July Favourites & Exciting News….

Howdy Beauty Buddies…

And so yet ANOTHER month whizzes by, which can only mean one thing – Monthly Favourites time! I’ve lined up what I’ve been most lovin’ these past few weeks and showcased them in one handy dandy video – so do pop the kettle on and have a catch up. Also, if you haven’t already subscribed to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel then why not *Click Here* and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss an upload!

Also… I announce some very exciting news regarding a very special chummy of mine that I’m pretty sure and certain you gals will LOVE!! So grab your cuppa and get yourself comfy as I chatter all about my July Favourites ❤


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Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend ahead; don’t forget to stop by and say howdy in the comments below! I’ll see y’all Sunday for my usual catch-up:)

Cheerio Chums…

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20 thoughts on “July Favourites & Exciting News….

  1. I love your favourites this month, it’s nice to see a couple of bits you haven’t mentioned on the blog before 🙂 that wallet is seriously adorable and the book sounds like it will be a great read! It’s lovely that you’ve been with her through the whole process x

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    • Why thank you so much lovely lady – I’m really chuffed you enjoyed listening to me rattle on for 10 minutes hehe Isn’t the wallet fab Chanelle?! I just love it – and the colour is so pretty 🙂 Very unusual! Already tucking into the book – it’s marvellous, but she’s a wonderful writer in general so I knew it would be fantastic from the first page!! 😀 Hope you’re having a super weekend, have you been up to anything exciting? XXXXXX

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      • The weather has been absolutely bitter, our coldest yet! I woke up again yesterday with another migraine which was no fun, I was in bed most of day but feel better now. Today I’ll just be blog post writing and might have a wardrobe clear out xx

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      • Oh no poor you Chanelle 😦 Migraines are horrific, so glad you got over it huni – they can last for days, though I’ve only had that happen twice in my life and my goodness I suffered!! Hope you enjoyed your clear out – I love a good sort out every once in a while 😀 XXX

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      • Yeah, they normally make me sick (literally) and all you can do is rest and lie down. The clear out was good, everything is much neater in my drawers and my wardrobe is more organised xx


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  3. That mug is perfect. Wish I had spotted that on my last trip to scotland. I love the cat purse as well, I have a premonition I will like every single thing in this video. Yup, love the bracelet as well.
    Very intrigued by the book and will definitely be checking out her blog :D:D
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

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    • hehehe I just knew you’d love most of it too chummy – seeing as our tastes are so super similar! 😀 Definitely check out the book and the blog as she’s originally from Norway so not too far away from your part of the world 🙂 Hope you’re keeping well lovely lady – always makes my day to see a wee comment from you *hugs* XXX

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