age Group



Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, BlogLovin, Linked In, YouTube… this list goes on. As a daily blogger who is a busy mum & wife with work commitments and trying to retain some sort of social life in-between everything, I try and be as realistic with myself as possible. I can’t be on everything at once so rather than spread myself out over a whole host of social media I tend to keep my focus on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Of course you can add as many social media details as you like but (yet again) if you’ve just signed up and are working hard on building a following it may be best to also report your social media growth trend in percentage – rather than the actual cold hard figure. It shows that even if you’re at the starting point, you’re still gaining momentum.



Example brand folio

Depending on how elaborate your media kit is I personally like to keep it to just the logo rather than a whole page worth of outlining details of every single sponsorship opportunity. I find logo’s so much neater and visually more attractive for keeping it simple, plus you can always put *Direct hyperlink to features available on request* – it’ll be less bumpf to filter through & if they really want to check out your past work they’ll get in touch to clarify.



Sponsored Posts


Sidebar Advertising

Social Media Promotion

Product Reviews

You don’t need to include all of these options – just the ones that you feel work best for you & your readers. Starting off, many beauty bloggers tend to opt for product reviews. Remuneration is usually in the form of a keeping the product after the review. This is really helpful for building up confidence and readership whilst collaborating, particularly if you’re a newbie. However ALWAYS be clear and clarify the finer details such as the date your post should go live, any links that should be included or key facts that need clarified etc. Also, if you’re hosting a giveaway is it international or regional? What are the entry rules?.

If you need any guidance on setting up some guidelines then *click here* to check out my PR page as all my T&C’s are clearly stated which is also something you could bring attention to on your media kit by saying that they’re available on request.



trio pics

Not particularly essential but I like to include it as I feel it just draws the attention to posts that have captured a lot of reader interaction etc. I simply pick a small handful of top posts, insert a small picture of the main feature image along with the title of the post. Don’t forget you can hyperlink a PDF file when working on Adobe Acrobat so if you prefer to include the links go right ahead!



If you’ve already worked with a variety of brands on sponsored posts or product reviews always ask for a testimonial after the post has went live. This is totally normal to request when agreeing to review an item for any PR or brand. Including positive testimonials in your media kit will certainly reassure future brands that others who have previously worked with you have been happy with your contribution. In Confetti & Curves media kit I’ve included three testimonials but always keep others on back up should the marketer wish to see more. Just like a C.V, it’s a referee who can stand by your work by giving the thumbs up that you’re a professional & positive influence to collaborate with.



Just like your blog, your media kit Contact section can include a list of links wherever you can be found – but above all an email address for the brand or marketer to contact you on is vital. In Confetti & Curves media kit, I’ve also included a snappy little sentence inviting the person to get in touch to begin the opportunity…

“To begin collaborating with Confetti & Curves please contact Karen on (my email address)”

Media Kit Example


Before you send anything anywhere, it’s time to skim over a quick check list of what we need to do before sending the media kit out into the big wide world…



No matter how many times my eyes carefully scan over a segment of writing there’s always that one illusive little grammatical error that slips the net. In fact, sometimes you can get so numb from proof reading the same piece over and over again it literally becomes unfathomable so always get a fresh pair of eyes to give it the once over. Remember, you’re trying to create a great impression of yourself and your blog, there’s no room for grammatical errors, misspelling and clumsy editing in a document that represents how awesome you are! Again, leave it sit for a few days and come back to it.



Breaking your text up into bitesize chunks makes it more likely for the person to get to the end rather than be confronted with one whole page of moan-inducing literature. Screen shots and your best blogging pictures is what you should be aiming for, it’s also a chance to showcase your blossoming photography skills too!



A Portable Document File (PDF) is simply a way of converting your word document into an electronic image that you can view, print or forward to someone else in the knowledge that it can’t be manipulated or edited.

Most Word Processing packages have a facility to convert to PDF however if you don’t there’s a few online PDF converters that are easy to use. In order to read a PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat, so make sure your computer is updated before you begin!

 *Click Here for the Adobe Acrobat Website*



Woo Hoo – you’re finished. Hopefully by this stage you’ll have created your swanky new media kit that’s not only going the rock the socks of any PR Guru, Marketer or Brand you come into contact with, but will also serve as a template to build upon for years to come. No doubt as time goes on you’ll add & update, particularly as your figures grow. Personally I like to revise mine every 3-4 months, just to make sure all the information is fresh and current… and of course there’s nothing quite as encouraging as updating your figures as your stats continue to grow!

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Do you have a media kit? Or, is it something you’d consider creating for your blog? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello. We always enjoy a good blog chatter here on Confetti & Curves 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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Things You Need To Do Before Publishing A Blog Post…

Blog Post Publishing Checklist

I’m a great believer of lists. In fact, I adore lists so blooming much that I often find myself adding things I’ve already done… just to get that fuzzy satisfactory feeling of ticking things off anyway. I know, bit of a strange one eh, but it helps me feel like I’ve accomplished more than I already have – kind of like a bit of a preempt or boost to get the rest of my ‘to dos’ tidied up too.  In  fact when I was a new blogger I wish I had the same check lists back then as what I do now – it would’ve save me a whole bunch of time & effort into fast tracking my way to better blogging. However, it’s all a fun learning curve where we all simply plod along at our own pace. That’s the great thing about blogging, there is no rule book and lists aren’t essential in any shape or form, however they can be pretty handy to have every once in a while. So in this week’s blog tips I thought I’d share one of my most used checklists which is things I need to do before publishing a blog post. Maybe my list will help you out too…



