Keeping Up With Karen…

Keeping Up With Karen

It’s Mothers Day here… and before I pay homage to my own amazing wee mum, I’m also feeling incredibly blessed to be a mama myself. I’m not going to sugar coat it ladies, but I’m pretty sure most mummy’s out there will agree that parenting is undoubtedly one of thee toughest jobs… late nights, early mornings, battling a selection of bugs & viruses, going through numerous boxes of hair dye to cover early onset of grey, saying goodbye to spontaneous nights out, treading on teeny tiny Barbie shoes scattered across the floor in the middle of the night – particularly difficult whilst trying to suppress a collective flow of unthinkable swear words from the unexpected stab of pain. But it all seems to fade into oblivion, especially when your little girl gives you one of the hugest hugs and tells you that you’re her favourite person in the entire world.

Ems and I

As for my own Mama, well she’s just a one woman powerhouse. Having such a strong female to look up too and admire for ALWAYS putting her kids first is something you can never ever give enough thanks for. My mum has engrained a morale code in all of her four kids that even though sacrifices are so often made in parenting, there is no greater gift than having the true love & respect of your own children.

Thing is, regardless of Mothers Day, Fathers Day and anything else in between – everyday we should be grateful in knowing that whomever took the time to raise us and teach us the values we hold dear shouldn’t need a corporate ‘red letter day’ to be reminded of how much they mean to us. Sure the flowers & card is lovely, and is always well appreciated, but the greatest gift for me is seeing my daughter genuinely happy in life. Laughing, smiling & watching her little personality blossom is priceless. In fact, there’s no greater feeling than when your kid tells you they love you with all their heart ❤


However as always, for those of you who have the feet up and ready for a spot of reading, get yourself extra comfy & check out what fun filled shenanigans have featured on Confetti & Curves this week. Do feel free to leave a link to any of your very own blog posts so we can all check them out too 🙂


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pink heart

As always, thank y’all so very much for the abundance of support, comments, re-tweets, shares, likes & just darn right loveliness. You lot really are an awesome bunch. Do feel free to pop a favourite link from your blog in the comments below for the rest of us to check out, otherwise don’t forget to say a quick hello!

Cheerio Chums…

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40 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Karen…

    • lol lol I remember virtually yelling upstairs to Steve last year asking him if it was Mothers Days when all my American blog buddies were celebrating it – totally threw me of course as panic descended from a great height lol You’ve a few more months to go yet huni, so feet up and enjoy the day without worry hehe xxxx

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  1. Karen, this is such a lovely little post! I could feel the warmth through your words when I read your first few paragraphs about being a parent and appreciating your mother. Those photos of you with your daughter are just too precious for words. 🙂 You are such a wonderful role model. I have no doubt that your daughter will be in absolute awe of you when she looks back on all you have done for her and taught her. You are amazing!
    I look forward to catching up on your posts.<3 xxxxx

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    • NADINE!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh my wee chum!!!!! I am sooooo chuffed to see you on here, gosh how long has it been since we’ve had a wee catch up sweetie?! All my fault as I have (hundreds) of times sat down to write you an email and something else has utterly distracted me from doing so – these few months have been hectic huni. Thank you so so so much for your kind words, I have such a huge smile reading your lovely comment – you never fail to melt my heart with your kindness Dini ❤ I try my best with her huni, every day, always encouraging and supporting her in as many ways as I can. You know you're doing an okay job when your little girl tells you she loves you more than anything 🙂 so sweet!!! Awwwh it's soooo good to get chatting to you & I promise to get that email to you soon my lovely friend ❤ XXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • Faaaaaarrrr too long! Let me tell you, I really missed our lovely little online tea parties. 😊 I disappeared for five months since we didn’t have internet at home for that time but now our internet is sorted so I am back posting to my cosy corner of the internet and having little chats with the lovely people who have done nothing put support my blog.
        I know the feeling! Everything just seemed to pile up the last while and felt quite rushed on this side so I can imagine how you must have felt because you have far more on your plate than I do.
        I’m so glad that I could make you smile! It warms my heart that your heart was warmed and I have a huge smile on my face right now too with thanks to you. It’s people like you who make the whole blogging experience so worth it. 💜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh no -how on earth did you cope without the internet… honestly I think I’d feel utterly stranded Dini!!! lol But then sometimes I think it would be nice to get back to being technology free… hehe
        Awwh it doesn’t matter how long your internet would be down for huni, I’d always be here!!!
        Life just has a funny habit of getting in the way, right?! haha Ach sure we all have the same amount going on pet, I’m just trundling through and not more… a few extra grey hairs to show for it all mind you! lol
        Ack Nadine you’re one of a kind sweetheart – really you are!!!!! Warms my heart to see you on here again, just shows it doesn’t matter how much time passes, we always pick up from where we left off!!!!! ❤ *hugest of hugs* XXXXXXXXX
        Ps: Hope the family are all well huni & school is going good too!! XXX

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      • It wasn’t too bad for the first while since I was writing exams but then when it started getting deeper into the exam-period I felt a little lost since Instagram and YouTube used to be one of my ways to relax when I felt stressed. I survived though and now it’s back and I have learned to really appreciate the internet. 😀
        That really means the world to me, Karen! You are an incredibly special person and it’s so lovely to know that you will always be here. The world needs more people like you! ❤
        Life does get in the way but I like that through all the craziness I am glad that we are able to get back to our little chats!

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      • Awwh, well it’s good to have you back again Dini!!! Can’t thank you enough for your lovely words – you’re incredibly sweet!! The world needs more people like you too! Sending love ❤ XXXXXX

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    • Thank you so much indeed Lizzie, what a lovely comment to read huni!! 🙂 Had a wonderful day, spent it with family ❤ Hope you're keeping as well as can be, so lovely to get a chatter with you XXXX


    • Don’t even get me started… I tell you the swear words my mind has conjured up because of those things is unreal… a whole other language of profanities with the pain lol lol
      Thank you so much sweetie – you’re a wee star *huge hugs* XXXXX

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