Using Cream Highlighter To Make Your Eye Shadow POP….

Howdy Chums,

As many of you regulars will already know, I’m an utter FIEND for anything remotely to do with eye makeup… and needless to say I’m forever on the lookout for new ways to glam up my lids! One little purchase I’ve been really impressed with recently is the Lumiere Cream Highlighter. At well under a fiver from a local drug store it was most definitely worth the investment – here’s why…

Firstly it works fabulously as a stunning rose-gold tinted highlighter to illuminate the cheek bones, turning you instantly into a bronzed goddess 😉 However, more surprisingly it works even better as a gorgeous lid illuminator to really make your eyeshadow pop – and pretty much any colour with that!!

Almost everytime I wear this look I get complimented on & asked what I’m wearing on my eyes, so it’s time to share one of my favourite looks of fall with you guys – and seriously, if you spot this little tube of sunshine in your local drug store I’d highly recommend you try it out. Unfortunately I don’t have any links to purchase it online but I have seen it about quite a few discount shops so keep your eyes peeled (excuse the pun) It may not be ‘high end’ but it’s definitely worth the low spend gals 😉 Alternatively, you could try your own favourite cream highlighter & see how it works.

Hope y’all enjoy today’s beauty chatter!

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What’s your favourite eye look for fall? Are you a fan of gold tone eye shimmers? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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