I know, I know, you’re probably sitting there rolling your eye balls like ‘duhhh, really Karen?!’ BUT… it doesn’t matter how many times your eyes carefully scan over your freshly composed post, there’s always that one little typo or grammatical error that seems to slip through the visual net. If I’m really honest I like to read my posts out loud – kind of like I’m speaking to a room full of tentative listeners. That way if it doesn’t flow or something doesn’t ‘sound right’ I tend to pick up on it a whole lot quicker. Give it a go next time you’re about to hit the ‘publish post’ button; it just might save you the hassle after it’s gone live… or having a reader subtly point it out *groan*



As tempting as it is to conjure up a snazzy title that’s rife with humour (and/or) great puns, it may not be valuable to your blog in the long run. If you’re eager to build up a steady flow of traffic to your blog consider the search terms that some of your newbie readers may be searching for and make a few tweeks i.e:

‘My fav red lippy’ = ‘Vibrant Red Lips featuring MAC Ruby Woo’

As you can see from the example above, if someone searches for ‘Vibrant Red Lips’ or ‘Mac Ruby Woo’ there’ll be more chance of your post being unearthed as it’s more likely those terms will be searched for than ‘My Favourite Red Lippy’. I’ve tried this for myself and can honestly say it works so much better when you include a few specifics!



Deep linking is simply including links to some of your previous posts that might be relative or complimentary to the current article. It helps your readers to check out a few more of your awesome offerings and encourages them to stay longer on your site *high five* It’s also a great way to showcase some of your previous work to ensure that older posts just don’t get swept away and forgotten about. Just because it’s not a recent article doesn’t mean to say it’s not of interest anymore. I still get little bursts of activity on old posts from well over a year ago, for example… Create Your Own Photo Studio seems to constantly get picked up upon even though it was first published back in late 2014! Not bad eh?



Okay, this is one that soooo frickin many of us tend to overlook yet it can be one of the biggest drivers of traffic to your blog. 99% of us end up googling search images at some time or other (and quite often) end up intrigued enough to wander onto the original source of the post. If your image isn’t optimized correctly for the corresponding search terms it more than likely won’t be picked up upon = no new eyeballs seeing your awesome work.

Using ‘Alt Text’ has been so darn beneficial for driving new traffic to my own blog that I recently compiled a post on the subject: Optimize Your Images & Increase Your Blog Traffic – check it out, it just might help you boost your stats too!



Seems a totally sane thing to do right? Yet it never ceases to surprise me the bloggers out there (not just beauty/lifestyle/fashion, but across the spectrum) that seem to casually hand-swat the notion of using a feature image. Is a title really enough to draw in the crowds? It may well be a catchy headliner that’s ideal for SEO into the bargain, but a great visual (that’s relating to what you’re whittling on about) will really help to reel in the visitors in my humble opinion. And before there’s any hand waving or objections folk, let’s just think about it… your blog is like a virtual magazine that’s packed full of fun features (hopefully) An online haven that will be of interest to many a like minded individual such as yourself. Now think of a bookstore or shelf filled with magazines & imagine them all without any kind of interesting image or graphic. Editors the world over wouldn’t dare rely solely on a catchy headline in a sea of amazing other magazine or books with sassy images. A great visual is exactly what’s going to turn those heads and intrigue potential readers enough to pry further. Well, the very same applies to your blog. You may be a stunningly good writer, but make even more of an impact by adding a great feature image to seal the deal 😉



Want your blog to be a hive of interactive chatter? Then consider adding a little question to the end of your post to give your audience a reason to respond. So many bloggers spend too many hours to mention, conjuring up great posts only to find that the comments box has virtual tumbleweeds blowing through it with the lack of inactivity. So next time you’re eager to hit the publish button stop to think if there’s any pearls of wisdom or feedback that you can encourage your readers to share.



Back to that never ending black hole of SEO. Honestly chums, you really could get lost in the subject, but to trim off 99% of the guff that comes with it… simply ensure that you are including a scattering of key words throughout the body of your text that will give search engines more of a chance on finding your blog. For example, if I’m writing about a recently eye palette splurge, I always tend to include product names, colours, what store I purchase it in and any potential descriptive text that the manufactures or brands release. It helps enormously on finding your feature & boosting your overall rankings!



A few nights ago I stumbled upon a blog post featuring some makeup brushes. Considering that I never seem to have enough brushes in my stash to fulfill my craving I thought I’d take a nosey and check out some of the recommendations on offer. On clicking one of the links (that was supposed to virtually transport me to a location somewhere on Amazon) you can imagine my state of bewilderment when I ended up on a credit card application page instead. Assuming my browser had a momentary break-down, I back tracked and re-clicked only to find myself once again on the starting point of a credit card application. Obviously the blogger had made the same mistake 99.9% of us make at some stage or other, which is to copy the incorrect link. Easily done right? But it can also be easily avoided… just by very quickly previewing the post and double checking all links are indeed directing your eager readers to the correct sites.

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Do you have a blog post check list before you push the publish button? Whatever your thought’s we’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello! As always, thanks for reading & wishing y’all a fabulous week ahead.

