Meet The Tech Monday featuring Julie-Ann Powell


Helloooo lovelies…

How are you all keeping? Well, I hope! It’s been a busy little weekend here and the last of the kids being off for Easter jolly hols… not gonna lie and say I won’t enjoy the peace & quiet of an empty house yet again!  Anyone else with me? *happy sigh* 😉

However, it’s back to business today and as planned we have another exciting chatter for you all to feast your eyes upon as we catch up with the lovely Julie-Ann about life as a nail tech!

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Anyway, that’s enough from me… are you sitting comfy? Then let’s meet Julie-Ann…

Julie Ann Powell

Julie Ann Powell – Tip Top Tips

Are you mobile, home working or salon based?
Mobile and home based
What training have you undertaken or are intending to take?
Essential nails distance training in gel tip and overlay, spa mani/pedi, gel polish and nail art. Living miles away from family and having a two-year-old this was ideal for me as I could learn at my own pace and fit in around my family
What nail brands do you enjoy using & why?
Ink London for gel extensions – customer service is second to none and products are amazing quality yet affordable. Magpie for glitter, stamping queen U.K. For all nail art foils/brushes etc. Dixie plates for stamping products. Currently using Gelaze for gel polish (until I can rob a bank and purchase the magpie gels )
How long have you been involved in the industry?
Just over a year, so still very much a newbie
Do you offer any other services other than nails?
Not at the moment – other than a gossip
Where do you get ideas for upcoming nail designs?
Everything and anything! I love trying new designs and enjoy all aspects of nail art
What is your most memorable or favourite set?

Julie Ann best set

Pictured Above: Best set of nails  – homecoming nails. After a 13 week non contact deployment these were such a pleasure to do

Julie Ann Fav

Pictured Above: Favourite set of extensions, simple yet the first time I’ve been happy with the shaping

What has been your least favourite set and why?

Julie Ann worst

Pictued Above: Worse set, one of my first… I’ve since learnt to streamline!
Are there any nail pro’s that inspire you?
Kate Dix from Dixie plates for her take on the nail industry. Anona Grice and Sophie Hudd for nail art. All incredibly talented ladies!
How do you deal with difficult clients?
I’ve been lucky enough not to have many difficult clients. I stay true to myself, I’m honest and I think people respect that
How do you keep yourself motivated during quiet times or tough days?
I am only part time and work around my husband who is in the forces and a 2 year old so I don’t have quiet periods if I do I usually will do my own nails or practice some new designs
What do you find is the most challenging thing about being a nail tech?
My own self-confidence, I am my harshest critic. Although I see this as a good thing. I am always finding ways to improve

How do you cope with business competition?
I try and work with them. We are all trying to achieve the same thing and I think we should support each other where we can
Are there any aspects of your skills you’d like improve on?
Everything, I am in awe of other nail techs and would love to be at a standard they are providing their clients. Shaping is the one thing I am always eager to improve on
What current trends are your clients loving?
Stamping! Everyone loves stamping!
What are your interests outside of nails?
My little boy, he is the light of my life. Trying to make the world a safer and better place for him is my main goal in life
What advice would you give to others thinking about starting off in the nail industry?
Do it! What do you have to lose? I’ve met some amazing clients and spoken to some fantastic nail techs. My confidence has improved and my self-esteem is far greater, I feel like I have purpose – even if it is just painting nails

What social media links can we find you on?

Facebook –

Instagram (still new to this) – @jatiptoptips


A huge thanks to Julie-Ann for taking part in Meet The Tech Monday… be sure to pop by her social media pages to check out her fantastic work or why not take a moment to say a quick howdy in the comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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