My Top Ten ‘Must Read’ Posts For New Beauty Bloggers…

Must Read Posts For New Beauty Bloggers

One of the many reasons I adore blogging is constantly getting to meet new blog buddies – both experienced bloggers and completely new to the blogging community. However when you’re starting out, blogging can be a really daunting process – particularly hitting that ‘publish’ button for the first time. In fact if you’re anything like me it can rev up the anxiety levels and leave you in a state of ‘what the heck have I just done?’ and ‘Oh my gosh I hope nobody I KNOW reads this’ – don’t worry we’ve all been there and done it, am I right experienced bloggers?

So seeing as so many lovely new bloggers have taken the time to stop by Confetti & Curves to say hello I thought I’d share a few of my own ‘words of wisdom’ when it comes to blogging. After all it’s something that has personally helped me cope with anxiety and some really rough days – put your all into blogging and you’ll get so much in return as it really is a fantastic family to be a part off.

So grab your biggest cuppa and check over some of my personal top tips for new bloggers or those thinking of starting a blog anytime soon…


Starting A Beauty Blog

Start a beauty blog

From finding your blogging topic to creating a catchy name, this post pretty much outlines the bare bones of thing you might want to consider when you’re starting out!


10 Tips On Growing Your Blog Audience 

How To Grow Your Blog Audience

So you’ve got yourself a brand new beauty blog… now to build a dedicated audience of readers and blog buddies alike. In this post I share some of my top tips for attracting new viewers to your online haven!


How I Plan & Schedule My Blog Posts

How I Plan and Schedule My Blog Posts

In this post I cover just a few of the handy little blogging tools I use to keep on top of planning and scheduling – trust me, they make a mountain of a difference!


Are You Battling A Blogging Slump?

Beat The Blogging Slump

Blogging slumps, bluuurgh. Yes, we all have them – even the most famous, creative & professional of bloggers hit bumps in the road. However in this post I share some handy advice that helps to keeps Confetti & Curves as slump free as possible!


10 Tips For Blogging On A Busy Schedule

Tips For Blogging On A Busy Schedule

Whether you’re a daily, weekly or monthly blogger; commiting to a blog whilst juggling a busy school/work/family life can be pretty challenging. In this post I share some of the things that have really helped me juggle life and blogging without losing too much of my sanity!


Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly

Making Your Beauty Blog PR Friendly

Are you eager to collaborate with some exciting new brands? Then you might want to start off with the basics by ensuring your blog is PR Friendly – if so then take a peek at my check list of handy hints to make your blog a little more inviting to brands & PR companies who are on always on the lookout for upcoming bloggers to collaborate with.


My Top Five Basic Photography Tips For Beauty Blogging

Photography Tips For Beauty Bloggers

If there’s one skill that blogging has tested me on it’s been photography. Arranging the perfect backdrop for a sassy new lippy can be as frustrating as swatching your new eye shadow palette in gloomy lighting. In this post I share a few of my thoughts on the basic tips I’ve picked up for photographing for cosmetic reviews.


10 Photography Backdrop Ideas for Budding Beauty Bloggers

10 Photography Background Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Keeping on the theme of photography I share some of my favourite backdrop ideas when it comes to taking captivating piccies for your readers & blog buddies to gaze over!


Keeping An Organised Blog

Keeping An Organised Blog

Just because blogging’s fun doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy, am I right chums?! However in this feature I run through some of the things that help keep me super organised!


Things You Need To Do Before Publishing A Blog Post

Blog Post Publishing Checklist

So you’ve composed a killer blog post and you’re ready to hit the ‘publish’ button – but have you checked over a few of the essentials before sharing with the world? If like me you suffer from regular bursts of ‘what fudge was I thinking?’ then this handy little check list might help to keep your future posts perfectly polished.

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Are you just starting our on your blog journey? Or have you any helpful hints or tips for bloggers you’d like to share? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter:)

Cheerio Chums…

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