My Easy Peasy Makeup Look for Work…

Regardless of whether I’m popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk or getting glammed up for a night on the town (a rare occasion these days I must admit) I adore putting on a fresh face of make-up… is it just me or is there something incredibly therapeutic about make-up application?! Needless to say, there are those days when I’m in a hurry or just want to skimp on a full make-up routine to look more natural, fresh-faced & dewy for the day ahead. Well if you’re anything like myself then you’ll appreciate a few little time-saver beauty products that just seem to make getting ready so much more easier.

Whether it be for work, uni or simply just popping out to the shops – if you’re in need of inspiration of a few products that can really save you precious time without skimping on the glam then check out this weeks video gals as I showcase a few of my staple everyday make-up items… all of which can be found in your local drug store or chemist *yippee*

So if you fancy procrastinating for five minutes then get yourself comfy and checkout my easy-peasy make-up look for work! Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the Confetti & Curves YouTube channel by *clicking here* so you don’t miss any future uploads *happy dance*

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What’s your favourite time-saver products? Do you have a staple range of everyday cosmetics for work etc? If so do let me know in the comments below – I’d love to check out your recommendations too, maybe they’ll make their way into my daily work routine 😉

Cheerio chums…

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38 thoughts on “My Easy Peasy Makeup Look for Work…

    • Oooh I love that too Hatsy, feels so good applying a lovely fresh face of makeup! Some people hate makeup application but I love it, it’s my few minutes of relaxation every day lol
      Awwh thank you sooooo much huni, you’re a wee gem ❤ XXXX

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    • If you knew how bad I was to my skin up until about 18 months ago you’d be scratching your head wondering how on earth I have skin left at all huni!!!!! lol But thank you sooooo much, that’s a lovely compliment and I’m chuffed to bits you like the look so much!!! It’s comments like yours that really keep me going Amanda, honestly you’re a wee star ❤ XXXXXX


    • Oooh Chanelle you would look gorgeous huni, especially with your amazing hair and beautiful skin tone!!! I can just imagine it 🙂 Awwh thank you so much, still a few little bits to do but cannot wait til it’s all done and dusted *happy sigh* lol xxxx

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    • That was the same views of a few girls I worked with in my last job – each to their own but personally I love wearing makeup to work, I think I’l feel totally under dressed & self conscious without it lol
      Wear whatever you want to work huni – whether it be makeup or none at all, either way you’re a gorgeous gal so do whatever makes you happy & let everyone else grumble about themselves 😉 XXXXX

      Ps: thanks sooo much for the lovely compliment ❤ You're a gem XXX

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  1. What can I say? Hmm, I. Love. It!!! I couldn’t do the waterline part; I’d probably end up poking my eyes out. “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.” That red scarf really makes your face pop! Does that even sound right? You know what I mean 🙂 before – beautiful after – still beaut-if-ful!!!! Xoxo

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    • You’re so welcome Adela – thank you for the lovely comment huni 🙂 Yep, defo essential to have one of those easy peasy everyday looks… especially when I’m in a mad rush or (like you say) when I’ve hit the snooze button too many times lol Have had a lovely week thanks huni, hope the same to you too 🙂 XXX


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  5. Omgosh hun, I am totally fangirling over this video hun ❤
    I love the look and your makeup looks so flawless 😀 I wish mine could look thiat way (a girl can dream, lol). When I was younger it was very easy to draw on my waterline, but now it seems harder (don't know why, lol).
    Btw, love your room so much, so pretty ❤
    Okay, I will stop now, before… LOL

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