Monthly Favourites & A Mini Ikea Haul….

Friday… Is that reeeeally you?!

What a fricken week. No seriously, I’ve had some whoppers in my time but this week pretty much takes the crown for being so utterly draining on the well being. Drama’s… yep, a whole week of drama’s. Needless to say the week kicked off with my SD card going AWOL… literally all my beloved pics & vids are gone & I’m gutted beyond words. After that episode it all pretty much went into a landslide thereafter. Thank heaven’s for hilarious hubby’s who know just what to say and do to make you burst into fits of laughter – Steve, you’re one in a million ❤ Really you are!

However good news, as today I’m finally getting the Cortisone injections (I’ve waited for sooo long) to help ease my pain! To say this is the highlight of my week really does sum up the past 7 days, eh? Steve, bless his cottons, is accompanying me this afternoon and of course staying with me so I don’t freak out too much. I’m sincerely hoping this isn’t as painful as what I imagine it to be but if it helps I’ll be utterly over the moon… keep all crossed for me gals!

So if you fancy a few minutes of procrastinating, why not grab yourself a cuppa and have a catch up with my monthly favourites, including a teeny tiny Ikea haul, that I’m actually rather chuffed with! For those that love neatness and organisation you’ll get me! 😀

Thanks for being such a supportive bunch, your comments and chatters over this past few days have really helped to keep me going so thank you folks – you certainly are an awesome bunch of blog buddies!

pink heart

Wishing y’all a fabulous weekend ahead; don’t forget to stop by and say howdy in the comments below! I’ll see y’all Sunday for my usual catch-up 🙂

Cheerio Chums…

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23 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites & A Mini Ikea Haul….

  1. Yayyy to easing your pain!! No pain and no gain. Yepporooo. Drawer liner is definitely a handy little item. I have that stuff and it is good stuff. That’s right, good stuff 🙂 Friiiiidddaaaaaayyyyyyy!! (Was that enthusiastic enough for you?!) ❤️xoxo

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