Electric Hair Straightening Brush: Update + FAQ’s…

Every once in a while an exciting new product hits the interwebs & literally sweeps us of our virtual feet with curiosity… well, this certainly seemed the case when I purchased this unusual looking gadget:

electric hair straightening brush review

Yep, it’s the Electric Hair Straightening Brush. Of course, little did I know that within a space of a few months my initial first impressions video (which you can *Click Here* to watch) would be racing towards 400000 views!!!!!!!! I know, I know… I’m probably just as gob-smacked as you are reading this 😮

Yet whether you love or loathe the concept of such an appliance, there’s no denying it’s caused quite a mighty stir. Naturally with such a high volume of views came a heap of questions – along with many of you eager to know if I still use it & if it really was worth the hype. So as promised (and well overdue I may add) today’s chatter is basically revisiting my thoughts on the Electric Hair Straightening Brush along with (attempting) to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about it.

Ready to find out if I’ve ditched my hair straighteners for the new kid on the block? Then make yourself comfy & click the play button!

pink heart

Have you tried the Electric Hair Straightening Brush? Has it been something you’ve been considering treating yourself too? Or are does your loyalties still lie with your beloved straight plates? Whatever your thoughts I’d love to read them in the comments below so do stop by and say a quick hello 🙂

Cheerio chums…

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37 thoughts on “Electric Hair Straightening Brush: Update + FAQ’s…

  1. Hi Karen!
    I am at work at the moment so watching your video with the captions on (sneaky sneaky) and the captions don’t quite add up to what you are saying but I am quite certain I got the gist of it 😉 Your hair is looking really healthy indeed!

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    • Oooh you’re a sneaky one!!! 😉 I bet they don’t due to my Irish accent, dear love you, that must’ve been a translation nightmare lol lol Thank you huni, really happy with how my hair is at the moment compared to how damaged it was before 😦 Hope you’re having a fab week and thanks so much for watching huni *hugs* XX

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  2. I love the idea of this brush! It is such a clever invention, which if I had known about it I would have made a part of my hair routine a long time ago! I feel like if I had it, I might accidentally use it as a normal hairbrush and burn my scalp :O but it looks really neat. It makes your hair look epic! And also, your eyeshadow is on fleeeeek in this vid! 🙂
    Hatsy xx

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    • Glad you like it huni, it really is such a forward thinking appliance – I can see why it has intrigued sooo many! Thank goodness my hair is in much better condition now as it was sooo damaged last year for a while 😦
      Thank you for the lovely comment on my eye shadow hehe Glad you like it, always enjoy using the Urban Decay palettes – such a lovely range of colours 😀 Hope you’re having a fabulous week chum *hugs* XXXX

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    • Awwh that’s a shame Stephie 😦 Was it the brush not working properly or just not suitable for your hair type? See I reckon it could struggle with anything that’s hard to straighten with a hair straightener, thankfully though I don’t have too much bother in that sense so it’s great for smoothing and adding body whilst not leaving it ‘too’ straight 🙂 XXX

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      • Awwwh 😦 That;s a blooming shame huni, but like you say onwards & upwards… I’m sure your perfect hair appliance is out there waiting on you finding it 😉 hehe xxx


    • YES!!!!!!! That’s exactly what I love about it too Anne!! Finally – someone that see’s the point!! I should have known though – we’re on the same blooming level constantly 😀 Like you say it smooths, but still leaves a little bit of body and movement. I love it as I can’t abide the poker straight hair! 🙂 Xxx

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      • Oh please, who wants poker straight hair? Whenever I see women do that to their hair I just want to shake them and tell them off: it just looks unnatural and is very unflattering.

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      • I tend to get the urge to give other a little beach wave with the straightener instead… show them how awesome naturally toussled hair can look compared to the harshness of poker straight Anne!!! 😀 xxx

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    • Hi Sana, as I didn’t buy mine online I can’t help you with a link etc however my advice would be to read reviews and ensure that you can send the product back for a refund if you’re not happy! XX


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