Cheerio Chums…

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100 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers…

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Even the most experienced of bloggers manage to find themselves in a bit of a creative muddle from time to time whilst trying to think of new ideas on what to write about. Although blogging is undoubtedly bundles of fun, it can also be incredibly challenging when it comes to conjuring up fresh & exciting content for your readers… especially when you feel you’re temporarily lacking a sprinkle of creative imagination.

However this month I’ve noticed a surge of awesome new bloggers stopping by Confetti & Curves to say howdy *friendly wave* It’s no surprise that as a new year dawns so does our desire for taking on a new hobby or interest – and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the buzz you get from blogging or the bundles of support the growing community of online feature writers have to offer.

So in light that today’s post just might help some new (and possibly not so new) beauty, lifestyle & fashion bloggers; I’ve compiled a list of some fun feature ideas that should hopefully keep you focused throughout the year ahead *energetic air punch* Some can even be turned into mini series which I’ve highlighted with a little * symbol.

So go grab your cuppa & blog schedule whilst we take a peek at some of the fun post ideas you could be getting up to in the near future! Happy Blogging…


  1. A RECENT ‘ME SPREE’* – Share what treats made their way into your shopping basket… of course don’t forget to include prices & links too as you’ll impress potential brands & PR companies who may want to contact you for an exciting review opportunity!
  2. MONTHLY FAVOURITES* –Let your readers know what you’ve been loving & loathing over the past few weeks.
  3. NIGHT TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE – Share what lotions & potions you’re currently using before bedtime. Don’t forget to include those shopping links!
  4. DAY TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE – And of course the same for during the day too!
  5. WISH LIST* – Why not split your Wish Lists into several posts for each category: Lipsticks, Shoes, Bags etc. Suddenly you’ve got a whole collection of great posts to share!
  6. WHAT’S IN MY BAG – I loooove these posts. Maybe it’s because I’m super nosey or because I’ve an obsession with new hand bags. Readers adore a good nosey inside a pretty bag, so why not share what you carry around on a daily basis? You could even do an clutch bag or college bag edition too!
  7. FACE OF THE DAY (FOTD)* – What avid beauty blog reader doesn’t love a great FOTD? It’s a feature staple!
  8. CRAFT PROJECTS – Share an easy peasy DIY project such as how to make a cute make up brush holder etc. If you want some inspiration for how to set them out check out my posts Create Your Own Mini Photo Studio & Make Your Own I Heart Buttons Wall Art!
  9. YOUR BLOGGING WORK SPACE – Show case your work space & how you organise it.
  10. HAIR STYLE TUTORIAL – Inspire us with new ways in which we can style our hair. This could be for work/uni/date night, whatever!
  11. GET READY (OR UN-READY) WITH ME – What products you use, make-up, outfit choice, hair style etc Show us how you transform yourself on a night out.
  12. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH* – Pick out your favourite product & tell us why you’ve been loving it so much. Don’t forget to include links should your readers decide to treat themselves!
  13. YOUR FAVOURITE NAIL POLISHES – Round up your favourite colours of the season & get swatching.
  14. RE-CREATE A CELEBRITY LOOK – Why not share a make up or outfit look from one of your fav movie, TV or music stars. Could you show others how to master Taylor Swifts classic red lip or Kim K’s super-contoured cheek bones?
  15. YOUR FAVOURITE BLOGGING ACCESSORIES – Diaries, Post-It notes, Erasable pens, Phone Apps… what do you use for all your blogging needs?
  16. EMPTIES* – Share what goodies you’ve used up recently & your thoughts on them.
  17. SEASONAL MAKE UP TUTORIAL* – Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn… whatever the season show your readers how to create a great look to match!
  18. CREATE THE PERFECT BROW – Are your brows on fleek? Give a quick tutorial and run through of products you use to create the look.
  19. MANICURE OF THE MONTH* – What’s your favourite coloured polish this month? Are you using any awesome hand & nail creams? Maybe you’ve picked up some new tools to keep your digits looking delightful?
  20. FAVOURITE EYE LOOK* – Dramatic or understated..whatever you’re loving let your readers know all about it too & how you achieved it.
  21. HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT WINGED LINER – Possibly one of the trickiest processes that us ladies attempt to master. Have you any tips on how to make it easier?
  22. WHAT’S IN MY MAKE UP BAG – C’mon get the goods out! There’s nothing like a good plunder through the cosmetic stash 😀
  23. YOUR SHOE COLLECTION – Boots, stilettos, flats, gym shoes, cosy slippers… who doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes?
  24. WHAT’S ON MY BEAUTY SHELF – Literally. Take a picture of your beauty shelves and talk us through what lotions & potions you’re making use of!
  25. COME ALONG WITH ME – Why not your readers along with you on a day trip or night out? Include details from the outfit, accessories, makeup, where you’re going & what you’re doing. Not that we’re a nosey bunch or anything 😉
  26. INTRODUCE A GUEST BLOGGER* – A great way to get networking with other blog buddies!
  27. SHARE OTHER HOBBIES – What other activities do you love doing in your spare time? What benefit are they and why do you do them? Maybe you’ll help inspire some of us to try something new!
  28. HOST A GIVE-AWAY – A great way to celebrate a blogging milestone such as reaching 100 followers or a 1st year blogiversary etc
  29. TAKE PART IN A FUN TAG – You don’t have to wait until you’re invited to take part in one you know, however it’s always good to link back to the blog you spotted it on! You’ll get extra brownie points for being a considerate blogger 🙂
