Building A Beauty Room: The Reveal…

I’ve been on my beauty blogging journey for almost 18 months now. Time flies when you’re having fun right? 😉 I started out with my humble make-up bag half full of staple cosmetics, yet somehow over the past year or so it’s become (almost) a full time hobby with a variety of lotions, potions and countless eye shadows that have pretty much taken over every little nook and cranny of my bedroom. Naturally, when my hubby came up with the pretty nifty solution of me ‘taking over’ the spare room I couldn’t resist the idea of having my own space to blog, create, craft and spend countless free hours conjuring up an array of fun make-up looks. What gal could resist?

After ten days of intense DIY my little beauty room/office space is finally finished. All the chipped & broken nails, cursing at unfathomable flat-pack instructions, trips to the DIY store…

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