Bundle Monster Lotus Mat…

As a Nail Technician, I’m all for anything that makes my life a little easier – particularly when it comes to hand painting teeny tiny intricate designs that’s just about visible to the naked eye, swatching colours and figuring out what stamping polishes or glitters go best on dark or light contrasting backgrounds. But what could possibly offer all these helpful design aids in one handy dandy roll up gadget?! Cue the Bundle Monster Lotus Mat.

Apart from looking as pretty as silicone could be (and saving my beloved nail station from endless colourful mishaps) the Lotus Mat Nail Art Workstation has literally become one of my most frequently used nail art necessities. Okay, so I could battle on through without it, but the handy little features this mat has to offer will undoubtedly give a helping hand to experienced nail pro’s or budding nail art enthusiasts. Either way if you adore creating, stamping, painting and swatching then check out today’s YouTube chatter as I showcase one of my most cherished nail tools to date!

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2 thoughts on “Bundle Monster Lotus Mat…

  1. If you want smaller finger templates to play with you could draw them on the reverse side of the mat with a dark sharpie type pen and you should be able to see them through on the right side of the mat.

    I was wondering what that lotus in the middle was for!!


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