  30. HOST A Q&A – Why not ask your readers if they have any burning questions for you?
  31. FIVE MINUTE MAKE UP LOOK – We’re all in a rush these days whether it be for work, uni or a night out. Why not share your top products for achieving a great look in the fraction of the time!
  32. FAVOURITE INSTAGRAMERS – Who’s inspiring you on Instagram?
  33. QUIRKY FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF – Dazzle us with some interesting facts about yourself… a great way to let your readers know a little bit more about you!
  34. NAIL ART TUTORIAL* – Are you a whizz at dressing up your claws? Then show us how we can achieve that look too.
  35. TOP APPS YOU USE ON YOUR PHONE – Virtual diaries, photography editing, reading, shopping, social media… whatever apps you’re using let your readers know all about them.
  36. A ROOM TOUR – Why not take your readers on a quick tour around your room and share some of your favourite things such as candles, jewellery holders, cute photo frames & beauty storage etc.
  37. PAY DAY PICKS*  – What treats are you planning on spending your hard earned cash on?
  38. HOW YOU OVERCAME ANY ISSUES – bullying, depression, anxiety, low self esteem? Don’t be afraid to share a little snippet of something you’ve battled with and how you’ve overcome it or maybe you’re still going through it? You’ll be amazed at how many others may be able to relate to you. Some of my greatest supporters for tough times have been my blog buddies.
  39. OUTFIT OF THE DAY – Dazzle readers with your styling skills! Why not rope in your bestie to help take some awesome pictures of your fashion look in locations nearby? Could be a fun opportunity to catch up with friends whilst snapping some awesome blog images!
  40. YOUR GOALS & DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE – What are you working towards and how are you aiming to get there? This is a great way to reflect & help keep your eyes focused on the future prize.
  41. INTERVIEW A FAVOURITE BLOGGER* – Don’t be afraid to approach any of your favourite bloggers to ask if you could interview them… I’m pretty sure they’ll be utterly chuffed to bits you approached them & will more than likely help spread the word about your blog too!
  42. YOUR JEWELLERY COLLECTION – What sparkly accessories are you hiding in your own little treasure chest?
  43. WHAT INSPIRES YOU – It could be a book, movie, friend, family member, celebrity, the blogging community, your faith… the list goes on.
  44. THROW BACK PHOTO’S – Who doesn’t love a virtual wander down memory lane?
  45. HOW YOU DE-STRESS – Share your tips on what you do to chill out & relax after a busy week.
  46. PLANNING A GIRLS NIGHT OUT – Outfits, make up, shoes, bags, the chums, the venue… we’d love to read your planning tips!
  47. WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED FROM BLOGGING – Whether it be a month, a year or a decade. Let your readers know your thoughts so far, including your goals & ambitions!
  48. 5 THINGS YOU WOULDN’T WANNA LIVE WITHOUT – C’mon we all have our must haves 😀
  49. STYLE INSPIRATION* – Why not create an outfit, wish list or fashion menu of most wanted threads?
  50. BEST BEAUTY DUPES – Let your readers know how they can save time & money by sharing your secrets!
  51. MUST-READ BLOGGERS – What bloggers are you checking out most often? What makes them so interesting? Don’t forget to let your favourite bloggers know how much you enjoy their blogs, they may even help promote your post!
  52. WHAT’S ON YOUR BEAUTY BOOK SHELF – Are you currently book-worming your way through a great beauty read? If so, we’d love to know about it too!
  53. DRAMATIC MAKE UP LOOK – Unless your creative talents by showing readers what unforgettable looks you’ve been creating.
  54. SHARE YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS – Are you hoarding a secret skill? Maybe you’re a part time pole-dancer, creative graphic design artist or a pro at making your own organic skin scrubs? Time to fess up and show the world (or your blog buddies at least) how blooming marvellous you are in other areas.
  55. FAVOURITE POSTS ROUND-UP* – Gather up some of your most popular posts over the last year?
  56. DE-CLUTTER YOUR MAKE UP BAG/ROOM/WARDROBE ETC – Take us along on a sort-out mission! Who doesn’t love a good spring clean?
  57. DÉCOR IDEAS ON A BUDGET – Set yourself a budget and show your readers how nifty & thrifty you are at interior design!
  58. WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED – exercise, yoga, copious amounts of chocolate perhaps? 😉 Whatever keeps a fire in your belly we’d love to reads all about it.
  59. YOUR TRAVEL LIST – Fancy a jolly hol? Where would you most like to spend a week away?
  60. A DAY IN YOUR LIFE – Time to get the camera out and document what your daily routine is… you’ll be amazed at how many readers really enjoy these poist!
  61. CURRENT CELEBRITY FASHION/BEAUTY TRENDS – Are you a devoted follower of all things hot on the celebrity circuit? Maybe you’re regularly burning the midnight oil by taking notes from live red carpet shows? Share your findings by being one of the first to tell the world what’s super hot right now.
  62. WHY YOU STARTED YOUR BLOG – Everyone has a blogging story, we’d love to hear yours too!
  63. PLANNING A GIRLS NIGHT IN – Pj’s, snacks, movies, face masks, gossip, cocktails & giggles… everyone LOVES a great girls night in. What’s your party essentials?
  64. BEST OF ETSY – Share your favourite Etsy finds so we can add copious amounts of little trinkets to our wish lists!
  65. YOUR FAVOURTIE MAKE UP BRANDS & WHY YOU LIKE THEM SO MUCH – Everyone has a favourite brand (or five in my case) Share with the world just why you love your top brands so much & maybe you’ll inspire someone else to fall in love with them too!
  66. TOP TIPS FOR STRESS FREE SHOPPING – I think we could ALL be doing with a dose of that medicine 😉
