The Makeup Menu: First Impressions…

The Makeup Menu First Impressions

As many of you know I love rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck into a make-up menu, however this week it’s a teeny bit special as everything I’ve included is pretty much a first impression – all if which have been recommended by bloggers scattered across the globe. After last weeks video HUGE Boots Haul a few of you were eager to find out about some of the intriguing new goodies I revealed from my shopping bag! So without further ado let’s gets investigating the makeup menu of first impressions…


L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 2R/2C Rose Vanilla:

I’ve lost count of the cosmetic cravers far and wide that claim this as their current favourite drugstore foundation… and I can (partially) see why. The shade and formula blended seamlessly with my natural skin tone, and it felt very velvety to touch. Unfortunately though it seems to aggravate my skin very slightly and has brought out a few tiny (very itchy) little spots. I also noticed that the lasting power of L’Oreal didn’t stand up to anywhere near my own favourite base (Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte) as it dried out and looked quite flaky after just a few hours. However when freshly applied it did cover a few of my rosey blemishes really well. I found a warm dampened blender sponge or fingers worked best as the stippling brush left quite a few obvious lines. All in all a nice foundation for everyday use, though it would really need to be a longer lasting for me to repurchase!


Seventeen Skin WOW Concealer in Light:

Seventeen have really upped their game with when it comes to launching sassy products that really work a treat. I love the little pump button on the bottom and the packaging us pretty eye catching too. More importantly the formula applied incredibly well, blended seamlessly with a medium/heavy finish that stayed put and brightened under my eye area!

L’Oreal Infallible Contouring Kit in Light/Medium:

Admittedly my lack of experience in contouring has me running for the hills at even the slightest mention of the word.  The thought of smearing my face in a mishmash of coloured patches just seems a bit OTT… however this kit is super user friendly and even includes a handy little booklet for anyone like me who is rather clueless to it all. The formula is a gorgeous creamy powder consistency which glides on the skin very smooth and is really easy to blend. I adored the ashy shade of the deep tone which contrasted perfectly with the lighter highlighting option. A brill little kit for anyone new to contouring and wanting to master the basics!


Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette:

Although this isn’t entirely a first impression of the palette, as it’s featured briefly before, there are a few colours I haven’t tried out yet. This time I went for a more mauve tone to add a flush of complimentary colour to the look I was aiming for. I really can’t recommend this palette enough – the colours are fabulous and the pigmentation is incredible. A worthy investment for any MUA!




Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Galaxy / Makeup  Academy Eyeshadow in Silver:

Both of these pots have been high on my review list to try out & finally I’ve gotten around to giving them a go. Although both their initial swatches turned out gorgeous I’m always a bit reserved until I see the colours directly on the lid, including the blendability. Both worked fabulous, blended well, felt soft and actually quite creamy for a powder consistency. They didn’t require lots of layers to build up to a decent colour either, so you don’t have to spend ages working the colour. For a mere £1 each these are amazing value for money!


L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Black:

If truth be told I feel this is the one thing that’s been on my ‘blogging made me buy it’ list forever. I’ve read countless recommendations and rave reviews about this supposed ‘Holy Grail’ mascara that puts the high-end competition to shame… and I’m deeelighted to report it hasn’t disappointed one iota! If long, exaggerated looking lashes is everything your heart desires then be sure to check this out next time you’re shopping for a new mascara!




Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush:

Just look at the packaging *inserts heart eye emoji* isn’t is gorgeous?! It has such sassy futuristic look going on which was one of the things that captured my eye almost immediately from the stand. This will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoys a surge of moisture in their lippy as the formula feels very hydrating & balm like. The colour was slightly lighter than I anticipated but it’s gorgeous nonetheless as it give a soft wash of baby pink to the lips.



The Makeup Menu First Impressions Finished look

Taa daa!

Okay, so the longevity of the foundation was my only major gripe, but overall I’m really liking the finished look. It’s fresh, dewy and great for day or easily glammed up with some dramatic liquid liner for night! What do you think gals?

pink heart

Have you tried any of the products listed above? Have you bought any recent drugstore goodies that you’d highly recommend?  Whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments below… we always enjoy a good makeup chatter here on Confetti & Curves. Thanks for stopping by!

Cheerio Chums…

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  1. Beautiful Karen! Sorry to hear the foundation gave you a little reaction 😦 A purple eyeshadow you can add to your good list lol! Your lip colour is lovely and I’m liking the sound of that blush palette xx

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