Creating Silky Smooth Curls…

You gals should all know by know just how much I adore testing new hair appliances! Heck, in almost every video my hair’s been styled in an eclectic mix ranging from soft beachy waves to poker straight & partially plated. However, there’s little I love more than a head full of gorgeous springy curls… cue my latest investment: Remington’s Silk Curling Wand.

Being a bit of a novice when it comes to odd shaped wands & their newly acclaimed features (yes, I’m a bit of an old school gal using my rather ancient clamp style curlers) I was super intrigued to find out just how much technology has advanced since I last purchased a curling tool… not to mention the vast choice of styling tools that’s now available to beautify our tresses in an instant! However with my own hair being shoulder length at the moment I had to rope in an extra special little helper (who has much longer locks than I do) to really put this appliance through it’s paces 😉

So if like me you’re a fan of fabulous bouncy curls then maybe you should grab your cuppa and take a few minutes to check out this weeks first impressions video to see how I got to grips with the Remington Silk Curler!

pink heart

Are you a fan of sumptuous curls or do you prefer super straight locks? Have you any personal recommendations for achieving the ultimate spiral spring or loose beachy wave? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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43 thoughts on “Creating Silky Smooth Curls…

  1. Those curls look really nice! You should try combing them through them with your fingers for a more natural look. I absolutely love curling my hair but I do like super straight locks as well, haha. My hair is wavy so I’m basically in between and enjoy both looks!

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by lovely, really glad you like the curls too! I’m so impressed with it! Yes, I give it a little run through afterwards as I wanted to show it untouched – and you’re soooo right, it looked beautifully natural 🙂 Ahh I have wavy hair too, lets just say we’ve natural beach curls 😉 hehe XXX

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      • Oh, it’s my pleasure, Karen! Love taking a minute to read other posts.
        Hahah! Yeah natural beach curls! If only all of my hair were wavy.. My hair has a life of its own, hehe. I also wanted to comment on how you’ve decorated that area of the room! I love those shelves in the middle of the wall. Are they actual shelves built into the wall?

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      • Haaa – both mine and yours huni, follicles are their own boss on this head! lol lol
        Oooh you like the shelves? It’s actually one big shelf system that stands on the floor (like a bookcase) as opposed to fixed to the wall. I got it from Ikea which is sooo handy – you can also buy boxes to fit into the cubed shelving areas too. Here’s the link for you to take a peek at it… very good value and available in a range of sizes too huni! They’re so handy 🙂 xxx


      • Ohh! I didn’t realise it was just a shelf system! I thought you’d fixed it into the wall or something, hence the fascination! Hahah I just got myself a bookshelf, I don’t have much room left in my little studio apartment for much more furniture but I completely agree with you! They’re super handy!

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      • lol Noooo just a shelf system huni, nothing too over complicated… otherwise I run a mile lol Wonderful, I hope you’re enjoying your new bookshelf… every studio apartment should have one! Sounds fabulously stylish 😉 love it huni XXXX


    • Why thank you so much lovely lady – I’m really glad you like it too! Emma is delighted with the results and is such a happy little lady to have read all your lovely comments! Just need to try it on mine now lol XXX


  2. Great looking curls! Sadly, I’ve got pretty thick and long hair (lower back length – gets in the way so much!) so I’ve never been able to get curls to stay in place. The weigh of my hair just pulls them down. I think I curled my hair for an event once…I had curls for about an hour and after that I just had wavy hair xD

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  3. I really like your purple/lavender shadow and your polish! Deevineee 😀 Yayyy for Emma being the model! Her hair is gorgeous! Love those curls 🙂 39 seconds to heat that bad boy up is grand for sure. Some of those hair appliances can take a lot longer. What happens if you wear a toupee, can you still use it? Or on animals fur? Haha jk I just thought I’d throw that in there for shits and giggles 🙂 xoxo

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  4. Karen, these curls looks amazing and Emma looks like a princess with them 😃 Btw, I love the color of your lipsick, amazing 😍
    On a different note, I am all cought up on your posts (yay me), so happy 😍😃👏 Awesome posts 😀

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    • 2 whole days!!!! I’m sooooo impressed! However I reckon my hair will be the ultimate test as it’s super resistant to staying put, and like you I’ve had hair droop in a matter of hours with some older curlers lol xx


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  7. The curls look absolutely lovely on Emma. Her hair is pretty long, but I think it will look amazing on your shorter hair as well. I love adding movement and texture to mine, just to give a little something extra. Can’t wait to see how it looks on you.
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

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    • Awwh thank you lovely 🙂 I was really impressed with how fab the results were & the curls lasted for two whole days!!! Not bad at all 😉 I’m exactly the same Anne, nothing like a lovely loose curl – looks so pretty! Tried it out on my hair and I still think it’s a bit too short to carry it off, though I can curl with my straighteners for another month or so and revisit it hehe XXX

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      • Two days is amazing! My hair never holds curls that well, so I am now officially jealous 😉
        It does curl up quite a bit, so it might look a little short still on you. Surprised me how much shorter it looks when I curl mine.
        xo Anne

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      • Isn’t it fabulous?! Couldn’t believe it myself – I’m sure she’d have gotten to 3 but refused to hang on lol I’m hoping another few months and it won’t look so short… willing it to grow just to test it out lol XXXX

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