Sweet Endings, Embracing Change & New Beginnings…

New Beginnings

Like I mentioned in yesterdays intro, I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to change. Even if it doesn’t necessarily affect me it takes a long time for me to adjust. It’s bizarre, right? Of course that can be limiting as I quite often avoid embracing new things simply because I wallow comfortably in routine; anything different to that feels like a wild threat determined to disrupt my mental karma. Naturally, copious tea drinking commences… aren’t I glad it’s nothing stronger?! *rolls eyes* Maybe it’s down to my erratic anxiety levels or maybe it’s just the fact that I get comfy in the same old spot for too long. Whatever the reason, I feel it’s time to move on and instigate a few little changes of my own.

At this point you’re probably thinking ‘what the fudge is she whittling on about?!’. Okay, here goes a bit of a back track story… In October 2014 I launched Confetti & Curves. At the time I’d literally gone through the mill with mental health issues – if only you guys knew the struggle, it was real & it was frightening. But without dwelling on the gloom and doom, blogging picked me up and took me out of the darkest depths of what I was battling. It helped me cope immensely. I spent night after night chatting to new blogging chums… most of whom have become friends I’m yet to meet. It’s been lovely, thoroughly lovely in fact, and I’d highly suggest blogging to anyone battling their own inner demons as it can be such a healthy & creative distraction.

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In November 2014 I wanted to give something back to the blogging community, albeit it nothing major but it was my own way of positively drawing attention to the bloggers who were unknowingly helping me through such a tough time in my own life, hence Behind The Blog was born.

Over the past 18 months (Eeeek! I can’t believe it’s been THAT long!!) literally hundreds of bloggers have featured twice a week, joining me on my so called ‘virtual sofa’ to chatter about their own little corner of the internet. Learning about others in the blogging community has proven that regardless of skin colour, religion or location we can all be surprisingly similar in many ways… or totally different but still enjoying the company of each other.


I can’t begin to tell y’all just how much I’ve enjoyed hosting this series. It’s been a treat getting to know so many of you a little bit better alongside the added bonus of some great online friendships blossoming through it. But it’s time to move on. It’s not that I’m fed up or tired of introducing all you lovely lot, it’s just reached a point where I’d like to explore a few new opportunities as well as take the time to read more blogs and put as much as I can into becoming self-employed again. Woo hoo! It’s exciting, right? Of course I’m by no means saying that I’m giving up blogging – absolutely not!!! I’ll still be regularly typing away but merely phasing out the commitment of Behind The Blog every Tuesday & Thursday… which in turn will help me free up some time. In replacement, maybe I’ll re-blog a few of my older posts that new readers might find helpful or simply post a little inspirational feature. I’ve pencilled in a few new series for later in the year that I’ve been itching to work on but simply haven’t gotten the time to tackle – again easing off the Behind The Blog commitment for a while will help me work on creating those exciting projects with some really interesting people! Projects I know you guys will LOVE.

I know some of you are in the process of submitting your Behind The Blog interviews already, and that’s fine, I’m still scheduling as normal. I also know some of you are keen to jump on board, so with that in mind this is my last invitation (for the foreseeable wee while) that I’ll be putting out for any requests. So please get in contact pronto if it’s something you’re also interested in participating in.

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So if you’re in the process of returning your interview or if you’re eager to get involved (before I begin to wind things down a little) then get in touch via my contact page. If you’re new and would like to read more about it then you can *Click Here* to check out all the information a blogger could need 😉

As for those who have already taken part THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You guys have been an inspiration, a daily source of encouragement, great online friends and the best medicine for days when even mumbling a few words has been a difficult process. You’re all super-stars in your own right and I cannot thank you enough for allowing the rest of us into your world ❤

Cheerio chums…

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28 thoughts on “Sweet Endings, Embracing Change & New Beginnings…

  1. Even though we may be afraid of change, it can in fact lead to great things! I felt the same when I decided to stop doing my Meet the Blogger posts, they came to a natural end and in all honesty I just didn’t feel like doing them anymore. I even had someone say to me it’s nice to hear my voice (so to speak) and showcase my writing. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next Karen 😀 x

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    • I tend to get myself into these routines Chanelle and then find it hard to let go because it’s so comfy. Like you say it’s a natural progression and it is nice to showcase the writing again! I feel it’s time to move on & as much as I’ve enjoyed it I’m looking forward to wherever else my blogging journey takes me 🙂 Thanks for the inspirational words Chanelle, super encouraging – greatly appreciated chum *huge hugs* XXXXXXX

