GlowDry Mini LED Nail Lamp from Vanity Planet…

Vanity Planet LED Gel Nail Lamp Review

Whatever you’re doing stop. You NEED to check out this little cutie by Vanity Planet, it’s the Glow Dry LED gel manicure nail dryer. Isn’t it just the cutest little thing? I’ve been on the hunt for a portable LED lamp for quite a while now, particularly as I’m stepping up my nail game. What handier little device to help on the move than something as neat, nifty and portable as this? Let’s take a closer peek…



Vanity Planet LED Glowdry Nail Lamp

Contents include: A mini 6 Watt lamp, with it’s adorable heart shaped timer button that allows you to pre-set either 45 seconds or 60 second intervals so you don’t lose track of time – particularly useful if you chatter as much as I do! There’s the neat little two pin adapter – UK residents, no need to stress as the solution for using it in UK sockets is right down below. Finally the Instruction manual & a great money saving coupon entitling you to 50% off your next purchase!

Sounds a treat? Well that’s cause it is. However for those of you (like myself) who rely on a three pin plug (as opposed to a two) you’ll need to invest in your own wall adapter which you can pick up in most stores for about £2.50. These are super value for money & also useful should any visitors need to use it… or if I’m sent any future foreign goodies to sample 😉 Check it out, it’s great value & really handy!




Cures Gel polish in as little as 45 seconds

Up to 50’000 hours of performance thanks to the energy efficient bulbs

6 Watts of LED Power

Automatic shut-off

Preset 45 or 60 second intervals

Compact design for easy-peasy travel solutions if you’re on the go!



Okay so it might initially seem a little pricey at bang-on $100, but considering the usage hours you’re getting for the price it would easily last one person a lifetime of gels! As the lamp is quite compact you can’t fit your entire hand in at once, however that’s easily overcome by curing both thumbs first then moving onto the fingers! Do keep in mind that it only works with LED compatible gels, however considering that LED lamps are the way forward you’ll not have any issues finding a great selection of gels to treat yourself too!



Vanity Planet LED Nail Lamp Review

Can the Glow Dry lamp be used with ordinary polish?

No. LED lamps can’t cure your ordinary polishes as they don’t have the accelerated LED drying properties required, so keep to gels only!

How long should I cure my nails for? 

The lamp has two timers, 45 seconds & 60 seconds. If after 45 your nails aren’t cured then opt for the 60 seconds instead.

Can I touch my nails straight after using the Glow Dry lamp?

Yes! It cures your nails on the spot so you don’t have to worry about any nasty smudges *woo hoo*

Can it be used on Toe nails?

Although it’s primarily used on fingers there’s no reason why you can’t use it on your toe nails either!

Do I need to wear fingerless SPF gloves?

Although fingerless SPF gloves aren’t essential, it certainly reduces the risk of LED light radiation. Although this isn’t enough to harm you in one interval, if you use any LED lamp over a period of time taking precautions is always advised. Alternatively you could apply a small amount of SPF to your fingers to help protect exposed skin.



Vanity Planet LED Lamp Review

Fancy treating yourself to a GlowDry Lamp of your very own? Then get yourself over to Vanity Planet where you can also find a whole host of other handy goodies to feast your eyes upon! It gets glowing reviews from a whole host of customers (excuse the cheesy pun!)

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Are you a fan of gel nails? Have you ever attempted your own gel manicure? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by for a quick chatter! Also, if you’re curious to see a video demo on the Glow Dry Nail Lamp, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add it to my ever growing ‘To Do’ list 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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**A huge thank you to the team @ Vanity Planet for sending me this fabulous little lamp in return for an honest opinion. I love it guys!**

23 thoughts on “GlowDry Mini LED Nail Lamp from Vanity Planet…

  1. What a generous gift (I’m not sure if gift is the right word?) This sounds like a great little piece of equipment if you’re a fan of gel polish, The heart shaped timer button is just the cutest! ❤ Hope you have a lovely weekend Karen xx

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  2. That looks really cooooool! What a neat contraption for the nailsees. That would be neat if it could work for your hair and dry in seconds. I’ve actually never tried gel nails before. 💅 happy cheetossss xoxo

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