Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Howdy chums,

Arre you all having a fabulous weekend? I done something I haven’t done in a looooooong time this weekend – went on a movie night with the gals. Yep, it was the Belfast premiere of Bridget Jone’s Baby on the big screen and we hit the town for a quiet night of giggles and chatter! How good is it to get out with the gals for a bit? After a yummy pizza, we made our way to the cinema and sat back in our leather recliners and watched in style. I think it’s safe to say our future cinema trips will certainly be VIP style for sure… so a huuuge thanks to Shelia & Kerry for such a fun night out! And yes blog buddies, the movie is a hoot – so if you haven’t seen it already make sure to treat yourself! Erm…. how hot is Patrick Dempsey?! *swoooon* 😉

As for today, I’m afraid it’s at home for me as I’m really battling through a tough run of pains, headaches and complete exhaustion – on a brighter not my appointment with the Rheumatologist has come through sooner than anticipated so I’m clinging on with hope that things may look a little more positive once I’m in his care. This is by FAR the toughest health issue I’ve been through, but I’m fighting it – one day at a time. So thanks to all you guys who are always so supportive and just an utterly fab bunch that never fail to keep my spirits up.

As always, I’ve posted below what’s been happening this week on Confetti and Curves! Don’t forget you’re more than welcome to leave links to blog posts you’d like me to check out too – I don’t always get to see what pops up on my blog WordPress reader so do paste your link below and I’ll be chuffed to pay you a visit 🙂


Bourjois Smokey Stories Quad Palette


Monday’s post showcased the Bourjois Smokey Stories quad palette that’s been high on my shopping list for a few weeks now! But was it really as good as I hoped for? Check out my review and finished eye look for yourself… have you tried it yet?


Using Cream Highlighter To Make Your Eye Shadow POP


You guys should know by now how much I adore dressing up my lids – so when I discovered a cream highlighter that has spurred a wealth of compliments I had to share it with you guys! It makes SUCH a different to so many shadows – and is perfect for this time of year too! Don’t forget, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YoutTube channel so you never miss an upload 🙂


My Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In A Magazine 

Featured Image -- 5564

Do you dream of seeing your work featured in your favourite beauty or lifestyle mag? If so then Friday’s re-post of my top tips is definitely something you should check out… writing for a glossy mag could be a little easier to achieve than you imagine!

pink heart

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20 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Karen…

  1. I haven’t seen the new Bridget Jones film yet – sounds like it’s a must see! I hope you are able to rest today and I hope your rheumatologist goes well. Have you seen a rheumatologist before? When I had my appointment he was so judgemental and basically said its all because I was overweight – he just wouldn’t listen that I’ve been feeling this way off and on for years it’s just got so much worse recently with the stress from work. He gave me a diagnosis of fibro but said it was a direct result of being overweight – which I do not agree with. Made me feel awful. I know I am overweight so that doesn’t help my fibro, but I don’t think my weight actively caused me to have fibro. I hope you see a much more understanding and compassionate rheumatologist – will be thinking of you Karen. As always my weekly round-up is over here xxx

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    • Awwh Emma, reading your comment just makes me so sad to hear that a professional can be so abrupt in his attitude. I completely agree with you that yes, weight doesn’t help the situation but it’s not the complete cause of it in many cases. From research i have read (from many specialists in the subject) a trauma and stressful even can be the main culprit – and it certainly has been from alot of fibro sufferers I have spoken to. It’s just awful that you are treated with such a hurtful and disrespectful attitude in getting your diagnosis Emma. My appointment is the end of October and although I’m looking forward to getting something moving I’m dreading it too as I’m so emotional. I know my weight isn’t helping but I also know it’s not the cause too – fingers crossed my doctor is indeed a little more compassionate and I sincerely hope the next time you attend that yours is too huni. Can’t wait to read your round up as always, sending my hugs to you lovely ❤ XXXXXXX

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      • Thanks Karen. He just made me feel awful – he had already made his decision by just looking nice at me in the waiting room it was awful. He just didn’t want to listen to what I had to say. I have reflected a lot on my past and researched a lot about premature births and I think that was my initial trauma. I was born 10 weeks early and weighing 1lb 12oz 06/10/1983, my mum was really sick and I was in an incubator for a long time and not discharged from hospital until just before Christmas. In those days the focus was on the physical health of prem babies & no pain relief was given or any focus on emotional health. Even as a young child I can remember that when I felt unwell I was really poorly – it always affected my stomach and I would be sick. I also have vivid memories as a young child and not having the same stamina as my peers with playing and running around – having pain sometimes when running and walking etc. So I think this has been going on for a long long time. I have researched that there is a link between early & low birth weight and anxiety and fibro in adult life. I have incredible resilience and in-spite of all of this I have achieved a lot but the stress of working in one of the most emotionally stressful jobs ever has taken its toil and caused a major flare up. So I think I have had fibro since a child and it comes in cycles – triggered by stress. But the dr just didn’t want to listen to any of that and just said its because of your weight. I haven’t always been as heavy as I am now, I have gained a lot of weight in the last 5 years which just makes everything so much more difficult. Ultimately knowledge is power and we all know what is ‘normal’ and not normal for ourselves so keep researching and I really hope you have a more positive experience when you see the rheumatologist. Take care honey xxxx

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      • Emma I’msooo sorry for the late reply huni – I’ve been out of order with sciatica and it’s been so damn painful just sittting at the computer so have had to take a little break.
        Honestly it makes me so sad to read how much effort you have put into all the research you have done and for the doctor to be so ignorant not to listen to your feedback. I honestly think some people are full of their own importance and won’t open their mind to the input of others – and how important it is too, especially from someone who has seemingly suffered from this all their life. I’ve no doubt that weight contributes to it but for him to be so blase and focus on making you feel so low about yourself is just horrid. You are so right about knowing what normal is for ourselves… and yes pet, I intend to keep researching as much as I can for me too! Thinking of you as always and hope you’ve had a good wee week XXXXXXX

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      • Thanks Karen. My week has been pretty good, finally finished work and looking forward to going back to uni tomorrow. Sciatica is awful 😔 I hope you are starting to feel better. I loved your Autumn make up purple eye YouTube video – inspired me to do a similar look xxxx

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      • Glad to hear you’ve had a good wee week!! Oh Ems that’s brilliant that you are back to uni, I do hope you enjoyed it! I haven’t read your weekly update yet so I’m assuming you’ve mentioned it in there too – can’t wait to take a peek at it and see what you’ve been up to.
        Awwwh thank you so much for the kind comment about the purple eye look!!! Chuffed to bits that you liked it so much – would LOVE to see you give it a go too. I adore purples Ems, especially this time of year! Seems perfect for it 😀 ❤ xxxxx

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