HUGE Boots Haul…

Now before you gals assume I’m off spending my hard earned cash (yet again), this time it truly was ‘ a guilt free spree’ as one of my lovely friends treated me to a gift card a few weeks ago and finally it was time to hit the shops to see what cosmetic goodies I could ‘buy &ย try’… all in the name of beauty blogging of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

Having taken note ofย quite a few of your recommendations for fabulous foundations, colours liners (and everything else in between) I compiled a mini ‘lust list’ of a range of products thatย I’ve been super excited to try out! So with a free afternoon to spare in one of my favourite shops, Boots, it was no surprise that I’d end up returning home resembling a multicoloured soldier with both arms smothered in swatches – not to mention a bag laden with fabulousย new products many of you lovely lot have been blogging about recently.

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So if you’ve tried any of the goodiesย from today’s haul OR if there’s something you’re itching to know all the glossip on,ย then do let me know in the comments below! Of course you’re equally welcome to simply stop by for a quick chatter too ๐Ÿ˜€

So why not grab your cuppa &ย get comfy as we take a plunderย through the Boots bag!

Cheerio chumsโ€ฆ

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49 thoughts on “HUGE Boots Haul…

  1. You look so pretty in this video, by the way! Think that foundation is working for you. With those live hair colours I find that if your base is quite dark to start with you either have to prelighten or go for a shade or two lighter to get the colour you want

    I got a haul in boots yesterday, a bargain haul! Some of the nip+fab range are on special but I also found some stuff in the clearance section(my fave bit of boots..haha). I got the hyaluronic fix body gel (it was marked as ยฃ2 but at the till it came up as ยฃ1 so I went and got the 5 sitting on the shelf!), the face glycolic fix serum (about ยฃ3), glycolic fix extreme night pads (about ยฃ4) and from superdrug i got their viper vemon wrinkle fix for ยฃ2. Bargaintastic! And after i used my 10% off card it was an even bigger bargain! I tried the night time ones out before bed and my skin is definitely softer and less oily than it usually is.

    I also found a new product that I usually have to bug friends and family to get me from America but I might put that on my blog next week…..oooooo. ..teaser


  2. So many great products and particularly I love the seventeen lipstick and I should say that seventeen has literally upped their age with their stunning packaging and so many duplicates for high end products and my latest eye on product from their range is seventeen instant glow bronzing rocks which is very similar to st tropez bronzing rocks.

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