The Nail File: Summer Shenanigans…

The Nail File

Considering the sun seems to be in hiding these days I’m barely clinging onto the final weeks of summer, hopeful that there’s still a few rays of sunshine to come our way. But of course all these rainy afternoons hemmed up Confetti & Curves HQ can only mean for one thing… nail art galore. And this week has been no exception as I’ve been trying out some fun freehand styles that have really helped put me back in the holiday mood. Check this fun bunch out…


Marble Gel Nail Art

I love this swirly/marbled gel effect using two of my favourite colours for summer – hot pink and turquoise blue. I just adore how the black adds a whole other level of contrast and makes the colours pop… of course all topped off with a dollop of bling 😉


Strawberry Nail Art

What could be more symbolic of summer than a big juicy strawberry… on your nail! What fun this design is for a cute accent nail on the fingers or tootsies. Never the less it’s just a bit of fruity fun that’s put me right in the mood for a strawberry daiquiri *nom*


Fruit Nail Art Design

Life’s a peach – sorry just couldn’t help myself to another cheesy cliche 😉 However this cute little peach accent nail was super fun to create and surprisingly easy to design. Simple, chic & a bit of cheeky fun!


Watermelon Nail Art Pic

As much as I loved creating this fun watermelon nail I’m utterly gutted about how blue the tip came out on the image as in reality it’s a beautiful bright shade of green. Maybe it’s just my dodgy laptop screen but in real life this is such an eye catching contrast of summery hues!


Liquid Glamour Galaxy Nail

I completely forgot about this design until I stumbled across it again last night, this was my attempt at a glittery galaxy nail that I created a few weeks ago. Although the camera isn’t capturing the sparkle too well this really glistens in the light and just looks like a mesmerising galaxy on the nail. This would be the perfect accent nail for a solid purple, blue or glossy black gel polish!


Liquid Glamour FB banner

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pink heart

Do you have a favourite design as well as any fun suggestions for me to try out next? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by to say a quick howdy lovelies:)

Catch you’s on Friday for another YouTube chatter!

Cheerio Chums…

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13 thoughts on “The Nail File: Summer Shenanigans…

  1. These are soooo amazing!!! I love them all, but I’m torn between the strawberry and the watermelon as a favourite. How long do these take you to do? I struggle with painting basic colours. You have a real talent!

    I hope all is well with you and you are keeping busy during the … Didn’t you say NINE WEEKS *gasps in horror* summer holidays! I’m three weeks in and already tearing my hair out. Doesn’t help that everything has tipped on its head recently…but I’ll save that for a future post. *deep sigh*

    Have a wonderful…what day are we on?…Wednesday! 😊 xxxxx


  2. You are so talented Karen! I really like the marble effect and the pink and turquoise in the first design – it almost looks like a butterfly wing! I love the watermelon nail too 🍉 xx


    • I know I was gutted about it Kaily & have tried it in so many lights but it’s still showing up such a different colour – really odd, but hey ho there’s worse things lol Glad you like them huni, even if the watermelon looks a tad off colour hehe XXX

      Liked by 1 person

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