Have We Met?

Have We Met

Not gonna lie this week has been a killer gals & needless to say I’ve been a human cocktail of emotions to match – heck I’m pretty sure there’s even a few extra grey hairs setting up camp *sob* Needless to say I’m on the wind down so between all the general life shenanigans mixed with some terrifying dental work *ouch* which means I’ve had to skip this weeks YouTube chatter *sigh* However I’m aiming to dust the camera off this weekend so an upload shall be on its merry way very soon!

Bizarrely in the interim of all the madness I’ve noticed a boom in followers *friendly wave* & so lovely to meet y’all 😀 So it only seems right to say a huge thank you for stopping by and taking the time to follow, say hello and I’ve even received a few truly inspiring emails – the blogging love is much appreciated, what an awesome community we have going on here ❤

As with all my wonderful new inter-web chums, there are soooooo many others platforms we can reach each other on… and as I love chatting and getting to know you all so much here’s a few of the others places you can find me noseying around throughout the morning, afternoon, evening (& occasionally) middle of the night.

Do pop by, say hello & hit a like button if you haven’t done so already. Just click on the links & you’ll be digitally transported right to me… yeeehaaa!


Twitter: @KarenHeidiRees


YouTube: Confetti & Curves


Instagram: karenheidirees


 Facebook: @LiquidGlamourByKaren

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Don’t forget to say a quick hello and if you’ve any social media accounts you’d like me to check out or follow you on do feel free to pop the links in the comments below… it’s always a treat meeting new beauty buddies!

Cheerio Chums…

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16 thoughts on “Have We Met?

    • Awwh thank you huni 🙂 I really do appreciate every single person that stops by, it’s just so flattering that someone would take the time to check out my little corner of the interweb!! hehe Will be sure to follow you back on Insta huni – have just added you on here too, looking forward to checking out your blog! Great to chatter with you 🙂 XXXX


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