Meet The Tech Monday featuring Sanita Ozolina…


Howdy lovelies…

It’s that time again for another dose of Meet The Tech. A fun feature where we make room on the virtual sofa for an aspiring or professional nail artist to tell us more about their experiences in the industry so far! This week we have the lovely Sanita Ozolina with us chatting about life as a nail tech, including sharing some pics to be proud of!

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Anyway, that’s enough from me… are you sitting comfy? Then let’s get started…



Sanita Ozolina





Are you mobile, home working or salon based?

Salon based


What training have you undertaken or are intending to take?

I have completed gel beginner course, lady glam nail art course, e-file course, hard gel fading, gel polish application and design, just gel course( gel sculpting and reverse French),One stroke Level1, currently undertaking gel to acrylic course to learn basic acrylics.


What nail brands do you enjoy using & why?

I use Mosaic and Naba. I love Mosaic as they have good range of gels and I was trained with them in my beginner course. I adapted to Naba during my just gel course and I am taking training with Naba acrylics. Both are high quality brands with reasonable prices and long lasting results.


How long have you been involved in the industry?

I started my training March 2016. Before that I had training in classic manicure and pedicure as part of my Beauty Therapy studies. Actively have started to work just around month ago.


Do you offer any other services other than nails?

I do offer some beauty treatments, but my mine focus at the moment is towards nail industry.


Where do you get ideas for upcoming nail designs?

I go on free workshops when I have a chance, and see what others share in groups and their pages.


What is your most memorable or favourite set? 

Sanita 1

I think it was my first completed set of my gel beginners course, that made me proud and my teacher as well.


What has been your least favourite set and why? 

Hard to tell which has been my least favourite set, as I kind of love them all.

Sanita 2

However, this is my least favourite set, it is gel polish. Why? Because I think I can do better than this


Are there any nail pro’s that inspire you?

I get my inspiration from Zsuszana Varga and Chrissie Pearce.


How do you deal with difficult clients?

I always try to be polite and do my best to satisfy them.


How do you keep yourself motivated during quiet times or tough days?

As I am in transition between jobs and work in 2 places at the moment, I do not have too much free time, but I try to use quiet periods to practice and improve my skills.


What do you find is the most challenging thing about being a nail tech?

Being responsible for your own time and income and dealing with difficult clients, as well as last minute cancellations and no shows challenge.


How do you cope with business competition?

I simply am what I am and always do my best.


Are there any aspects of your skills you’d like improve on?

Product application, structure and shape.


What current trends are your clients loving?

Simple designs with full block color and a slight accent on nails.


What are your interests outside of nails?

My amazing kids and my professional development.


What advice would you give to others thinking about starting off in the nail industry?

If you feel that it is what you want, go for it! I didn’t had confidence that I will love it as I hated to work with normal nail varnish, but I am glad my friend encouraged me to give it a try as she saw my potential of becoming great nail tech and I am thankful for that.


What social media links can we find you on?

Facebook and linkedin


A huge thanks to the lovely Sanita for taking part in Meet The Tech Monday… be sure to pop by her social media pages to check out her fantastic work or why not take a moment to say a quick howdy in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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