Seven Spooky Nail Art Designs For Halloween…


I’m currently obsessed with browsing over intricate little nail designs, which is no surprise coming from a nail tech. Pinterest, Instagram, Google – I could spend hours sifting through the hoards of awe inspiring nail designs. However this Halloween I’ve a few clients who are super excited to get their talons transformed into something rather spooktacular!

To help me conjure up a few concepts of my own I’ve stumbled across some inspirational design ideas that have been hand-crafted by some of the best nail artists on the web. So if like me, you’re on the lookout for some fun ways to jazz up your nails this Hallows Eve then check out this creepy crew…


1) Peek-a-boo


Cute, fun and best of all an easy peasy nail art project for virtually any skill level. All you need is some good quality black & white polish, along with a dotting tool, and hey presto – you can create your very own little spooky eyeballs!


2) Mummified


How hilarious is this Egyptian mummy inspired nail art by YaGala?! I love the little googly eyes that give it such a fun 3D quality – definitely one I’ll be trying out over the next few days!


3) Sugar Skulls


Over the past few years ‘Sugar Skulls’ have become a hot Halloween trend, with awesome face paints and fun makeup tutorials! I love these colourful skull nail decals which make decorating your talons a whoooole lot easier. Simply wet, peel and stick! What a fab idea 😀


4) Haunted House 


Wow!! I adore this cute little Haunted House scene from Stylish_Mom. That gorgeous matte ombre effect finished off with such intricate hand painted designs makes this the perfect eye-catching illustration for any trick or treater!


5) Itty Black Kitty


No Halloween nail art collection would be complete without the universal accessory of spookiness – the illustrious black cat. I love the purple background and cute kitty’s face peeking over the free-edge created by The Nail Trail. This is definitely one to etch onto on my to-do list!!


6) Wonder Web


How fabulous is this chic spiders web design? However, fear not fellow shaky-handed folk as there are plenty of Halloween themed stamping plates to help you achieve the same precise detail without having to be a modern day Picasso!


7) Jack Skellington


Obviously, I had to include a nail design of one of my favourite Halloween characters’ – the fabulous Jack Skellington. I’m head over heels for this work of nail-art by Cute Polish… and it looks pretty easy to recreate. It’s certainly inspired me to give it a go!

pink heart

What’s your favourite spooky nail art design? Will you be giving your nails a frightful makeover? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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35 thoughts on “Seven Spooky Nail Art Designs For Halloween…

  1. I already had plans to try the peek-a-boo nail art on my nails this week! I was debating whether the eyeballs were too much for all my nails. After reading through your post I’m thinking of doing the peek-a-boo eyes and mixing it up with the Jack Skellington face!

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