Depotting Solo Eye Shadows…

If by any chance you’re an eye shadow junkie like myself, it’s more than likely you’ll have a stash of mini solo eye shadow pots scattered amongst your make-up collection. However, thanks to beauty space saving essentials such as the Z Palette range, it’s totally achievable to tidy up your hoards of solo shadows by carefully de-potting the pans & storing them in one handy place. No more rummaging through masses of individual singles *woo hoo*

But before trying this out for yourself here’s a few extra tips to help get you started…


1) Depot your stash in batches, that way you can get everything done all at once.

2) Figure out how your going to organise your palette before you de-pot & don’t forget to jot down the brand/shade. Being super organised will save you time & confusion in the long run, particularly if you’re working with lots of similar shades.

3) Always be sure to take your time when removing them from the pot to avoid damaging your shadows… the bigger the pan the more likely the product is to crack with leverage.

4) Don’t attempt to de-pot cream or baked shadows as these usually don’t come in pans.

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Hope you’s all find this weeks video a handy one, it’s certainly something that’s been on my to do list for quite some time! Goodbye messy solo pots, hello organised palette *happy sigh*

Don’t forget to stop by and say a quick hello, and do let me know if you’ve any tips for depotting your shadows too, we’d love to read them in the comments below! Thanks for watching 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Depotting Solo Eye Shadows…

    • No you’re fine, not sure if I maybe made it clear enough – once you de-pot the solo shadows can be put into a Z Palette! Google it and you’ll see how it works 🙂 Really handy if you’ve loads of them lying about like I do XXX

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  1. Depotting is kind of like you’re performing dental work on makeup, hahha I think I heard someone in the background. Was that Emma playing in another room?! 🙂 what do you do with the empty container; do you keep them or get rid of them? They’re such pretty shadows for your lovely eyes! I waved back to you when I watched! 👋🏻 Xoxox

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  2. I loved this video! It’s such a clever idea to depot them. I hate having those mini shadows lying around. That coral scarf looks beautiful on you, Karen! It really brings out your eyes. Absolutely stunning! xxx

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    • Awwwh thank you wee chum – that’s such a lovely compliment! Glad you liked it, and I totally get what you mean – they’re so annoying and get in the way all the time. Good to have them in one handy palette 😀
      Ahhh, you like the scarf? I was actually just out of work and forgot to take it off so glad it didn’t look too out of place – it’s quite a summery one so went well with the bright sunny day we were having lol
      Sending masses of hugs your way sweetie – hope you’re having a fab week ❤ ❤ ❤ XXXXXX

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      • Most definitely! 😄 It’s beautiful and really looks amazing on you! YAAAAAAYYYYY! Sunshine is good for the soul. 😊 I’m sure you are enjoying the little bit of sunshine after winter. I imagine winters get quite dull there. We are still having our boiling hot days in between the cooler weather but we are definitely well on our way to winter this side.
        Aww thank you! I am sending masses of hugs right back to you! Have a beautiful day. 😘😘

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      • Awwh thank you sweetie!!! 🙂 Oh it’s so lovely having a little sunshine now Nadine – as much as I love the cosy winter months I need a bit of cheery sunshine… ready for bringing out the sunglasses lol
        Oh I don’t know how you do it – as much as I love the sun I’d fry if it was the temperatures you’re used too! Can’t imagine how much sunscreen you must go through :-0
        Awwwh you too my lovely chum, so good to get chatting to you again ❤ XXXXXXXXX

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      • Hahaha and an excuse to shop for a stylish new pair too. 😉 I really love summer so I don’t mind our temperatures. 30° weather is perfect for getting that summer glow. 😁 The humidity here gets to me sometimes though. 😄 Thank goodness for the coastal breeze!
        I forget to put sunscreen on so it’s not too bad. 🙈 I only really do when I am actually going to be spending more than 10 minutes outside at a time.
        It’s lovely chatting to you again too! I have really missed you. 😘xxx

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      • Coastal breezes are lovely – I always feel so blessed to be living literally in front of the sea on a hot summers day, though even in the winter the dramatic waves are gorgeous – always so pretty, even if it does get a tad drafty lol
        Awwh I missed you too ❤ Makes my day seeing you on here again lovely, hope you have a fab weekend wee chum XXXXXXX

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      • They really are! That really is such a blessing. I imagine your daughter loves being able to be so close to the beach as well. The ocean never fails to be breathtaking. No matter what the season, the beach is one of those places you can go where you just feel a million miles from all your stresses and problems. It’s one of those places which is just absolutely perfect and words can’t truly describe it.

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      • Couldn’t agree with you more Nadine – it’s a beautiful place to live and Emma loves growing up here for sure 🙂 No stresses, just the gorgeous sea view – what more could we ask for?! hehe XXX

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  3. Oh! That’s really a great idea. I know, some of the mono eyeshadow palettes are being neglected because it is completely lost from our thoughts and this trick would definitely gives a perfect handshake to restore those unloved eye shadow pots. Well done Karen and pat back as a reward.

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