Broken Nails, Split Ends & 30 Day Mascara! Random Beauty haul….

It feels like an age since I last topped up my shelves with a few little random lotions & potions, however over the past week or so I’ve been spotting a few bargains here and there that have caught my attention enough for me to part with my hard earned cash… along with repurchasing up a few beauty essentials that I’ve repeatedly fallen in love with.

I’ve opted for some interesting little notions that have been lining the shelves of my local drug store and discount store, it’s amazing some of the finds you pick up for such great prices when you really aren’t expecting it! In fact, pretty much all of my staple essentials, as well as newbies, were under £5  – just goes to show you really don’t have to break the bank to enjoy some great cosmetic treats gals!

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Have you treated yourself to any exciting new finds over the past few weeks? Makeup, skincare, haircare… or have you tried any of the products featured in today’s Random Beauty Haul? Whatever your thought’s I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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Cheerio chums…

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39 thoughts on “Broken Nails, Split Ends & 30 Day Mascara! Random Beauty haul….

  1. Oh! Broken nails! I know it is one of the hardest part to handle and I think you could opt for a good strengthening nail polish from any quality nail brand and I’ve heard OPI’s have great stuff(but I haven’t used personally) and you could also try to apply cuticle oil like two times a day to keep your nails to be nourished well. Also, my DIY nail food is always coconut oil and you could able to get all the info right here: Another nail product to avoid for few weeks is not to add any shimmery or glittery nail varnish onto your nails so that there is enough time for your nails to bounce back to its original normal stage. I hope this info is quite useful for you.

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    • Hey Dr P. Thanks so much for that advice, oddly enough I’d have never thought about a vitamin deficiency!! Think it’s time to pay a visit to Holland & Barrett 🙂
      Will certainly report back on the 30 day mascara, a few others have mentioned it on YouTube as well so seems I’m not the only one intrigued by it 🙂 Shall make it a priority review for sure! Thanks again for stopping by x


  2. 30 day mascara. Ooh that does sound interesting. Maybe it lasts on your lashes for 30 days? Simple is a good brand, so I’m sure you’ll be in luck! Is the Garnier Maceller water like a primer for your face? Kind of like the Evian water spray thing 🙂 Nice haulage. And cheerio to you too 🙂 Xoxo

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  3. The lash and brow dye sounds interesting, can’t wait to hear how you get on with that! I still like the sound of the Fudge Urban hair product, I remember saying so when you first mentioned it 🙂 sorry to hear you haven’t been having a lot of luck with your nails, I always find applying hand cream at night before bed and not letting them grow too long in between cuts helps! Love your sparkly eye and lip look too xx

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    • Keeping my fingers crossed it’s pretty straight forward Chanelle lol Oh the Fugde Urban is sooooo lovely!!!! If by any chance you have it there do try it out, I still love it almost a year later! lol Awwh thank you huni, hoping to stock up on some cuticle oil, OPI nail envy & some vitamin D also. Surely after that lot I’ll need a chain saw to trim them haha Awwh thank you sweetie, I was just out of work so glad it didn’t look too faded!!! lol XXXXX

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