  67. THRIFT SHOP FINDS* – Are you an avid bargain hunter with a passion for shopping? Why not check out your local charity thrift shops & share with readers what hidden pre-loved gems you’ve found… all in the name of a great cause too!
  68. FAVOURITE PLACES NEARBY – Why not tell your readers about some of your favourite local attractions? Don’t forget to share it on social media as you just might be pleasantly surprised at how many visitors & locals will want to check out your post… time to get hash-tagging ladies!
  69. FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Hot or Not? What’s your immediate thoughts on a new product you’ve been eager to try out?
  70. MOST WATCHED YOUTUBE CHANNELS – Give us all something to procrastinate over during the weekend!
  71. DIY BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Face scrubs, masks, self tanning, pedicures, manicures, hair colours… who needs a fancy schmancy spa when they have your fabulous features to inspire them!
  72. HOW TO APPLY FALSE LASHES – My evil nemesis… I can assure you I’ll be first in line to read any advice you might wanna share! Is it normal to be this intimidated by falsies? 😀
  73. YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH STREET STORES & WHY – What shops do you love browsing? What makes the staff so good? Are the changing facilities life-changing? 😉
  74. BEST BUDGET BUYS* – Not everyone is prepared to splash the cash on £28 mascaras *dramatic eye roll* What pocket friendly alternatives to high end products are you craving over?
  75. TOP HIGH-END SPEND PRODUCTS* – Just like the Best Budget Buys , get sharing some of your greatest high-end products & let the world know what’s okay (or not) to invest in without being bitterly disappointed and potentially penniless.
  76. BODY ISSUES YOU’VE BATTLED – Acne breakouts, damaged nails, frizzy hair?
  77. FAVOURITE EYE SHADOW PALETTES – There can never be enough amazing palettes in one’s collection *happy sigh* and I for one reeeeally wanna hear what eye dazzlers you’re currently obsessed with!
  78. DISAPPOINTING PRODUCTS* – Ahhh the life of a beauty blogger isn’t all fun & games as occasionally we stumble upon a disaster or two…. however maintain your grace & don’t forget to make your criticism as constructive as possible 😉
  79. BEAUTY/SKINCARE ESSENTIALS FOR TRAVELLING – whether it be a three hour car journey or long haul flight, we’d all like to arrive looking & feeling fabulous!
  80. YOUR TOP ONLINE STORES – In a world where online shopping seems to be the preferred choice of many, why not share what sites you’ve had a great experience with!
  81. SUBSCRIPTION BOXES* – What goodies did the postman deliver to your door this month?
  82. YOUR CURRENT STYLE STAPLES – Have a blazer that goes with everything or a jumper that seems to be a second skin? Share the items you’re loving to wear & why!
  83. HAVE A RANT – Only now and again of course or you just might scare your new followers off! If anything a little rant every once in a while reminds readers there’s a real life human grumbling behind the blog! Bah Humbug.
  84. YOUR HANDBAG COLLECTION – Need I say more *swoon*
  85. SEASONAL SKINCARE* – Dry lips, blotchy red patches, broken nails? If you have any top tips to share on how to look & feel awesome during the season then do tell!
  86. THE PERFECT PEDICURE – I’ll be the first to say I’m NOT a fan of feet in the slightest, in fact it’s a borderline phobia, however I’m often amazed at the lack of pedi posts. C’mon beauty guru’s, your tootsies are just as important!
  87. GET TO KNOW ME BETTER – This could be in a question format from your readers or simply a few paragraphs on your loves & loathes in life.
  88. BUDGET MAKE UP CHALLENGE – Create an entire look with awesome products for under a target amount of money! Great for students, bargain hunters & those on a tight budget.
  89. CREATE A QUIZ OR FUN TAG – Can’t find a TAG to suit you? Then why not create your own & invite your blog buddies to join in the fun.
  90. YOUR BEAUTY HACKS – Ssssh. Promise we won’t mention a thing! 😉
  91. HAIR ADVICE & WHAT PRODUCTS YOU USE – Dry, greasy, limp, full, thick, damaged, coloured or bleached within an inch of it’s life? Whatever the previous condition of your follicles, guide readers through any recent products that have helped you gained gorgeous looking tresses once again!
  92. BUYER FOCUSED BEAUTY BRANDS – Cruelty Free, Sensitive Skin, Acne Prone, Organic etc,
  93. MONTHLY ROUND-UP* – Gather up your most recent posts, so new readers & those that might have missed out can keep up to date with what’s been happening on your blog.
  94. THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO IMPROVE ON YOUR BLOG – Design, layout, menu’s, titles, images, adding a contact page, changing the name… whatever your plans why not share it with your readers? They may be able to give you invaluable feedback to help you along the way!
  95. STATIONARY STAPLES – Pens, notepads, cute little sticky notes, funky erasures, pencil sharpening gadgets, planner stickers, pens, giant paper clips, desktop organisers. Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of stationary items?
  96. FOODS WITH BEAUTY BENEFITS* – Easy peasy juice recipes, fresh fruit or veg that may help with a skin complaint or beauty blemish. Making even the smallest changes in our diets can have such a amazing benefits!
  97. ASK FOR ADVICE – This is often a great way to get people interacting on your blog! By asking for help with a current beauty or lifestyle dilemma you just might get some great advice & make new blog buddies into the bargain = Win,Win!
  98. BAD BEAUTY HABBITS & HOW TO BANISH THEM – Forgetting to wash your brushes, nail biting, hoarding stale make up, cleansing your skin with baby wipes *tut tut* We all have our bad habits, what’s yours & how are you trying to shake it for good?
  99. MAKE A VIRTUAL MOOD BOARD – This could be to ignite creativity with blog design, a room makeover, new dramatic make up look or party outfit!
  100. YOUR FAVOURITE BEAUTY TOOLS & MAKEUP BRUSHES – We all have our favourites for many reasons: cost, longevity, design, results… what’s your must-have tools of the trade & why do you give them such a huge thumbs up?

