Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

Howdy Chums…

Although I’m not a huuuge fan of Facebook, I somehow managed to stumble across a group that revolves around beauty & make-up chat… of course being the cosmetic craver that I am, I’ve slowly become addicted over the course of the weekend, commenting on what feels like almost every post *blushing*

Being a beauty blogger (as many of you gals will understand) normally results in an obsession with cosmetics. As I’ve said before, I could literally spending HOURS browsing the beauty shelves of my local stores in a solitary bubble of swatching, sniffing & making mental shopping lists. In fact my passion for make-up is so delightfully potent that I’m now happiest when shopping alone… not that I don’t enjoy a day out with the gals, but I’m always conscious of how long I’ve been hovering over countless make-up stands when someone’s with me. Anyone else sympathise by any chance? However (back to my original point) finding a group to jabber with on social media literally provokes little inner fireworks of excitement. It’s stepping into a virtual huddle with others that love to chatter about the same obsession. This is also why I LOVE beauty blogging so much. Being immersed in a community that totally gets my love of make-up without the prejudice… surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people is incredible food for the soul.. regardless of what the topic revolves around 🙂

So for those of you who (like myself) are planning on spending their Sunday chillaxing in some form or other (and fancy a bit of beauty chatter thrown in for good measure) here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening over the last few days on Confetti & Curves. Don’t forget, if YOU have a post you’d like to share just pop the link down below and I’ll be sure to drop by for a read and a chatter 🙂


Spring Inspired Makeup Menu featuring Max Factor

Max Factor Spring Inspired Makeup

Monday’s post felt more like a trip down memory lane as I reignited my beauty affair with one of the biggest names in affordable makeup, Max Factor. Check out my finished look with the gorgeous new Excess Shimmer creme eye shadow in Pink Opal, I’m still wearing it everyday and loving it just as much!! *happy sigh*


Behind The Blog featuring Deborah Bazeley

Deborah Bazeley Wanderlust

I catch up with the lovely Deborah from Deborah Bazeley Wanderlust as she takes us on a quick peek behind her fabulous travel & lifestyle blog that’s certainly an inspiring read if you’re a fan of sight-seeing, food & fun! Don’t forget to stop by and say a quick hello, she really is such a gem 🙂


Creating Silky Smooth Curls

Remington Silk Ceramic Curling Wand

What could be more perfect to celebrate the arrival of spring than a head full of fabulous curls? I test the Remington Silk Curling Wand with the help of my adorable little assistant. Don’t forget you can *Click Here* to subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel so you never miss an upload!


Behind The Blog featuring Born To Be Bright

Born To Be Bright

Our second blogger of the week is the lovely Sofia from Born To Be Bright, as she takes a few moments on the virtual sofa to chatter about life behind her blossoming beauty blog. Check it out gals… it’s sassy, chic & oh-so-stylish!


The Lovin’ List: My Top Ten Picks Of The Month

Monthly Favourite
I round-up my favourite findings of the past four weeks with this fun list of everything I’ve been loving in March… Why not check them out & let me know what you’ve been loving too!

pink heart

As always, thank y’all so very much for the abundance of support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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22 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Karen…

  1. Lovely catch up as always – gotta make sure don’t miss anything! And by the way, I’m the same when it comes to shopping for craft supplies, sometimes it’s just nicest by myself when I don’t have to worry about how long I’m taking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES!!! That’s me too huni, craft shops are as bad as drugstores/beauty counters for me… could literally spend hours in them… not fun for anyone else tagging along and I get so blooming conscious that they’re bored (even if they say they aren’t) lol XXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • They always say they aren’t bored but you know that they really how – I mean, I find it hard to imagine that my friends and family enjoy rummaging through boxes of craft paper pondering on what you might use each sheet for to see if it’s worth getting as much as I do! xD

        Liked by 1 person

    • Awwh thank you Kathleen – you’re a wee gem! Had a lovely Sunday, wish the weekend didn’t go so fast as I’m literally just beginning to relax when it’s time to get going again lol Hope you have a fab week ahead huni 🙂 XX

      Liked by 1 person

    • lol, wouldn’t that be fab Nicole?! We could have a good beauty chatter too… and what an honour to do someone’s makeup for graduation!!!! Oooh that’s a dangerous place… it starts with lippies then before you know it you’re filling your basket with all sorts of goodies 😉 hehehe Enjoy huni! Let me know if you find any awesome lippies you’d recommend ❤ XXX


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