How To: Chrome Powder Nail Tip (with a dash of sparkly holo)…

If you’re a nail tech, or even if you’re just obsessed with nails, you’ll probably be only too familiar with the chrome powder trend that’s been sweeping the nation over the past few months. Now while I’m not personally a huge fan of it on my own talons (it doesn’t seem to compliment my pink sausage like fingers) there’s no denying it does look impressive elsewhere… a hefty mix of futuristic meets chic.

Having invested in a few pots of powder, I’ve been playing around with it over a number of weeks – some clients love it some just aren’t so sure. However, for those that simply want a touch of chrome, this funky metallic nail design could be just what the nail tech ordered! And yes, it’s super easy peasy – no degrees in artistic nail studies required!!! *hooray*

So if you’re thinking of investing in some mirror powder or a little pot of chrome, then why not check out this week’s chatter as it may help sprinkle some design inspiration when creating a few eye-catching looks for yourself!

Is that the kettle I hear? 😉 Time to grab a coffee and get comfy… don’t forget, you can *click here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload!

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What’s your thoughts on chrome nails? Are you mad for metallics? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello gals 🙂

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