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Do you suffer from creative block every now & again? What’s your top tips for featuring fresh content? Maybe you’re new to blogging & have a question of your own?

If you’ve any suggestions for post ideas to add to the list please stop by and leave them in the comments below – we’d love to read all about them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cheerio Chums…

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Blogging Goals for 2016…

Blogging Goals for 2016

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions, simply because I’ve never been able to keep them. In the past I’ve jumped into new years like a ninja on a mission then found myself floundering like a wet balloon 3 weeks in – disappointment dripping from me that I haven’t been able to stick to that one thing such as giving up Oreo’s or remembering to take my makeup off every single night. Then again I’m only human, and needless to say we all have our Achilles heels. However what I can’t cope with is the bitter disappointment that looms after waking up with mascara smudged eyes and the stark realisation that I’ve tried to stick to something so menial and it’s failed. What on earth hope do I have of getting the rest of my life together if I’m already dunking Oreo’s into my tea come mid January? *sigh*

 What I do thrive on however is goals. Having a focus in life and working towards something tangible rather than having my self-belief smashed over sneakily indulging in a cream filled cookie*sigh* C’mon, we all need a treat gals! So considering that it’s the first Monday of the new year I’m all for setting my goals and realistically aiming for things that ARE achievable and that I desperately want to strive towards. There’s a hefty dose of determination running through these veins – 2016 is simply a chance to enjoy an even bigger learning curve than before! So here’s my blogging goals for the next 12 months, I thought I’d blog about them so I can refer back and remind myself what I’m aiming for this year. It may take weeks, possibly even a few months to get through this list but the main thing is they’re top of my blogging agenda…



As wonderful as YouTube & blogging is for picking up a multitude of skills, tips, hints and tricks when it comes to makeup application, I’m stubbornly determined to roll up my sleeves and get to trips with learning more via a hands on approach! As luck would have it I’ve been invited along to a master class that’s running close to Easter by a very well respected makeup artist with a whopping amount of experience working in the media. Something tells me this is only going to ignite a desire to start signing up for more master classes as opposed to term-time courses. Personally it works better for my schedule (between work & being a mum) plus it gives me something to really look forward to and practice my newly acquired skills in front of the camera!



The entire world seems to have cottoned on to posting on Instagram regularly, yet here I am still trying to remember what day it is let alone post what I put on my face this morning.  In an attempt to really get to grips with it I’m aiming to post something rather pretty at least 3 times a week… I can’t guarantee it’ll be a visual feast for eyeballs everywhere, but hopefully it’ll start a routine of utilising it much more than I did in 2015!



Overall I’m really happy with the look of Confetti & Curves, it suits me for now, however I would like to up the game and introduce a few little minor tweaks here and there to keep it feeling fresh and current. More importantly I’m hoping to restructure some of my categories so that it’ll be much easier for both new and existing readers (including myself) to find ‘stuff’ much more easily. Maybe I’m overthinking things but at the moment the categories seem too generic… a little crafting should hopefully create a much better initial impression when landing on the home page.



I’ve whittled on and on and ON about how lucrative Sidebar advertising can be throughout 2015! As I blog virtually 6 days a week, a whole heap of interesting posts have passed by without getting a little place down the side of my blog. I personally find these really useful for driving much more traffic to older/popular posts that new or regular readers may miss out on! Truth be told it really doesn’t take that long to whip up a fancy little design and link it – it’s sifting through and deciding what to redecorate my wall with that’s gonna take the time!



2015 ended particularly busy and with that I’ve had to postpone (and in a few cases decline) some exciting opportunities. I’m determined to make 2016 a year where I can focus much more of my time on embracing as many opportunities as I possibly can. I’ve worked my little socks off with Confetti & Curves and have loved every single minute of it, but being a beauty blogger I’d be crazy not to take advantage of working with many more great PR companies!



