What’s In My Makeup Drawers: The Foundation Edit…

Howdy Beauty Buddies…

That’s right folks, I’m back again this week with yet another beauty chatter however this time it’s a much requested peek inside my beloved cosmetic stash as I take y’all on a guided tour of my makeup collection, housed rather neatly inside my Ikea Alex drawer set that featured on Building A Beauty Room: The Reveal a few months ago!

On this week’s upload I’m focusing on Foundations, and albeit a compact collection compared to others, it’s certainly filled with pocket friendly buys that will suit pretty much every bank balance. Like I mention in the intro, if you’re expecting a cabinet filled with high-end luxury products then this ain’t the video for you HOWEVER if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration when it comes to treating yourself to a new drugstore look then pop the kettle on and make yourself comfy as I talk you through some of my tried and tested face bases!

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As always, you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss a future upload *Yee haaw* Of course do let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of my current stash or why not suggest what foundation I should try out next. I love to hear your recommendations so get typing as I grab my shopping list 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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31 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Drawers: The Foundation Edit…

    • They really are huni, very sturdy and such excellent value for money! Would highly recommend this set for sure 😀 Awwh thank you for that, much appreciated as always ❤ 🙂 *huge hugs* XXXX


    • Oh I just love a neat drawer set HOWEVER if only you’d have seen the utter state of my craft drawers Emma!!! Shocking!!! You’d have sworn a bomb had hit 😮 Why is my makeup so organised yet my craft stuff never stays neat and tidy?! lol xxxx


    • Thank you lovely lady!!! That’s so encouraging to read, especially knowing you’re looking forward to it 😀 hehe Oooh good question – well if it’s full coverage it could take about 10 weeks but if it’s not it could take as little 6… though to be honest because I jump about trying different ones out I always seem to end up with lots of little dregs to use up! lol Very frustrating!!! I need to use alot of this stuff up before I go splurging again 😀 XXXX

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      • Oh my goodness that is so quick! The last foundation I used up took me a year :O I get a bit paranoid having lots of foundations open at once, so I tend to only have one or two at a time haha x

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      • Oooooh my gosh really?!? Flip, maybe I’m using too much too quickly – I have such a terrible habit of applying too much when my skin goes red 😦 Might need to hold back a bit on my application Chanelle lol Yes I know exactly what you mean and I find that’s the downside of my foundation drawer, I’ve too many open at once – need to start emptying it before I buy anymore *sigh* I’m a Foundation addict it would seem lol xxxx

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      • Maybe I’m not applying enough haha? To be honest I don’t need a lot, and I tend to wear a light layer. Your foundation always looks so nice and flawless on camera so it’s probably me lol xx

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      • No no, it’s not you at all huni, we just have our own wee ways of applying I guess. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong to it – just as long as it works. I do wish I used alot less… would certainly help save me a few pennies that’s for sure lol XXXX

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    • I would LOVE to try the Urban Decay range of foundations – in fact I think I’m going to put that on my wish list for a mini summer splurge! Can I blame you for influencing me on that one?! 😉 lol
      Oh I know, I go a little crazy with trying them out – those blooming Boots points are to blame *sigh* though I’ve lots of little dregs to use up before I buy any more as it’s getting out of control… think I must have a short attention span when it comes to persisting with foundations!!! :-/ XXXXX


    • Awwh thank you so much Lauren, that’s so nice of you to say 🙂 Brill drawer set for sure!!! Isn’t the MUR foundation just so damn weird?! It’s like milk of magnesia or something – utterly bizarre! Maybe I’ve got a faulty bottle – it’s that confusing I’m starting to doubt myself lol XXXX

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  1. Thise IKEA drawers have so much room for makeup and more makeup. They seem to be very popular too. You have a nice collection of foundations. The Fit Me one is the only one I’ve used and is currently using and love it! Xoxo

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