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  2. I’m not great with change either but there always somethings exciting about starting something new. Like anything can happen and that hope that something great is around the corner. I’m excited for whatever series you decide to delve into next and I’m so happy I got to take part in the Behind the Blog series! xoxo


  3. I agree. Change is terrifying (even the good ones aren’t always easy). I am so glad that you found solace in blogging and creativity. Keep writing and creating! You are doing a wonderful job! Xoxoxoxo

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    • Thank you so very much 🙂 What an encouraging comment!! Like you say change isn’t easy, even for something as simple as a comfy blogging routine but it’s good to change things up. Feels right now to move onto new projects for my blog – even though I’ve loved Behind The Blog, it’s time for something new 🙂 Very blessed to be part of such a supportive community! Thank you again for those kind words – very much appreciated lovely XXX

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  4. Change is definitely a hard concept. I have trouble with it. Or at least in the beginning and then once I’m used to it, then it’s ok. From before, change can make us stronger and wiser at the most. I loved your behind the blog series!! You did a terrific job with those and it was fun seeing new faces on the Interweb. You’re great Karen – always remember that when you’re struggling!! :)❤️❤️ xo

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    • Yes, it’s always the beginning stages Leah that I’m uncomfortable with – I know some people thrive on change but it’s always unsettled me 😦 Thank you soooo much wee chum, you’re a constant support and encouragement – always appreciated Leah, a true blog buddy ❤ XXXXX

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      • And also, it’s not a good idea to compare yourself with others. Everyone is different and works on things at their own pace 🙂 you rock!! Some people strive for success. The main thing is – be happy!! And people adapt to change at different paces. (Was this redundant?) haha just keep doing you and whatever challenges you do face, just know that you have a bunch of supporters along your side (including me, duh) 🙂 xoxoxo

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    • I think I’m at the stage now huni where it has been an option I’ve almost been forced into considering. I’ve been self-employed before (with the bridal suites) but with my nail skills working from home would just be much more beneficial with my current health issues, even driving (using the clutch pedal) is excruciating some days. Being self-employed will give me more freedom and enable me to work around the aches and pains! lol Awwh you’d love to go SE too? Have you any idea what you’d love to do if you had the opportunity?! XXXXX

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      • Awww hon well you need to do whatever you can to keep yourself going. I bet you will do really well especially as you already have experience of what is involved. Get yourself an automatic car too…it will make a huuuge difference. I would like to go into private practice as an occupational therapist. I have set myself a goal of getting my MSc finished in the next 12 months then that’s next. I love the NHS but I can’t see myself working for them long term. Good luck with your plans.xxx ❤😙

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      • Well, I must admit it’s a blessing I’ve had the training, though it was yeeeears ago so I’m bringing myself up to scratch with some new things but getting there 😀 Amazing howo things evolve in such a short period of time! Oh wow, that would be fabulous for you!!! Really hope you achieve the long term goal of becoming self-employed, it’s hard work being your own boss but super rewarding 🙂 Thank you huni, and wishing you good luck with yours too!!!! XXXXX

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  5. Omgosh hun, as I started reading your post I just started crying so hard, lol. I am very emotional right now with everything that is going on in life and I thought at first that you are leaving and stop blogging and I just started to cry (sorry, maybe it’s dumb to share this, lol).
    Can’t wait to see your next posts or projects and you are always an inspiration to me hun 😃♡

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    • Awwwwwwwwwh… Galit!!!!! You’ll start me off now too!!!! You are just the sweetest wee blog buddy ever. Poor you, I’m sooo sorry I started you off crying huni, you must be feeling so overwhelmed and I would be too!!! I promise, I’m ot going anywhere – I would miss you all too much. Couldn’t be without you all Galit, you’ve no idea how much you have all helped me through such a dark horrid period in my life. It was awful & I can thank you enough for it. All those days of leaving the most incredible little comments has spurred me on so much and now I can turn around and see just how far I have come. Can’t thank you all enough! Really I can’t. I know you adore Behind The Blog, but I promise you’ll love what I have lined up coming as soon as I can get the ball rolling!! lol XXXXX

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      • Awww ♡♡♡ please don’t 🙂
        I’m just a bit all over the place right now, so I got very emotional.
        Thanks sweetie, it means so much to me and I know what you mean, thr community here is truly amazing 🙂 and people here always manage to lift my spirit ♡✿
        Change is good, even though it’s hard but I love all you post and vlog so I will love your next projects as well ✸✿✱
        Just have fun and enjoy your time and I can’t wait to see what it will be 😀

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