I’m not just addicting to tapping away fun filled features of my own but reading others is one of my greatest past-times – as well as divulging in occasional YouTube marathons! Yet again my work schedule has really held me back so I’m hoping that 2016 will enable me to get back into touch with my daily blog reading! Fingers crossed 😉



In general I’m a fan of social media, however for me there’s little that surpasses Twitter when it comes to spreading the blogging word to a world-wide community. Don’t get me wrong I’ve toyed with the idea of Facebook, but it seems to be a long hard slog when it comes to gaining followers. Needless to say, with Mr Zuckerberg preferring to capitolise on ad revenue, the limitation to spreading the news far and wide is somewhat limited – unless you’ve money to burn on sponsored advertising, which I don’t!

Twitter and the benefits of hash-tagging are so much more fruitful however I’m determined to make full use of HootSuite this year by continuing to pre-schedule sharing (some) of my posts so that readers can take avail of checking them out when I’m tucked up in bed. It’s so easy to forget that the rest of the world aint sleeping – even when you are!



I’ve been working on an exciting new blog series for quite a while now, one that I feel is going to be hugely insightful and beneficial to many beauty & lifestyle lovers. 2016 is the golden opportunity to really put the foot on the accelerator and make some upcoming new ideas a reality!



If there’s one thing I pride myself on is the ability to keep organised, however there’s always room for improvement. With blogging (almost) on a daily basis I’d really like to be able to build up a lengthier schedule of pre-written posts that’s going to take the pressure off me in the long run and free up some more of my time to enjoy reading other blogs and interact more with my own readers and viewers! Also, now I have my trusty ring lamp that hubby treated me too as a surprise Christmas pressie, I can pretty much get to filming anytime of the day or night – super beneifical when battling with low lighting and a jam-packed diary!


I’ve been avoiding updating my ‘About Me’ page for far too long and oddly enough it’s one of the first pages I personally love to read when I land on a new blog. All it takes is a few short paragraphs and voila, the new reader knows a little bit more about the creator of the blog. Mine is dreadfully outdated, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s virtual cobwebs collating on it by now – out with the old me & in with the new!

pink heart

What’s your thoughts on New Years Resolutions, are you all for them or against them? Have you any blogging or personal goals in mind for 2016? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter!

Cheerio chums…

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Optimize Your Images & Increase Your Blog Traffic…

Optimizing Blog Images

On one of my recent blog-tip features: 10 Tips On Growing Your Blog Audience, quite a few readers expressed a keen interest to learn more about the benefits of optimizing images to boost blog traffic, and not being one to disappoint that’s exactly what we’re focusing on in today’s post! So go grab your notepads as this could be rather useful ladies 😉

Now although I’m by nooooo means a techie; during my own blog journey I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons that have really helped me grow Confetti & Curves. Getting to grips with properly optimizing my images has been a lesson that has certainly yielded pretty successful results to date. So for those who may be newbies at blogging, who aren’t the most fluent in computer lingo or self acclaimed SEO wizards – but are curious on how to reap the benefits from your blog images, then this just might be right up your street…



Although search engines perform like highly intelligant well-oiled machines, they can’t recognise an image visually like you and I can, therefore they need words in place of pretty pixels to uncover what’s been searched for. So when a cosmetic craver takes to an online oracle (such as Google) and types a series of words into the search bar e.g ‘Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Pink Party Dress’, the search engine will filter out exactly what ‘key words & tags’ it has successfully picked up on with those words or phrases attached to the images that have been optimized.

Therefore, as a blogger with a keen interest on driving more traffic to your online haven, the more detailed YOU are when it comes to entering a description to your images the more likely a search engine is to pick it up = voila, your image is found by the user who clicks on the source to redirect straight to your blog. Mission accomplished!



Thankfully WordPress have made it super easy-peasy for us mere mortals who haven’t the first clue about coding or any of that important guff. When uploading a picture from your computer hard drive, you’ll notice a nifty little ‘Attachment Details’ box to the right hand side of the media library as shown below…


As you can see there’s a number of fields in which you can enter text. Confused what goes where? Here’s a quick run through…

URL: This is where the image is stored on your WordPress Site.

Title: This is simply as it suggests, the title of your image. If uploading from a camera you may notice a series of letters/numbers. Be sure to replace with an actual description eg. change DSC00001 to something more descriptive such as ‘Red Chanel Lipstick shade 444 Gabrielle’.

Caption: This is where you can add text to show beneath your image e.g ‘My Favourite Red Lipstick’.

Alt Text: This is text that search engines will more than likely pick up on & will also show if the image is slow in uploading. This is where you need to enter your key words/description e.g ‘Red Lipstick, Chanel 444 Gabrielle’.

Attachment Display Settings… 

Alignment: Allows you to choose the format in which you want your image to be positioned.

Link To: This controls where a reader is taken to when they click on your image. Media File opens the file in it’s own tab. Attachment Page opens the image on its own page in your site. Custom URL allows you to set a specific page where you’d like your reader to be redirected too on your site. None means the image is unclickable.

Size: Allows you to control what size you’d like to display your image, from full size to thumbnail.


