The Beauty Collective…. What Do YOU Wanna Know?


Fancy taking part in something exciting? Course ya do!

Wanna interact with others? Meet new blog buddies? Find out what makes your fellow bloggers tick? Then why not roll up your creative sleeves and take part in an exciting new mini-series The Beauty Collective!


Okay, bit of a back story for those of you who’s ears are perked and eyes are peeled… As you can see (up along the menu bar on Confetti & Curves) there’s an intriguing little tab entitled ‘Behind The Blog‘ – this was a series of fun weekly interviews that a whooooole host of fabulous bloggers took part in over a two-year period. The point of it? To allow the rest of us nosey bloggers to learn a little more about you & your fabulous corner of the interweb.

Of course after taking a break from Behind The Blog I’ve been inundated with emails from new bloggers asking if it’ll be making a return. However, fear not my little computer companions as it’s high time we started afresh  – and YOU have control in choosing the questions.

SO, in a digital nutshell, I’m inviting you lovely lot to submit a burning question you’ve been itching to ask other bloggers… this can be anything like:

‘How obsessed are you with your stats?’

‘Are you a self-confessed blog-stalker?’

‘What made you start blogging?’

‘Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?’

‘What ticks you off the most about blogging?’ 

‘How do you organise your blog schedule?’

(…and lots of other blog & beauty related questions)


A list of chosen questions will be compiled into a questionnaire and used as a great way to get to know fellow beauty bloggers. Sounds simple? Thought so 😉

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For those eagerly waiting to take part, feel free to submit a question and if YOU would like to be a featured blogger on The Beauty Collective leave your details in the comments below & I’ll be in touch with more info very shortly.

Cheerio Chums…

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39 thoughts on “The Beauty Collective…. What Do YOU Wanna Know?

  1. I’d love to take part, Behind the Blog was so fun!! I’d love to hear where other bloggers draw inspo from, and where they get their blog photo props! I’m always trying to improve my photography with cute trinkets but I never know where to get them!

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  3. This is brilliant. As a semi new blogger, i love getting inspiration and advice from more seasoned experts. I have a burning question – how do you pick a topic that isn’t already over? I wrote one a week about one of 3 thing: food, fitness or fashion (including beauty style) and sometimes I worry that I’m just repeating something that has already been talked about our isn’t necessarily on trend at the moment.

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