Calling All Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers…

Calling All Bloggers

Fancy letting other readers know all about you and your fabulous blog?

For all those busy little blogging bee’s out there who relish the thought of taking part in a fun filled interview, I warmly invite you to jump on-board the super-successful Behind The Blog series… can you believe it’s well on its way to celebrating almost 2 years of great blogger interviews?! Eeeeep! Not only does it give ‘little old me’ a deeper insight to getting to know you a bit better, it brings awareness to lots of others who are also itching to meet like-minded beauty, fashion & lifestyle bloggers to follow, interact with & be inspired by… people like you, yes YOU!

Regardless of whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced pro – everyone is welcome to take part! If this sounds like something you’d love to be involved in then check out the FAQ’s below. We’d sure love to hear from you 🙂


So how do I get involved?

Well basically it’s as simple as dropping me an email (all details are on my contact page) stating that you’d like to be a part of Behind The Blog or alternatively you can simply leave a little message in the comments below and I’ll send all the information straight to you!


Erm, you’ll send me what?

All the info! Basically it’s a simple MS Word attachment with details and your questions, however if there’s anything you don’t particularly want to answer you can just leave it blank! There’s also a prompt to include all your social networking links such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. You can add as many or as little as you like so we know where else to find you.


What happens next?

Once you complete the questions provided & send them back I’ll be in touch with your publish date to confirm exactly when your interview will go live… interviews go live every Tuesday and Thursday, you can check them all out in the BEHIND THE BLOG tab on the top menu bar.

Don’t worry there’s no rush to return anything within a specific time frame, so don’t feel under pressure to get onto it right away! Remember it’s simply a light hearted, chatty, fun-filled feature to give us all a little bit more insight into the person behind the blog and hopefully help connect you with new blogging chums in the process!

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Literally it’s as simple as that. Don’t forget, you can pop over to Confetti & Curves ‘Behind The Blog’ page on the main menu bar to meet the many awesome bloggers who’ve taken part so far! They really are a dazzling bunch so don’t forget to check out their blogs and say hi :)

Once again thank you all so much for your continued support, likes, wonderful comments and friendship. As always, I’ll continue to do the same in return!

Thanks a million lovelies & get in touch via *here* or the comments below if you’d like to feature…

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41 thoughts on “Calling All Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers…

    • Oh brilliant – would be lovely to have you a part of it huni! Could you drop me a line via my contact page so I can reply with all the info as sometimes it goes straight to spam if there’s an attachment *grrr* XXX


    • WOOOO HOOO!!!! About time too misses (just jesting) hehehe I wold be deeeelighted to have you feature – drop me an email via my contact page and I’ll reply with all attached so it doesn’t go straight to your spam folder 🙂 XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent!!! I just realised I haven’t been following you 😦 Huge apologies! I wondered why your posts weren’t appearing on my news feed, mystery solved!! lol
      Could you drop me a line via my contact page and I can email all to you in a reply so it doesn’t go to spam with the attachment? X


    • Hey Belle, lovely to hear from you & I’d be delighted to have you on board!! Could you drop me a quick email via the contact page and I’ll reply with all the info so it doesn’t go straight to spam? Much appreciated 🙂 XXX


    • Hey Jess, such a lovely blog!! I’ve just followed 🙂 Would be delighted to have you on board huni! Could you pop me over a quick email via the contact page and I’ll forward all over to you with the attachment – helps avoid the dreaded spam folder!!! lol Speak soon 🙂 Thanks for stopping by XXX


    • Hi Huni – so sorry I’m only getting back to you now! I’ve been on a break for a while after returning from a family trip! Would love to have you onboard, I’m hoping to get it set up for the new year so I’ll certainly be in touch when we’re all ready to go 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

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