Personally I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in volume of traffic since really putting the effort into making sure my images are properly tagged and search engine ready. By looking at you stats page you’ll soon begin to notice the increased referrals coming from the likes of Google images etc. Here’s a quick example of a few recent posts below that still manage to get new traffic on a daily basis thanks to savvy tagging & Alt Text…

Example 1: Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Pink Party Dress

Maybel Example edited

This particular feature (above) was posted back in September. Just a few months later it’s already top of the image search, even above Superdrug’s own catalogue image which is directly below. Not bad for adding a few extra words into a box chums 😉


Example 2: NYC Shine In A Minute in Prince Street

NYC Example edit

This feature (above) was only posted a few weeks ago and already it’s top of the search results & images. The power of good search engine terms really does make a significant difference when it comes to boosting you up right up those rankings!

pink heart

Are you tagging or lagging when it comes to making your images search engine friendly? Do you have any top tips for boosting blog traffic through images? Is this something you’ll be adding to your uploading routine? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below, so do stop by & say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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10 Photography Backdrop Ideas for Budding Beauty Bloggers…

10 Photography Background Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Coming up with stunning but simplistic & affordable photography backdrops can be a bit of a struggle even for the most creative amongst us. However throughout my blogging journey I’ve managed to uncover a range of effective background ideas that can often be found around the house, or for minimal cost. Who needs to spend all their hard earned cash on budget draining equipment when you have these pocket friendly idea’s close to hand…

Background graphic 1

old calendars

As a huge fan of recycling anything particularly pretty, there’s no better way to make use of old calendar pictures than to unleash your favourite pair of craft scissors and give them a new lease of life by using them as some pretty backdrops. Floral & patterned ones can be particularly effective, so next time you’re shopping for a new calendar keep in mind to choose a complimentary themed one that will eventually end up as the perfect selection of backdrop images!


Background graphic 2

Clinique palette

If you love the idea of an editorial, high fashion or edgy look to your images then magazine features can set the perfect scene. If you’ve already ditched your stash of old copies then I’d encourage you to treat yourself to a sparkly new glossy. Vogue & Marie Claire usually have pages full of beautiful text and striking images for you to take your pic from. If ‘soft & romantic’ is more your thing, then there’s nothing prettier than a stack of well worn books to add a sprinkling of quintessential charm to your feature. Give it a go, you just might be surprised how well it can work.


Background graphic 3

Craft Paper

These are one of my favourite background staples. Having a craft drawer literally bunged with stationary goodies I’m never in short supply of some pretty paper to display my cosmetic goodies on. Keeping a selection of high quality paper sheets can really help your photo’s come to life. Available from all good stationary or craft stores, these are usually sold in single sheets for (approximately) 50p each or in a pad format which hosts a wealth of different designs to choose from.


Background graphic 4

Wallpaper Rolls

Pretty much every hardware store has a wall paper department filled with rolls of pretty designs that you can request a free sample off. This is a great alternative to buying craft paper if your budget is limited or you’re doing a specific themed feature that you might have no use for in the future!


Background graphic 5

wooden floor

Might sound a little strange initially but spending a few quid on a few sample boards from your local flooring store can be a great way to give your background some superb texture or the impression that you’ve a gorgeous table at home that’s showcasing your items perfectly. One of my favourite styles is a shabby but ‘oh so chic’ white-washed look that can really help the colour of your products pop on such a neutral backdrop.


Background graphic 5a

lacey fabric

Fabrics can create a gorgeous backdrop particularly if you fancy the idea of forming different heights (or platforms) for displaying a multitude of products. Unlike paper displays, fabric can be washed (which is particularly handy if you’re a bit of a clumsy fool like myself) or if it simply gets grubby with continuous use over time. Why not support a small business by taking a trip to a local textile shop to view the selection of fabrics on offer? Incorporating materials such as a sumptuous lace can give a luxurious look and almost vintage theme to your blog photography. Alternatively you could try something fun & eye catching or otherwise completely neutral to avoid distraction. Just remember to steam or press any fold lines & wrinkles before you begin your set-up!


Background graphic 6


Sometimes taking to the great outdoors (weather permitting obvious ladies!) can be a incredibly inspirational, especially if you’re showcasing any natural or organic products. A local beach, the woods or even your back garden can really get the creative juices flowing. A great benefit is that it doesn’t cost a dime and the natural day light will really help to capture the colours in their truest form!


Background graphic 7


I personally find that using a mirror can be especially effective if you’re photographing a singular product that may look a little lost on it’s own as the reflection of the mirrored setting will add some interesting depth and definition to your image. Just make sure you’re shooting from an angle that doesn’t show your camera lens. However pleeeeease make sure you give it a clean before camera clicking… grubby mirrors with smudged finger prints don’t make for pretty additions.


Background graphic 8


Earlier in the year I rolled up my sleeves & created this really colourful heart shaped button picture. It was super easy & such a fun project to work on, however what I didn’t realise at the time was how darn handy it would turn out to be for photography. Although it hangs on the wall above my vanity table, I usually just lift it off when I need it for photographing… no hassle, no fuss & it’s always to hand! If you want to find out how to make your own just *click here* for my easy peasy tutorial.


Here’s a pic of the button picture in action; it’s quite a pretty backdrop wouldn’t you agree?


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Props and products

This is probably one of my most popular posts to date, particularly for those who really are limited for space & don’t want to spend a fortune on costly professional photography equipment. Creating your own mini photo studio is the ideal solution that’s super handy for taking great pictures against a simple backdrop. I painted mine white however if you’d prefer a different colour or patterned paper then why not give it a go?  If you’d like to check out the tutorial just *click here* to get creating!

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What’s your favourite backdrop for photography? Have you any suggestions of your own you’d like to share? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to hear them in the comments below so do stop by & say a quick howdy!

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